Ten percent drop in appropriations seen

October 15th, 2009    Author: Staff Report    Filed Under: News

This week, the Board of Clermont County Commissioners sent other elected officials in the county 2010 appropriations numbers. Overall, they reflect a 10 percent reduction from 2009 levels.

It will be up to individual elected officials to determine how they will meet the numbers given; if they cannot operate statutorily within the numbers, they are invited to attend a BCC session in October to explain their need for additional monies.

The Board of Commissioners will take all concerns into account before they finalize the 2010 appropriations, possibly in late November.

As a result of a decline in investment earnings, a drop in sales tax receipts, reduced levels of property conveyance fees, and reductions in revenue from the State, Clermont County is going from a $51.7 general fund operating budget in 2009 to a targeted $46.6 million budget for 2010.

"There is no way to meet that number without making cuts," said BCC President Ed Humphrey. "For BCC departments, we are looking at $2.2 million in operating reductions. We're looking at many options to get to that number including furloughs, layoffs, attrition, and limiting services."

The commissioners would like to maintain a 25 percent fund balance, amounting to around $12 million.

"It is important that we maintain this reserve," said Commissioner Bob Proud. "In the event of a catastrophic event, those reserve funds would be crucial when it comes to recovery. It would ensure that local government continues to operate even in the toughest times."

"We must make tough decisions today to protect the long term stability of county government. Clermont County is in better financial shape than other counties in the area because of our conservative budget decisions in the past. Nonetheless these cuts are critical to the financial welfare of county government and it's citizens," said Commissioner Scott Croswell.
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