Herrala, Sparks, Rowland are Clermont County winners at East Fork’s Triathlon/Duathlon

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East Fork State Park was the site of one of the Wheelie Fun Triathlon and Duathlon Series events.

It is described as America’s longest running simultaneous triathlon and duathlon series. Six of these events take place in Ohio. Clermont County was the site of the fourth of the series that began June 7, at Deer Creek State Park, Mount Sterling.

Three Clermont countians won individual division championships – Scott Herrala of Milford, Rod Sparks of Batavia, and Perry Rowland of Amelia.

There was a sort of melancholy mood about this year's event considering the recent passing of Dr. Stanley Brown of Clermont County, a two-time Olympic swimming official, a founder of the original Clermont Classic in 1980, and the starter for each of the classics.

Jeff Hutchinson, a three-sport star athlete at Williasmsburg High School from where he graduated in 1979, has competed successfully in almost every one of the classics and competed in this year's event, too.

He said, "There's not as many Clermont countians as there used to be. I used to know a lot of the people participating. I still love the competition, but its just doesn't seem to be as much fun as it's been in the past."

A total of 16 states were represented by the participants.

Following are the results of each race.

Olympic Triathlon

(swim, bike, run)

Female Elite: Andrea Myers of Wellston, Ohio, 2-hours, 25-minutes, 19-seconds. Male Elite: Ed Alyanek of Bellbrook, Ohio, 2:06.36. Male Elite Master: Jeff Watern of Centerville, Ohio, 2:14.19. Clydesdale Division: Casey Freeman of Fairborn, Ohio, 3:01.26. Clydesdale XL1: Tom Kingery of Delaware, Ohio, 2:34.17. Clydesdale XL2: Christopher Thelen of Cincinnati 2:28.27. Clydesdale XL3: Brian Weiser of Mount Vernon, Ohio, 3:11.06. Clydesdale XL4: Scott Herrala of Milford 2:44.29. Clydesdale XL5: Paul Oendery of Terrace Park 2:52.12. Clydesdale XL6: Mitch Wagner of Louisville, Ky., 2:59.14. Female 15-19 years of age: Jackie Downing of Mason, Ohio, 3:36.10. Male 15-19: Daniel Toberman of Fairfield, Ohio, 2:21.09 and Brandon Behymer of Amelia was second 2:42.22. Female 20-24: Darcy Wagner of Toledo 3:12.00. Male 20-24: Robert Sturm of Cincinnati 2:36.10. Female 25-29: Julie Routson of Monroe, Ohio, 2:26.51. Male 25-29: Eric Tepe of Cincinnati 2:34.41. Female 30-34: Holly Hammerle of Cincinnati 2:24.29. Male 30-34: Jacob Bunner of Sunman, Ind., 2:27.09. Female 35-39: Ming Ahrens of Cincinnati. Male 35-39: Justin Wolfenberg of Cincinnati 2:16.32. Female 40-44: Julie Knott of Cincinnati 2:36.58. Male 40-44: Rod Sparks of Batavia 2:20.26. Female 45-49: Kara Lyman of Dayton 2:56.38. Male 45-49: P. J. Arling of Cincinnati 2:23.19 and George Rendell of Milford also placed. Female 50-54: Kathy Watern of Centerville, Ohio, 2:58.46. Male 50-54: Mark Reynolds of Akron 2:23.42. Female 55-59: Rebecca Smith of Cincinnati 3:22.03. Male 55-59: Dave Conrad of Cincinnati 2:50.31. Male 60-64: Jim Pickett of Fort Wayne, Ind., 3:14.33. Male 65-69: Michael Enderly of Cincinnati 3:05.53.

Sprint Triathlon

(swim, bike, run)

