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February 26th, 2009    Author: Marsha Mundy    Filed Under: News

Bethel Village Councilman Tim Cherry updated council members about the status of traffic signal upgrades within the village at the meeting on Monday, Feb. 23.

“Village Administrator Travis Dotson met with Jim Brandstetter and a retired veteran with the Ohio Department of Transportation about the issue of traffic signals being either warranted or unwarranted,” said Cherry. “What it boils down to is that the grant and the upgrade will be for all signals, the one at Plane and Main and Plane and Charity will be upgraded. The signal at Main and South street is still being considered. The plans are being submitted this year and the signals will be replaced in August 2010.”

Cherry reported that the generator for the back-up for traffic signals was recently lost and that there is a good possibility that ODOT will replace the generator.

The public works committee also discussed getting an engineering service contract to do some of the work needed on village streets and sidewalks and will have Dotson follow-up on pursuing that possibility.

The public works committee also discussed some of the infrastructure projects that need to be done if stimulus money comes available through the state.

"As far as the stimulus money goes, the administrator is working on some things with public works and infrastructure to try to get ourselves ready if some of that money comes our way," said Mayor John Swarthout. "We need to get things shovel ready with numbers lined up."

Several council members commented on the disrepair of the Grant Memorial Building.

"One of the observations of the public works committee was that work on the Grant Memorial Building was going south on us," said Cherry. "We are looking at getting a contract or advertising for a contract for repair and painting the trim on the exterior of the building."

"If I understand correctly about the condition of the Grant Memorial Building," said councilman James Dick, "there are funds set aside for repairs for historical improvement purposes. I see this as an immediate need and would like to see it taken care of soon."

Council members addressed his concern that the funds had been set aside previously for the work to be done and Swarthout mentioned that electrical repairs had been completed inside the building.

In other business:

• It was reported that a group of community volunteers are interested in doing landscaping and helping with anything else that may need to be done for the skate park. Dotson will contact the group and make plans with them.

• After some discussion, council members, with the exception of Gary Hutchinson, approved a contract with Lloyd Hale to continue farming the land which surrounds the water treatment plant. The land is for sale and it was hoped that the Clermont County Park District would purchase the land for a park, but those plans are on hold because the CCPD did not receive a grant to develop the park as expected. Hutchinson voiced his concern that if the land is farmed, it may keep other buyers from purchasing the land.

• Councilwoman Donna Gunn reminded council members of the Burke Scholarship interviews scheduled for Monday, May 18.

• Police Chief Mark Planck reported that the police department has applied for some of the stimulus money set aside for police officers.
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