Lions’ guys, gals win Goshen Track Invite

May 15th, 2009    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

The Annual Goshen Track and Field Invitational took place at Jim Brown Stadium.

New Richmond’s Lions were the winners of both the boys and girls divisions.

John Berwanger, New Richmond junior, was a two-individual event winner. Charlie Murphy, Goshen junior, Billy Hickey, Williamsburg sophomore, and Josh Daniels, New Richmond senior, each won an event.

Among the girls, Amy Brown, Williamsburg junior, and Jordan Buchanan, Goshen senior, were double winners. Other victors were Maegan Briggs, Goshen junior, Kelley Lung, Williamsburg senior, Kelsey Gaffney, Goshen senior, Veronica Burnam, New Richmond sophomore, and Katie Schumacher, New Richmond junior.

New Richmond

Team scores: New Richmond (NR) 138.5, Blanchester (Blan) 125, Little Miami (LM) 87.5, Williamsburg (Wms) 73, Goshen (Gos) 53, Clermont Northeastern (CNE) 25, Georgetown (Geo) 16, and Cincinnati Hills Christian (CHC) 8.

Following are the results of each event, first through sixth place finishers, with the winning distance or time listed.

Discus: Charlie Murphy (Gos) 126-feet, 10-inches, Billy Hickey (Wms), Jake Fishback (CNE), Boughman (Blan), Geoff Rutherford (Wms), and Levi Meder (NR).

Shot put: Hickey (Wms) 40-11.5, Murphy (Gos), Austin Arnold (Gos), Thiel (CHC), Fishback (CNE), and Doughman (Blan).

Pole vault: Josh Daniels (NR) 12-0, Mike Maupin (NR), Loffer (LM), Laly (CHC), Joey Catron (Wms), Flem (LM), and Brent Steele (Gos).

High jump: Justin Johnson (LM) 6-1, John Berwanger (NR), Bare (Blan), Cody Weideman (Wms), Maupin (NR), Starks (Blan), and Arnold (Gos).

Long jump: Kaleb Starks (Blan) 18-7, Martin (Blan), Brandon Branson (NR), Jake Hacker (CNE), Zach Carver (Gos), and Theo Simpson (Wms).

3,200-meters relay: Little Miami 8-minutes, 48.14-seconds, Blanchester, Goshen, New Richmond, and Clermont Northeastern.

110 high hurdles: Berwanger (NR) 16.16, Wiedeman (Wms), Tanner Schulte (Gos), Robbin Shanklin (Wms), Martin (Blan), Daniels (NR), and Prusch (LM).

100 dash: Lance Fanthorp (LM) 11.16, Houston (Geo), Steve Gantzer (NR), Mathews (Blan), Miles Ruby (Wms), Tony Thompson (Gos), and Barnes (Blan).

1,600 run: Bryson Lewis (Blan) 4:51.67, Tim Hall (NR), Perrin (LM), Allison (LM), Pittman (Blan), and Garth Whitaker (Gos).

400 relay: New Richmond (Maupin, Daniels, Andrew Nealan, and Gantzer) 46.44, Williamsburg, Blanchester, Clermont Northeastern, Little Miami, and Goshen.

400 dash: Jacob McClanahan (Blan) 52.74, T. J. Petry (NR), Nealan (NR), Bare (Blan), Nate McQueen (Gos), and Jake Sydnor (CNE).

800 relay: Blanchester 1:35.20, New Richmond, Little Miami, Williamsburg, Goshen, and Clermont Northeastern.

300 intermediate hurdles: Berwanger (NR) 43.50, Wiedeman (Wms), Miles Derkson (NR), Schulte (Gos), Shanklin (Wms), and Tracy Frisby (CNE).

800 run: Mark Beerse (LM) 2:09.37, Brandon Boggs (Wms), Bishop (Blan), Contner (LM), Whitaker (Gos), and Timothy Goodrich (NR).

