Glen Este’s boys and Milford’s Lady Eagles are the pacesetters at the Milford Track and Field Invitational

June 13th, 2009    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

Glen Este’s boys and Milford’s girls set the pace for the Clermont County squads that competed in the annual Milford Track and Field Invitational.

Jeff Tieke, Glen Este senior, was Clermont County’s lone individual event male victor.

Kim Strunk, Milford senior, Michelle Thomas, Glen Este freshman, and Cat Humphries, McNicholas senior and a resident of Williamsburg, were double winners.


Team scores: Middletown (Mid) 140, Anderson (And) 126, Sycamore (Syc) 96, Milford (Mil) 68.5, Turpin (Tur) 57, McNicholas (McN) 38, Western Brown (WB) 36, Cincinnati Hills Christian (CHC) 35, Loveland (Lov) 33, Glen Este (GE) 29, Wyoming (Wyo) 19), Indian Hill (IH), and Amelia (Ame) 0.5.

Following are the results of each event, first through eighth place, with the winning distance or time listed.

Pole vault: Derek Tucker (Tur) 12-feet, Brower (And), Riffle (And), Vanderpool (Tur), Connor (WB), Anderson (Syc), Rasfeld (McN), and Jimmy Shamblin (Mil).

Discus: Tyler Morgan (WB) 159-6, Fenner (And), Josh Long (Mil), Mocahbee (McN), Moorehouse (CHC), Seibert (CHC), Brown (Lov), and Alex Woll (GE).

Shot put: Joe Walla (And) 49-4.5, Bigelow (And), Morgan (WB), Murray (Syc), Copper (Tur), Porter (IH), Long (Mil), and Henderson (Mid).

High jump: Dennis Brown (Mid) 6-4, Roberts (Mid), Sears (Lov), Willie King (GE), Whitfield (Tur), Frost (Wyo), Wulker (Syc), and Riffle (And).

Long jump: Jeff Tieke (GE) 21-8.5, Redding (Mid), Hull (Syc), Gregory (Mid), King (GE), Sears (Lov), Nakakura (And), and Reggie Carson (Mil).

6,400-meters relay: Sycamore 18-minutes, 42.60-seconds, Milford, Anderson, McNicholas, Wyoming, Turpin, Indian Hill, and Loveland.

110 high hurdles: Jerry Gates (Mid) 15.10, Shawn Taylor (Mil), Palmore (Mid), Whitfield (Tur), Dykstra (Lov), Nakakura (And), Patton (CHC), and Krutka (And).

100 dash: D. J. Hunter (Mid) 10.7, Hull (Syc), Quinn (Mid), Shaw (And), Hamilton (And), Josh Warren (GE), Denman (Tur), and Comerford (Tur).

800 relay: Middletown 1:31.20, Turpin, Sycamore, Loveland, McNicholas, Milford, Wyoming, and Glen Este.

1,600 run: Andrew Wallace (CHC) 4:38.9, Finney (And), Patrick (WB), Klofta (Syc), Austin Bever (Mil), Fisher (Lov), Stillwell (And), and Kirk (IH).

400 relay: Middletown 43.40, Turpin, Loveland, Sycamore, Anderson, McNicholas, Wyoming, and Milford.

400 run: Jovon Jones (Mid) 50.50, Shivers (And), Schneider (WB), Robke (Syc), Schlosser (And), Brown (Mid), and Crowley (McN).

300 intermediate hurdles: Gates (Mid) 40.70, Hamilton (And), Taylor (Mil), Tieke (GE), Williams (Mid), and Mary (Lov).

800 run: David Curtin (CHC) 1:59.40, McMillan (Syc), Johnson (McN), Nick Regueyra (Mil), Bare (And), Mark Bayman (Mil), Fultz (Mid), and Finney (And).

200 dash: Zach Edwards (Mid) 22.60, Hull (Syc), Watkins (Mid), Shaw (And), Schneider (WB), Comerford (Tur), Denman (Tur), and Gray (And).

