Promont House Museum to feature children’s books

June 4th, 2009    Author: Marsha Mundy    Filed Under: News

Summer visitors to the Promont House Museum, in Milford, will get a rare opportunity to view a special display of vintage children’s books. The “Read Me A Story” display features popular children’s books from the 1920s to the 1950s.

“Children’s books were an important part of a child’s early years in the 30′s, 40′s and 50s,” said Promont registrar Nancy Storch. “Children did not have as much to entertain them as the kids do today and the pop-up books were very popular. We want people to come and bring their children and grandchildren to enjoy these books.”

Promont House Museum has been lent this colorful collection of children’s books and they are on display in the cases and the hallways of Promont.

Promont House registrar Nancy Storch is shown with some of the children
"Our collection of early children's books from the turn of the 20th century is small, but some of it is showing as well," said Storch. "There are several books that have been collected and saved by some of the members of the historical society which are on display in the children's room."

There are three Alice and Jerry primers on display in the second floor hall that will bring back memories for those who learned to read using these books in school. In addition to the books, there are displays of colorful victorian era greeting cards adorning the walls of the children's room.

"We want to instill the importance of preserving history in our children. We are trying to find some creative ways to bring children into the museum," said Storch. "When they get a chance to see some of the historical things in the museum who knows what will happen when they grow up."

The historical society is currently holding its annual membership drive.

"We are having our annual membership picnic on Thursday, June 11," said Storch. "Everyone is invited to come. This is a family affair and this event gives the public a chance to talk to other people about the Greater Milford Area Historical Society. Members of the historical society are a part of the group that is supporting and promoting the preservation of history of the Milford area."

The picnic will be held 6:30 p.m. at the Victor Stier American Legion Post 450, in Milford. A small fee will be collected to help cover the cost of the chicken and everyone is asked to bring a covered dish to share.

Members of the GMAHS receive a newsletter, access to the Milford history research library located at Promont House, they become voting members who may attend monthly meetings and vote for new officers at the annual board meeting held in November. New members will also receive a discount coupon for use in the gift shop.

The Promont House Museum is a Victorian Italianate mansion built between 1865-1867, it is located 906 Main Street, in Milford.

Promont is open for tours to the general public Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1:30-4:30 p.m. Admission is $5 for adults and $1 for children. Make an appointment to bring a group of six or more to visit the museum at your convenience by calling (513) 248-0324. There is no charge for tours for GMAHS members. Promont may also be reserved for exterior photo shoots and authentic Victorian Teas for groups of 10 or more call (513) 697-8112. To find out more about Promont House, visit their web site at
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