Lifesaver Award presented to Legion Post 406 member

November 19th, 2009    Author: Staff Report    Filed Under: Community

On July 20, American Legion Post 406 was performing a military funeral service in Bethel.  During the service Charles Canter Sr., a 51-year member of the Legion, suffered a heart attack while serving in the Color Guard.

Post member Daniel Pangallo, while not serving in the guard on this day, was a member of the public attending the funeral.  Quick thinking and fast acting, Pangallo rushed to Canter’s side and began administering C.P.R., as no pulse was detected.  Canter’s heart began beating again.  Moments later, Mr. Canter suffered another attack, resulting again in no pulse.  Once again, Pangallo started performing C.P.R., resulting in restarting Canter’s heart yet again.

The Bethel-Tate Life Squad arrived at this point and took control of Canter.

Pangallo was a member of the United States Army and did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has been a member of Post 406 since 2008.

For his quick action, saving the life of Charles Canter, The Clermont County Officers, Fourth District Officers and State Legion Officers, awarded Pangallo the Lifesaver of the Year Award.
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