Remington and Cold Jet formally integrate

March 5th, 2009    Author: Marsha Mundy    Filed Under: News

A long-time business relationship has resulted in a merger for Remington Engineering and Machinery in Milford and Cold Jet, in Loveland.

Remington Engineering has been engineering and machining parts almost exclusively for Cold Jet for more than 12 years. It was formally announced on Feb. 18 that the two companies are now Cold Jet.

“Remington was already doing 99 percent of our business with Cold Jet,” said Dan Mallaley former Remington owner. “We have been doing engineering for them and it was my goal all along to merge with Cold Jet. We have been catering to them exclusively.”

The 14,600 square foot facility, additional staff and $2.5 million of investment in state-of-the-art equipment allows Cold Jet to continue to innovate and provide the highest quality precision production processes for its patented nozzles, dry ice blasters and dry ice production equipment.

Cold Jet CEO Gene Cooke III is shown with a dry ice blasting machine ready to ship to Japan.
"Remington was a key supplier and Dan Mallalley has been a key partner with Cold Jet," said Gene Cooke III, president of Cold Jet. "It just seemed to make good sense for us to formally integrate. The good news for Remington is that we now truly are their primary customer. The good news for Cold Jet is that now we are actually vertically integrated, we have better control of manufacturing processes and quality processes and our speed to market for end product development is quicker."

According to Cooke, the current economic condition of the country was not a driver in the decision for the merger but may have been a passenger in the decision.

"A lot of companies today, because of the economic climate, are going back to key suppliers and business partners and seeking price concessions in order to continue to source from one another," said Cooke. "The main reason for the merger was that we need one another. We needed to be fiercely aligned with one another and it makes too much business sense not to be merged."

There will be no change to the employee base, according to Cooke, although some employees may be cross-trained. The company employs 115 workers with most of the employees working in the Loveland and Milford plants in the United States. The company also employs workers in Belgium, Germany, Mexico, China, Canada and southern California.

Cold Jet is a world leader in dry ice blast cleaning and production technology.

With the two offices being in such close proximity, it is easier for personnel to give potential customers a tour of not only the assembly process but also the engineering and machining process involved in making the product that suits their needs. Engineers are available to assist them and provide specifics.

Cold Jet's dry ice blast cleaning systems are non-abrasive recycled CO2 in the form of dry ice pellets or particles for a variety of cleaning applications. The environmentally responsible cleaning process helps to reduce waste and eliminate the need for toxic cleaning solutions. Every major natural gas company around the world is using a Cold Jet dry ice production system.

"We have a global technology, a green process, it was invented here, it's manufactured here and we export our products," said Cooke.

"What we are doing is taking advantage of the carbon dioxide that already exists. Adding to it and using that which is here for a general public good. We produce equipment that transforms liquid CO2 into dry ice as part of our equipment line. The other part of our equipment line is manufacturing equipment that uses that solid dry ice to achieve a cleaning or paint striping outcome for a customer."

"We have developed custom cleaning systems for everything from nuclear waste treatment plants to automotive weld lines," said Cooke. "Our new facility and manufacturing team will allow us to continue to deliver the value and performance that our customers have come to expect from us while improving manufacturing quality and reducing time of delivery."
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  1. Paul Dorger says:

    Well written with good information. Can’t have enough success stories about innovative manufacturing companies here in the US.

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