200 dash: Fanthorp (LM), Houston (Geo), Gantzer (NR), Mathews (Blan), McClanahan (Blan), and Simpson (Wms).

3,200 run: Bryson Lewis (Blan) 10:31.52, Hall (NR), McCulloughs (Blan), Sam Anderson (NR), Loffer (LM), and Dunbar (LM).

1,600 relay: New Richmond (Berwanger, Gantzer, Petry, and Nealan) 3:40.31, Blanchester, Little Miami, Clermont Northeastern, Goshen, and Williamsburg.


Team scores: New Richmond 121.5, Little Miami 113.3, Goshen 105.3, Blanchester 80, Williamsburg 70, Cincinnati Hills Christian 17, Clermont Northeastern 14.3, and Georgetown 4.

Following are the results of each event, first through sixth place, with the winning distance or time listed.

Discus: Amy Brown (Wms) 105-4, Cattaneo (LM), Alex Burnett (Gos), Samantha Matthews (Wms), Watkins (Blan), and Krystal Allen (Gos).

Shot put: Brown (Wms) 30-5, Cattaneo (LM), Ainsley Guess (Wms), Alexander (LM), Zike (Blan), and Burnett (Gos).

Pole vault: Maegen Briggs (Gos) 7-6, Lantz (CHC), Kayla Maupin (NR), Kim (LM), Carrie Willis (NR), and Petra Bradley(Gos).

High jump: Amanda Ihnat (LM), 5-0, Georgia Buckingham (NR), Noelle Schicklin (NR), Brooks (Blan), Courtney Pringle (Wms), and Heidi McManus (Wms).

Long jump: Kelley Lung (Wms) 14-11, Aja Pettit (Gos), McCollester (Blan), Kim Atwood (Gos), Riewoldt (LM), and Alyssa Loch (CNE).

3,200 relay: New Richmond (Andrea Belmont, Krista Warren, Veronica Burnam, and Schickling) 11:07.43, Little Miami, Blanchester, Goshen, and Williamsburg.

100 high hurdles: Ashley Henn (LM) 18.52, Atwood (Gos), Floyd (CHC), Buckingham (NR), McCollester (Blan), and Verlin (LM).

100 dash: Jordan Buchanan (Gos) 13.29, McManus (Wms), Katie Schumacher (NR), Juillerat (LM), Brooks (Blan), and Jordan Hanley (CNE).

1,600 run: Kelsey Gaffney (Gos) 5:57.82, Belmont (NR), Eckles (LM), Krista Warren (NR), Elizabeth Pettigrew (CNE), and Walton (CHC).

400 relay: Little Miami 55.48, Blanchester, Goshen, New Richmond, Cincinnati Hills Christian, and Williamsburg.

400 dash: Buchanan (Gos) 1:03.37, Kristin Mikula (NR), Mikaela Rupp (NR), Brooks (Blan), Dietrick (Geo), and Loch (CNE).

800 relay: Blanchester 1:55.33, Little Miami, Williamsburg, New Richmond, Goshen, and Georgetown.

300 low hurdles: Brooks (Blan) 52.17, Kelling (LM), Buckingham (NR), Atwood (Gos), Verlin (LM), and Gerding (Blan).

800 run: Burnam (NR) 2:40.37, Gaffney (Gos), Robinson (Blan), Pettigrew (CNE), Ryan Gifford (Wms), and Huntley (LM).

200 dash: Katie Schumacher (NR) 27.68, Buchanan (Gos), Barns (Blan), Lung (Wms), Verlin (LM), and Floyd (CHC).

3,200 run: Jennifer Knippenberg (LM) 12:47.43, Belmont (NR), Eckles (LM), Pettigrew (CNE), Gibbons (Blan), and Heidi Richards (NR).

1,600 relay: New Richmond (Burnam, Mikula, Schumacher, and Rupp) 4:22.95, Blanchester, Goshen, Williamsburg, Little Miami, and Georgetown.
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