Male Elite: Bryan Bartell of Springfield, Ohio, 1:03.41. Male Elite Master: Edward Bachman of Cincinnati 1:07.06. Female Mountain Bike: Jeannette Mumbeck of Loveland 1:52.33. Male Mountain Bike: Russell Strange of Kettering, Ohio, 1:24.43 and Matthew Jorden of Milford was second 1:31.08. Athena Division: Jen Kollar of Florence, Ky., 1:28.50. Clydesdale Division: Brian Merrill of Kettering, Ohio, 1:32.50 and Stephen Minning of Amelia was second 1:52.21. Clydesdale XL1: Allen Higginbotham of Union, Ky., 1:26.43. Clydesdale XL2: Paul Lentini of Lakewood, Ohio, 1:21.55 and Blake Gilmore of Bethel was fourth 1:34.48. Clydesdale XL3: Brent Lown of Florence, Ky., 1:32.07. Clydesdale XL4: Don Cain of Worthington, Ohio, 1:13.10. Clydesdale XL5: Paul Klingaman of Canton, Ohio 1:36.52. Clydesdale XL6: Dave Heltman of Cincinnati 1:35.16. Female 14-under: Julia Saxton of Terrace Park, Ohio, 1:45.52. Female 15-19: Rebecca Doughty of Pleasant Plain, Ohio, 1:30.08. Male 15-29: Ben Hall of Ruston, La., 1:04.48. Female 20-24. Stephanie Hill of Mason, Ohio, 1:28.33. Male 20-24: Evan Lindenschmidt of West Chester, Ohio, 1:11.13. Female 25-29: Becca Boshell of Cincinnati 1:18.16 and Michelle Southworth of Milford was sixth 1:47.59. Male 25-29: Nathan Clickenbeard of Covington, Ky., 1:09.43. Female 30-34: Andrea Blevins of Cincinnati 1:12.14. Male 30-34: Andrew Rader of Burlington, Ky., 1:19.25 and Daniel Jones of Amelia also placed. Female 35-39: Cathie Phillips of Cincinnati 1:15.30. Male 35-39: David Stejbach of Loveland 1:09.16 and Derek Jones of Williamsburg was eighth 1:26.43. Female 40-44: Stephanie Hannah of Indianapolis 1:23.18 and Cheryl Vasan of Batavia was fifth 1:45.35. Male 40-44: John Camele of Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1:10.02 and Kevin Hamilton of Batavia was ninth 1:27.33. Female 45-49: Nancy Thomas of Greenville, S. C., 1:18.58. Male 45-49: Jahan Culbreath of Centerville, Ohio, 1:08.13, Barry Luppert of Batavia was fifth 1:16.10, and Jeff Hutchinson of Bethel was seventh 1:22.54. Female 50-54: Dana Skulan of Union, Ky., 1:35.10. Male 50:54: Kevin Larson of South Lebanon, Ohio, 1:09.42, Paul Kleintop of Amelia was third 1:24.06, and Mark Bittner of Milford was eighth 2:41.00. Female 55-59: Gayle Pille of Burlington, Ky., 1:25.21. Male 55-59: Perry Rowland of Amelia 1:14.47. Female 60-64: Patricia Heithaus of Mount Vernon, Ohio, 1:36.37. Male 60-64: John Menzies of Bay Village, Ohio, 1:20.07. Male 65-69: Jack Lynch of Cincinnati 1:31.42.

Sprint Duathlon

(run, bike)

Female Elite: Wendy Smith of Columbus 1:36.05. Male Elite Master: Brian Barker of Miamisburg, Ohio, 1:12.54. Female Mountain Bike: Gretchen Dammel of Cincinnati 1:36.09. Male Mountain Bike: Jim Vale of Cincinnati 1:41.37. Athena Division: Peggy Lehnker of West Chester, Ohio, 1:57.45. Clydesdale XL1: John Quinn of Cincinnati 1:27.27. Clydesdale XL2: Benton Dammel of Florence, Ky., 1:40.47. Clydesdale XL4: Mark Gartner of Cincinnati 1:56.18. Female 15-19: Kelsey Gault of Loveland 2:03.52. Male 20-24: Michael Anania of Dublin, Ohio, 1:38.25. Female 30-34: Jadie Simon Hilberg of Cincinnati 1:40.52 and Emily Hollett of New Richmond was fifth 2:08.30. Male 30-34: Kevin Alexander of Troy, Ohio, 1:16.24. Female 35-39: Sarah Heffron of Harrison, Ohio, 1:27.31. Male 35-39: Bradley Gray of New Carlisle, Ohio, 1:18.36. Female 40-44: Missy Henrich of Blacklick, Ohio, 1:37.17 and Susan Flowers-Clark of Amelia was third 2:09.23. Male 40-44: Frederick Jones of Lexington, Ky., 1:19.01, Aaron Carnahan of Moscow was fourth 1:34.04, and Douglas Disbennett of Milford was eighth 1:48.23. Male 45-49: Bayard Closser of Cincinnati 1:21.20. Female 50-54: Cynthia Kenyon of Cincinnati 1:41.19. Male 50-54: Michael Sullivan of Columbus 1:29.23. Male 55-59: Hal Stewart of Cincinnati 1:27.21. Male 60-64: Jack Pille of Ludlow, Ky., 1:53.24. Male 65-69: Fred Strong of Riverside, Ohio, 1:31.13. Male 70-74: Ronnie Bosman of Sun Lakes, Az., 2:14.19.

Olympic Duathlon

(run, bike)

Male Elite: Jason Burlage of Cincinnati 2:29.18. Male Elite Master: Jimmy Little of West Jefferson, Ohio, 2:14.39. Clydesdale XL6: Darrell Lenkner of West Chester, Ohio, 3:00.56. Male 35-39: William Zembrodt of Melbourne, Ky., 2:39.23. Male 40-44: Brian Grafton of Cincinnati 2:25.52. Male 45-49: Bradley Boomershine of West Carrollton, Ohio, 2:27.26. Female 50-54: Deborah Wheeler of Strongsville, Ohio, 3:310.31. Male 50-54: Joe Klunk of Cincinnati 2:55.25. Male 55-59: Michael Willets of New Carlisle, Ohio, 2:43.05. Male 60-64: Kenneth Tocha of Cheektowaga, N. Y., 2:48.16. Male 65-69: Russell Clarke of Gallipolis, Ohio, 2:53.26.

Olympic Distance Aqua Bike

Female: Cammy Dierking of Cincinnati 1:58.40. Male: David Benner, residence unknown, 52:40.
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