3,200 run: Hank Geers (Syc) 9:55.30, Vogele (And), Griffiths (McN), Matt Bayman (Mil), Fry (Syc), David Bryant (Mil), Allspaw (And), and Kevin Bernardicius (Mil) 10:41.70.

1,600 relay: Middletown 3:27.50, Sycamore, Milford, Anderson, McNicholas, Wyoming, Turpin, and Indian Hilll.


Team scores: Ursuline Academy (UA) 112, St. Ursula (SU) 87, Turpin 71.5, Middletown 68, McNicholas 67.5, Loveland 54, Milford 48, Sycamore 46.5, Anderson 35, Glen Este 31, Western Brown 29.5, Indian Hill 19, Wyoming 19, Amelia 4, and Cincinnati Hills Christian 4.

Following are the results of each event, first through eighth place, with the winning time or distance listed.

Pole vault: Kendall Loseff (And) 9-6, Zimmerman (SU), Fening (Mid), Roessler (Syc), Zimmerman (Tur), Nicole Buhr (Mil), Brown (McN), and Katie Lewis (Mil).

Discus: Kim Strunk (Mil) 118-4, Cobb (UA), Dennis (Mid), McGee (McN), Kelly (Lov), Davis (WB), Tennant (UA), and Givens (IH).

Shot put: Strunk (Mil) 38-4, Cobb (UA), Dennis (Mid), Ayers (And), Sharkey (SU), McGee (McN), Pettit (SU), and Kelly (Lov).

High jump: Fabia McDonald (Mid) 5-6, Showman (UA), Rewick (Tur), Kippins (SU), Mudd (And), Keyes (Syc), Davis (WB), and Weisshaar (McN).

Long jump: Mia Obiekwa (Syc) 15-11.25, Mason UA), Mulrey (Tur), Mosher (SU), Ali Hock-James (Ame), Showman (UA), Bonne (Tur), and Loseff (And).

6,400 relay: Turpin 22:11, St. Ursula, Ursuline, Milford, Glen Este, Western Brown, and Loveland.

100 high hurdles: McDonald (Mid) 15.00, Mudd (And), Fitzpatrick (McN), Craycraft (WB), Luessen (CHC), Mosher (SU), Woods (Lov), and Buhr (Mil).

100 dash: Cat Humphries (McN) 12.00, Ajunwa (Lov), Mulrey (Tur), Davidson (UA), Smith (Lov), Perrin (Mid), and Davis (Syc).

800 relay: Ursuline 1:47.60, Loveland, Middletown, Indian Hill, St. Ursula, Western Brown, Milford, and Glen Este.

1,600 run: Michelle Thomas (GE) 5:07.90, Clark (SU), Fischer (Wyo) Johnston (SU), Wright (WB), Sonnatag (Syc), Fisher (Lov), and Stephanie Stoffel (GE).

400 relay: Middletown 50.20, McNicholas, Loveland, Ursuline, St Ursula, Turpin, Indian Hill, and Milford.

400 run: Khara Walker (UA) 1:01.20, Jolson (Wyo), Mueller (McN), Pfaltzgraff (Lov), Mink (SU), and Rabekkah Randall (Mil).

300 low hurdles: McDonald (Mid) 46.40, Mason (UA), Harrell (UA), Plunkett (IH), Mosher (SU), Sommerville (IH), Elsbrock (Syc), and Fitzpatrick (McN).

800 run: Rachel Clark (SU), 2:19.80, Price (Tur), Wright (WB), Stoffel (GE), Pauey (Syc), Hecht (SU), Clark (McN), and Dean (Wyo).

200 dash: Humphries (McN) 25.40, Ajunwa (Lov), Walker (UA), Davidson (UA), Savannah Termuhlen (Mil), Davis (Syc), and Kimbrough (Mid).

3,200 run: Thomas (GE) 11:14.90, Sonnatag (Syc), Young (Tur), Helton (And), Plichta (Tur), Moon (WB), Danielle Telting (Mil), and Dailey (UA).

1,600 relay: Ursuline 4:10.00, St. Ursula, Turpin, McNicholas, Wyoming, Indian Hill, Sycamore, and Western Brown.
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