Hall, Lambert, Lanigan, Thomas top county harriers

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Bethel-Tate Invitational

Bethel-Tate’s Lance Lambert, a senior, and Andi Lanigan, a sophomore, paced Clermont County’s competitors in their respective boys and girls races at the annual Bethel-Tate Invitational.


Blanchester was the boys team winner with 88 points, Mason County (Ky.) had 101, Western Brown 104, Eastern 116, Georgetown 119, Bethel-Tate 121, Amelia 126, Fayetteville 156, Ripley 178, Norwood 218, and Peebles 325. Felicity and Goshen did not enter full five-man squads.

Austin Smith of Eastern was the individual winner with a time of 17-minutes and 34-seconds.

The best Clermont County finishers and their place and time were Lambert (second) 17:39, Daniel Chandler of Batavia (fifth) 17:56, Kevin Gunther of Amelia (ninth) 18:19, Nate McQueen of Goshen (11th) 18:37, Jacob Braswell of Batavia (13th) 18:47, Sumner Hobart of Bethel-Tate (17th) 19:21, Joshua Moon of Batavia (20th) 19:25, Garth Whitaker of Goshen (21st) 19:28, and Ashton Hutchinson of Bethel-Tate (23rd) 19:34. Cory Baker was Felicity's best finisher.


Western Brown was the team winner with 31 points, Mason County (Ky.) had 62, Ripley 71, Peebles 85, Eastern 147, Amelia 152, and Batavia 179. Batavia and Goshen did not have complete five-girl teams.

Christine Moon of Western Brown was the overall winner with a clocking of 19:34.

The best Clermont County finishers and their place and time were Lanigan of Bethel Tate (seventh) 21:43, Brittany Fischer of Bethel-Tate (12th) 23:19, Rachael Wilson of Amelia (18th) 24:12, Morgan Calhoun of Bethel-Tate (19th) 24:14, and Ciara Nickol of Felicity (20th) 24:20. Petra Bradley paced Goshen and Ashley McCarthy did the same for Batavia.


Louie Schaljo, Bethel-Tate senior, and Mike Stapleton, Amelia senior, tied for the title in the open individual race with a clocking of 18:27.

Felicity Invitational

The Second Annual Felicity Invitational took place at the Washington Township Park.


Lambert of Bethel-Tate and Gunther of Amelia paced the Clermont County male harriers.

Teamwise, North Adams won the event with 39 points, Bethel-Tate had 52, Eastern 92, Amelia 101, Georgetown 108, Fayetteville 131, and Deer Park 170.

Austin Smith of Eastern was the individual winner completing the 5K course in 17:39. Top Clermont County finishers were Lambert (third) 17:56, Gunther (fourth) 18:09, Schaljo of Bethel-Tate (ninth) 18:42, Hobart of Bethel-Tate (12th) 19:30, Grant Torok of Bethel-Tate (13th) 19:35, Hutchinson of Bethel-Tate (15th) 19:44, Nick Carderelli of Amelia (19th) 20:16, Dale Anderson of Bethel-Tate (21st) 20:27, and Oleg Burlack of Amelia (23rd) 20:30. The best Felicity finisher was Cory Baker.


Lanigan was the first place finisher in the girls race breaking the tape in 21:48.

Teamwise, Peebles won with 29 points, Eastern had 54, Fayetteville 57, and Amelia 70.

The best Clermont County finishers after Lanigan were Wilson of Amelia (12th) 25:22, Nickol of Felicity (13th) 25:42, Danielle Gehler of Amelia (17th) 25:58, Jessica Fischer of Bethel-Tate (24th) 28:05, and Liz Warren of Amelia (25th) 28:11.

Loveland Invitational

The Loveland Tiger Invitational took place at Grailville.


Velasquez of Oak Hills was the boys winner in a time of 16:20. The best finishes from Clermont County's distancemen were made by Jon Piatt of Glen Este (13th) 17:50, Steven Stoffel of Glen Este (15th) 18:11, Gunther of Amelia (16th) 18:15, and Jacob Prem of Milford (25th) 18:57. McQueen was the first finisher for Goshen.

Oak Hills was the team victor with 26 points, Anderson had 33, Loveland 75, Glen Este 137, Milford 151, Indian Hill 188, Amelia 194, Cincinnati Hills Christian 211, and Goshen 225.


Thomas of Glen Este was the champion of the girls run in a time of 18:32, 56-seconds ahead of the runner-up. Other top Clermont County completions were made by Denielle Telting of Milford (third) 19:54, Kelly Johnson of Milford (seventh) 21:01, Lorin Conti of Milford (14th) 22:53, Laura Owen of Glen Este (16th) 23:10, Allison Strunk of Milford (19th) 23:52, Alyssa Sexton of Glen Este (20th) 24:09, Tayler Davis of Glen Este (21st) 24:19, Shelby Pickleheimer of Glen Este (22nd) 24:22, Laura Fend of Milford (23rd) 24:27, and Briggs of Goshen (25th) 25:43. The best Amelia harrier was Beth Wilson.

