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April 11th, 2009    Author: Marsha Mundy    Filed Under: News

melia Mayor Leroy Ellington has scheduled two Town Hall Meetings to present information to citizens regarding the upcoming election.

The meetings will be held at 7:15 p.m. Tuesday, April 21 and Tuesday, April 28, at Amelia Elementary School. Ellington made the announcement during the Monday, April 6, village council meeting.

The first meeting will include a PowerPoint presentation and introductions of village officials, police and administrative staff members. There will be a short presentation by Amelia Police Chief Jeff Sucher and a presentation by a representative from Union Township Fire Department. The chairman of the Recreation Committee and the chair of the Amelia Senior Support Commission will also be introduced to the audience.

Time will be allotted for public input at the close of the meeting.

The second meeting will be a moderated forum.

"Dan Hurley from Channel 12 News will moderate the forum and Pam Barker from the 'Dissolve Amelia' group has been invited to attend," said Ellington.

"I will prepare and present a list of maybe six important questions that I will submit in advance so that Ms. Barker will have time to prepare a clear and concise response," said Ellington.

If the "Dissolve Amelia" group chooses to participate, Barker will also be given the same opportunity to submit questions to the mayor in advance.

Mayor Ellington invited the public to attend these meetings for a first-hand opportunity to hear the pros and cons of dissolving the village of Amelia.

Council members welcomed Clermont County Historian Rick Crawford to their meeting. Crawford had prepared a brief history of Amelia to share with citizens. During his presentation, he spoke of past Amelia residents who were inventors, statesmen, teachers and business leaders. He also mentioned many famous individuals who visited Amelia throughout the history of the village.

"I am speaking to you as an historian," said Crawford. "This is the history of the people in Amelia. I'm only here temporarily, I'll be dead and gone and somebody else will have to take over and I feel the same way about killing this village. That person is going to be dead and gone and this village is going to be over with and people will have to move on. Over the years we have had approximately 18,000 graduates from Amelia High School. If you understand and know the background of where you are from, your appreciation of your home is much better and you care about your area much more. We stand to lose significance if we lose the village."

Crawford answered several history related questions from those in the audience.

In other business:

• A plumbing issue which started in the women's restroom of the administration building was the result of a break in a pipe under the floor inside the building or outside below the concrete. Three quotes were received to repair the pipe and the insurance provider Public Entities Pool recommended Midwest Plumbling because they had equipment that allowed them to snake a camera through the pipe to troubleshoot and analyze the damage.

"Midwestern was chosen as the contractor to perform the work with a total bid of $16,230 and the best hope of this issue being covered by insurance," said Mayor Ellington. "Timing was somewhat of an issue, because we are a public building and because of our building capacity. The Clermont County Building Department requires that our facility provide two (gender specific) restrooms. The work should be completed today."

• Village Solicitor Laura Abrams received a letter of resignation from public works supervisor Wayne Allison. Ricky Rowland is the acting Interim Supervisor and has been asked to give council members an update about the department at the next council meeting.

• Mayor Ellington reported that the discussion between Abrams and the Union Township Law Director are ongoing.

"In the meantime, I continue to be very happy with the service that UTFD provides and that is certainly reflected in their response times (roughly five minutes)," said Ellington. "If the final result of these discussions is something that is not in the best interest of Amelia Village and if action is warranted, I am prepared to ask our solicitor to proceed with the appropriate legal measures."

• Mayor Ellington reported that he had received an e-mail from the post office in answer to his question about what would happen with addresses if the village is dissolved. According to the post office, their data is based on zip codes and Amelia addresses would not change.

• In correspondence from the Ohio Department of Transportation regarding the safety study of state route 125 through the village, the mayor reported that ODOT compiles the study in July each year. They would continue to monitor the street and contact the village regarding a plan of action.
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