Batavia Township approves several contracts for services

March 13th, 2009    Author: Marsha Mundy    Filed Under: News

The Batavia Township Board of Trustees met Tuesday, March 3 and approved a number of contracts for services for the township.

Rex Parsons, township administrator, recommended that the board approve Ohio Township Association Risk Management Authority as the property and liability insurer for 2009. The cost for insurance in 2008 was $12,346. It is now $17,000. The board approved.

The board also approved a mowing contract with Clerco Inc., for the mowing of four cemeteries in the township. According to Parsons, the company charged $6,000 in 2008 and their price has only increased 4 percent for 2009.

A one-year service contract with Donohoo Consulting was also approved by the board for information technology service.

"Last year we spent a total of $2,285 for technical services," said Parsons. "The contract is for $220 per month for one year. Computers are very important for what we do here to keep residents informed."

Parsons presented the board with the 2009 permanent appropriations for approval. After discussion, the board approved the appropriations. Fiscal officer Jennifer Haley stated that she will have a few modifications to the budget from the appropriations, but it would not change the bottom line.

The Clermont Philharmonic requested payment of $3,000 to perform a concert at the community center on Sunday, June 21. Parsons recommended that the board approve payment and noted that the $3,000 figure was less than half the cost of the concert in 2008.

The concert is scheduled 7:30 p.m. Sunday, June 21 and the public is invited to attend.

After discussion, the board directed Parsons to keep an eye on the road salt prices and make a purchase when the prices are lower. Currently, the township receives salt from Southwest Ohio Purchasers for Government at a cost of $75.36 per ton. To purchase salt from the county the cost would be $98.37 per ton.

The board questioned whether it would be a benefit to use brine and pre-treat the roads but were informed by service director Ken Embry that the cost to set up the system is very expensive and the Ohio Department Of Transportation does not think the pre-treat system is as effective as salt.

The board also discussed the possibility of enacting a basic property maintenance code for residents as a way to keep the township looking nice. After some discussion, the board agreed to explore their options during a workshop session to be held later this month.

Trustee Lee Cornett requested that the board support Clermont County historian Rick Crawford with a monetary donation.

"Everybody knows that Rick Crawford has an absolute grasp of history in Clermont County," said Cornett. "Preserving our history is very important and I think that if there is any way possible the township trustees could support him we should do so."

He suggested that they bring up the possibility of countywide support at the next Township Association meeting.

The May meeting date for the board of trustees has been changed from Tuesday, May 5 to Wednesday, May 6, on the recommendation of the board of elections. The Batavia Township trustees will hold a workshop meeting at 4 p.m. Tuesday, March 17.
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