The girls team totals were Loveland 38, Anderson 42, Milford 66, Glen Este 80, Amelia 140, and Cincinnati Hills Christian 162.

Milford Invitational

St. Xavier won the boys division, that took place at Miami Meadows Park, with a total of 76 points, Turpin had 78, Loveland 123, McNicholas 130, Mariemont 161, Fairfield 192, New Richmond 246, Roger Bacon 247, Walnut Hills 249, Milford 250, Glen Este 257, Finneytown 286, Ciincinnati Country Day 337, Madeira 352, Indian Hill 399, St. Bernard 406, and Cincinnati Hills Christian 418.


Nicholas of Turpin was the first harrier in in 16:23.02. The best Clermont County finishes were achieved by Timmy Hall of New Richmond (10th) 17:09.20 and Piatt of Glen Este (16th) 17:17.60. Prem was the pacesetter for Milford.


Clermont County enjoyed a one-two finish among the girls. Thomas of Glen Este won in a clocking of 18:28.50 and Telting of Milford was second in 19:14.30. The county's other best finishes belonged to Kelly Johnson of Milford (seventh) 20:23.70, and Kristen Brady of Milford (20th) 21:07.70. The pacemaker for New Richmond was Veronica Burnam.

Walnut Hills was the team triumphant with 58 points, Loveland had 70, Turpin 104, Milford 109, McNicholas 129, Indian Hill 144, Glen Este 198, Fairfield 199, New Richmond 236, Mariemont 254, Cincinnati Country Day 262, and Cincinnati Hills Christian 345.

Dave Ackerman, head coach of the Milford male squad, said, "We graduated a very strong senior class. We are trying to replace those kids. Our expected top three runners have not been able to run, but our kids are trying hard. We're a well-balanced team. Our goals are to finish in the top half of the league and to set individual personal records."

Matt Jorden is the head coach of the Milford girls, defending champion of the Fort Ancient Valley Conference Buckeye Division. He said, "We're pretty young. We graduated some strong seniors, but we expect to have success for the next few years." The E-Gals have 11 freshmen and sophomores on a team of 12. Johnson is the only senior.

Jorden has great expectations for Telting (state qualifier last year), Conti, and Brady, all sophomores.

Georgetown Invitational

Hall and his Lions and Thomas and her Trojans were the team champions.


The fastest finishers from the county were Hall (first) 17:44, Stoffel of Glen Este (third) 18:20, Piatt of Glen Este (fourth) 18:21, Lambert of Bethel-Tate (sixth) 18:32, Chandler of Batavia (seventh) 18:35, Sam Anderson of New Richmond (eighth) 18:47, Gunther of Amelia (ninth) 18:51, Schaljo of Bethel-Tate (10th) 19:10, Hobart of Bethel-Tate (12th) 19:30, Torok of Bethel-Tate (13th) 19:39, Luke Gilday of New Richmond (14th) 19:43, Raleigh Howard of Glen Este (16th) 19:50, Alex Ariapod of New Richmond (17th) 20:00, Jacob Braswell of Batavia (18th) 20:04, Grant Gilman of New Richmond (20th) 20:06, Paul Hudson of Glen Este (22nd) 20:13, Brandon Behymer of Glen Este (23rd) 20:16, and Jacob Baker of Glen Este (24th) 20:17. Gage Teaney paced the harriers of Clermont Northeastern as did Baker for Felicity.

New Richmond scored 57 points to win, Bethel-Tate was second with 64, Glen Este (third) 65, Batavia (sixth) 132, Amelia (seventh) 142, and Clermont Northeastern (ninth) 241. A total of 11 full five-runner squads competed.


Thomas completed the course in 19:10. Other fine finishes earned by Clermont countians were Lanigan of Bethel-Tate (third) 21:56, Burnam of New Richmond (fifth) 22:54, Emily Erdman of New Richmond (sixth) 23:09, Andrea Belmont of New Richmond (seventh) 23:29, Owen of Glen Este (eighth) 23:54, Sexton of Glen Este (10th) 24:17, Davis of Glen Este (13th) 24:53, Pickelheimer of Glen Este (15th) 24:56, Raisa Finch of New Richmond (18th) 25:30, Hannah Smiddy of New Richmond (20th) 25:47, Jennifer Werring of Clermont Northeastern (22nd) 26:03, and Emily Smiddy of New Richmond (24th) 26:11 Rachel Wilson and Ciara Nickol paced Amelia and Felicity, respectivdly.

Glen Este, the team titlist, had 34 points, New Richmond was second with 42, Clermont Northeastern (sixth) 171, and Amelia (seventh) 174. A total of seven complete five-person teams competed.
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