New Richmond makes a good run in SBC-A

May 22nd, 2009    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

New Richmond was a close second in the Southern Buckeye Conference American Division boys track and field championship meet that took place on the Lions’ all-weather track during a steady rain. Lightning delays caused the event to take five-and-one-half hours to complete.

Western Brown (WB) won the meet with 131 points, New Richmond (NR) had 124, Bethel-Tate (BT) 45, Goshen (Gos) 30, and Clermont Northeastern (CNE) 23.

The Lions’ John Berwanger was a triple winner and teammates Josh Daniels, Steven Gantzer, Andrew Nealan and T. J. Petry were double winners.

New Richmond has enjoyed tremendous success in relay runs this season due to the likes of Steven Gantzer (left) and Andrew Nealan, right.
Following are the results of each event, first through eighth place, with the winning distance or time listed.

Pole vault: Daniels (NR) 13-feet, Mike Maupin (NR), Connor (WB), Clark (WB), Cody Sauer (BT), Brandon Harker (Gos), Josh Sanft (CNE), and Dustin Davidson (BT).

Discus: Tyler Morgan (WB) 162-05, Tudor (WB) Levi Meder (NR), Jake Fishback (CNE), Paschal Lanigan (BT), Daniel Carpintero (Gos), Alex Jackson (Gos), and Zach Gelter (NR).

Shot put: Mack Tudor (WB), Morgan (WB), Austin Arnold (Gos), Lanigan (BT), Fishback (CNE), Meder (NR), Charles Rinehart (NR), and Zach Johnson (Gos).

High jump: Berwanger (NR) 5-8, Arnold (Gos), Kameron Wilson (BT), Maupin (NR), Mark Gibson (BT), Altman (WB), Connor (WB), and Jordan Poff (Gos).

Long jump: Sauer (BT) 19-2, Jake Hacker (CNE), Maupin (NR), Alex Chesney (NR), Siemer (WB), Erick Shinkle (BT), Wilson (WB), and Zack Carver (Gos).

100-meters dash: Josh Diehl (WB) 11.12-seconds, Gantzer (NR), Daniels (NR), Lindsey (WB), Jeff Johnson (CNE), Tony Thompson (Gos), Sebastian Pascolo (BT), and Nick Simpson (CNE).

200 dash: Kirk Schneider (WB) 23.54, Gantzer (NR), Diehl (WB), Wilson (BT), Larry Watson (NR), Hacker (CNE), Johnson (CNE), and Nate McQueen (Gos).

400 dash: Schneider (WB) 52.29, Nealan (NR), Petry (NR), Jake Sydnor (CNE), McQueen (Gos), Hacker (CNE), McKinley (WB), and Zachary Miller (BT).

800 run: Darryll Patrick (WB) 2:09.48, Sutherland (WB), Garth Whitaker (Gos), Anthony Goodrich (NR), Austin Tieke (CNE), Grant Torok (BT), Alex Ariapad (NR), and Dale Anderson (BT).

1,600 run: Patrick (WB) 4:41.94, Lance Lambert (BT), Sutherland (WB), Tim Hall (NR), Whitaker (Gos), Ariapad (Gos), Derek Hennies (BT), and Dylan Reynolds (CNE).

3,200 run: Patrick (WB) 10:26.92, Hall (NR), Fancher (WB), Lambert (BT), Sam Anderson (NR), Reynolds (CNE), Chase Beck (BT), and Nick Twine (CNE).

110 high hurdles: Wilson (BT) 15.28, Berwanger (NR), Daniels (NR), Tanner Schulte (Gos), Sauer (BT), Jennings (WB), Massey (WB), and Marc Taylor (Gos).

300 intermediate hurdles: Berwanger (NR) 41.52, Miles Derkson (NR), Moore (WB), Sauer (BT), Wilson (BT), Schulte (Gos), Taylor (Gos), and Sump (WB).

400 relay: New Richmond (Petry, Daniels, Nealan, and Gantzer) 45.99, Western Brown, Clermont Northeastern, Bethel-Tate, and Goshen.

800 relay: Western Brown 1:36.52, New Richmond, Goshen, and Clermont Northeastern.

1,600 relay: New Richmond (Petry, Berwanger, Gantzer, and Nealan) 3:39.94, Goshen, Clermont Northeastern, Western Brown, and Bethel-Tate.

3,200 relay: Western Brown 8:44.93, New Richmond, Bethel-Tate, Goshen, and Clermont Northeastern.
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