Mayor Thebout travels to the nation’s capital

October 4th, 2009    Author: Staff Report    Filed Under: Community

Mayor John Thebout of Batavia recently visited the nation’s capitol with his family. His experience included the full extent of the government at work.

Mayor Thebout met with Congresswoman Jean Schmidt in her capitol office.

“We talked about our grandchildren, our pets and current events. Congresswoman Schmidt was very accommodating to us,” said Thebout.

Batavia Mayor John Thebout met with Congresswoman Jean Schmidt at her office during his recent trip to Washington, D.C.
Schmidt and her staff were especially helpful in providing a warm welcome to her constituents. Aide Sam Grossman arranged a tour of the White House and the Capitol building.

"The U.S. Capitol is an enduring symbol of our democracy," Congresswoman Schmidt said. "I have a tremendous privilege to come to Washington each week and represent the people of Ohio's Second District. I am honored that I can greet my constituents and spend some time with them when they visit our nation's capitol."

Additionally Mayor Thebout and his family had lunch with Congresswoman Schmidt in the members only dining room located in the Capitol building.

"I was honored to have been invited to dine with our Congresswoman, because that is the only way someone other than a Representative can eat there," Thebout said.

Mayor Thebout said that he had the opportunity to visit the Naval Academy at Annapolis, and walked around town and ate at one of the local fresh seafood restaurants.

After touring the monuments on the mall including the Jefferson Memorial, the World War II Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, and the Washington Monument. Mayor Thebout and his family also toured the National Smithsonian, the National History Museum, the American History Museum and the Aerospace Museum.

While at the Vietnam Memorial, Mayor Thebout and his family were able to visit and view the name of one of our local heroes who was killed in action in Vietnam, Andrew Haglage.

"I was humbled to see the honor given to one of our hometown heroes. We were able to see first hand the sacrifice our soldiers make every day to protect our freedom," said Thebout.

Mayor Thebout said that his favorite memory will be of the viewing of the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

"The entire ceremony lasts only a matter of minutes, but the precision and symbolism makes you feel the excitement of true patriotism," said Thebout. "What made it particularly powerful to me is that after having served our country in the Air Force during the Vietnam War, I was touched by the recognition of our fallen soldiers."

Mayor Thebout says a trip to the capital, where our government does the work of the people, is something that everyone would enjoy and appreciate.

"I would highly recommend that everyone try to visit Washington at least once," Thebout said. "It is amazing that our government still belongs to the people and we have the right to visit the building where our elected officials who represent each one of us are hard at work."
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