Bank safety program started

November 19th, 2009    Author: Staff Report    Filed Under: News

The Miami Township Police Department has formed a partnership with the financial institutions in Miami Township.

Customers of a financial institution located in Miami Township may see window clings asking them to remove hats, hoods, and sunglasses and to limit cell phone use while in the bank.

The goal of this partnership as with any crime prevention strategy is to provide a safe atmosphere for the customers and employees of every financial institution to conduct business.

Financial institutions in Miami Township are placing notices like this in their windows.
Even if the window clings are not used at a particular institution this partnership will still allow the institution and the police department to communicate and share intelligence with an e-mail system.

As the public is aware, every time they see a picture of a suspect from a bank robbery on the evening news. Something is always on the suspect's head or face in an attempt to conceal their identity. If a suspect cases a financial institution where they see a window cling the person knows they will bring attention to themselves by wearing something that violates a policy like this. Attention in this situation is not what a person wants.

According to Special Agent Harry Trombitas from the Columbus, Ohio office of the FBI, he is not aware of any financial institution that has implemented a policy like this that has been the victim of a robbery where the suspect passes a note demanding money. This type of robbery accounts for 90 percent of all bank robberies.

To date in 2009 the Bramble Savings Bank, Cash Advance and Park National Bank are using the window clings provided to them by the Miami Township Police Department. These window clings were provided at no cost to the business.
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