Milford wins FAVC-B boys swimming title

February 19th, 2009    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

Milford is the boys swimming champion of the Fort Ancient Valley Conference Buckeye Division. The girls were a close second among the distaff teams. Glen Este and Amelia showed improvement over the number of points they scored in last year’s conference championship meets.

Buckeye Division


Team totals: Milford (Mil) 454, Loveland 404, Anderson 308, Harrison 134, and Glen Este (GE) 24. Winton Woods did not compete.

Those finishing among the best six in each race for Milford and Glen Este are as follow.

200-yard medley relay: Milford (Dan Matulis, Dave Matulis, Alan Keefer, and Connor Litmer) (second) 1-minute, 47.87-seconds and Milford (Alex Frank, Joey Griffin, Kyle Tepe, and Joey Limke) (fourth) 1:52.05..

200 freestyle: Beau Robinson (Mil, second) 1:48.27, Matt D'Errico (Mil, third) 1:54.24, and Thomas Prus (Mil, sixth) 1:59.91.

200 individual medley: Griffin (Mil, second) 2:09.41, Dave Matulis (Mil, fourth) 2:15.09, and Tepe (Mil, sixth) 2:16.74.

50 free: Eric Sanders (Mil, second) 22.90, Chris Williams (Mil, fourth) 23.69, and Litmer (Mil, fifth) 24.00.

100 butterfly: Robinson (Mil, first) 53.64, Keefer (Mil, third) 59.41, Dan Matulis (Mil, fourth) 59.68, and Litmer (Mil, fifth) 59.95.

100 free: Sanders (Mil, second) 50.46, D'Errico (Mil, third) 51.13, and Williams (Mil, fourth) 52.69.

500 free: Prus (Mil, third) 5:17.91 and Frank (Mil, fifth) 5:25.97.

200 free relay: Milford (Robinson, Sanders, D'Errico, and Williams) (second) 1:32.50 and Milford (Dave Matulis, Clark McCloud, Tepe, and Keefer) (fifth) 1:40.91.

100 backstroke: Dan Matulis (Mil, second) 58.68, Keefer (Mil, fifth) 1:01.11, and Frank (Mil, sixth) 1:02.20.

100 breaststroke: Tepe (Mil, third) 1:04.99, Griffin (Mil, fourth) 1:07.35, and Dave Matulis (Mil, fifth) 1:07.62.

400 free relay: Milford (Williams, D'Errico, Sanders, and Robinson) (first) 3:22.61 and Milford (Dan Matulis, Prus, Litmer, and Griffin) (fourth) 3:33.00.

The Glen Este 200 medley relay of Thomas Moore, Brandon Behymer, Tyler Weidner, and Daniel Wulker and the 200 free relay of Behymer, Wulker, Zack Romohr, and Moore led the Trojans in team scoring.


Team totals: Anderson 416, Milford 389, Loveland 366, Glen Este 81, and Harrison 42. Winton Woods did not compete.

200 medley relay: Milford (Gwen Storch, Julia Prus, Katie McClure, and Ashleigh Snell) (third) 2:01.92 and Glen Este (Stacy Howell, Gabby Branson, Miranda Kelch, and Olivia Moore) (sixth) 2:16.58.

200 free: Katie McClure (Mil, second) 2:02.58 and Naomi Week (Mil, sixth) 2:09.76.

200 IM: Storch (Mil, second) 2:19.37, Laurin McClure (Mil, third) 2:20.61, and Prus (Mil, sixth) 2:32.06.

50 free: Julilyn Brown (Mil, third) 25.69, Moore (GE, fourth) 26.89, and Snell (Mil, fifth) 27.14.

One-meter diving: Margaret Craycraft (Mil, first) 222.15 points and Nicole Buhr (Mil, fourth) 1:57.30.

100 fly: Laurin McClure (Mil, second) 1:02.22 and Katie McClure (Mil, third) 1:02.67.

100 free: Brown (Mil, first) 55.30, Snell (Mil, third) 58.85, and Moore (GE, fourth) 1:00.40.

500 free: Frank (Mil, sixth) 6:01.52.

200 free relay: Milford (Snell, Brown, Laurin McClure, and Week) (first) 1:45.41 and Milford (Lindsay Bartsch, Allison Burtoft, Sarah Frank, and Kelly Peterson) (fourth) 1:55.25.

100 back: Storch (Mil, second) 1:03.54 and Anita Johnson (Mil, fifth) 1:10.47.

100 breast: Prus (Mil, third) 1:16.39 and Frank (Mil, sixth) 1:18.62.

400 free relay: Milford (Week, Katie McClure, Laurin McClure, and Brown) (second) 3:48.05 and Milford (Johnson, Burtoft, Samantha Glasgow, and Storch) (sixth) 4:15.33.

Cardinal Division


Team totals: Turpin 460.5, Kings 363.5, Walnut Hills 212, Little Miami 129, Wilmington 56, and Amelia 39.

200 free relay: Billy Spears, Guilio Raganelli, Bryan Doughman, and Chris McCormick (sixth) 1:49.82.


Team totals: Turpin 480, Kings 490, Walnut Hills 261, Wilmington 197, Amelia 33, and Little Miami 33.

200 free: Megan McDonald (sixth) 2:08.03.
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