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February 12th, 2009    Author: Marsha Mundy    Filed Under: News

Clermont County Commissioners welcomed Colonel Danny Bubp to their meeting on Monday, Feb. 9 and presented him with a certificate of appreciation.

Bubp, who serves as a state representative for the 88th District, served with the Marine Corps in Iraq from January to November 2008.

“It feels good to be home,” said Bubp. “I returned to Ohio the first of December and for the welcome home reception held in Adams County we had two to three inches of snow and ice. The hottest that it got in Iraq, where I was at, was 141 degrees so arriving home, the weather was more than 100 degrees different. I have been gone for over a year and it’s so good to be home.”

State Representative Colonel Danny Bubp was recently honored by Clermont County Commissioners for his service while in the Marine Corps serving in Iraq. Those present to honor him include, from left, State Representative Joe Uecker, Commissioner Bob Proud; Congresswoman Jean Schmidt, Commissioner Ed Humphrey, Colonel Bubp and Commissioner Scott Croswell.
While serving in Iraq, Bubp was the liaison officer between the Marine Corps and Anbar Province. He was assigned to protect the governor, Ma 'Amoon "Sami" Rasheed Al Alwani, and transported him throughout the country.

The governor serving before Al Alwani had been assassinated by Al Qaeda and according to Bubp, 35 attempts had been made on the life of Al Alwani. The governor ran the entire province of Anbar, which is the largest province in Iraq, and it was Bubp's job to transport and protect the governor as he traveled to the towns throughout Anbar. He escorted the governor throughout the day as he performed his duties.

"I had hoped to be in Iraq when elections were held in October, but with the violence they were experiencing, they moved the elections to Jan. 31," said Bubp. "I have been getting e-mails from those who are there keeping me updated about who was successful and who wasn't. It was interesting to see that they put up campaign signs along the highway much like we do."

This is the first time that the Iraqi people are electing individuals to represent them in their government.

According to Bubp, the Iraqi people are now in charge of their own security in 16 of the 18 provinces.

"I am proud of the great strides made over there," said Bubp. "The boys and girls are now going to school. The Iraqi military and the police are now providing security making it safe for the schools to be open."

"I just had a small part in what is being done over there, but if you put everybody together we accomplished a lot," said Bubp. "We have pushed the ball all the way down to the 10 yard line and all we need to do is get some infrastructure and jobs established and then we can declare a victory in Iraq. We are so close to declaring victory and I wish I had been there for the elections and seen that. What I am hearing from the people who are there is that it has been a positive, wonderful experience. Over 50 percent of Iraqis voted and that's wonderful. Before, women were not permitted to participate, but part of their constitution gives women a certain number of seats in parliament and within the provinces there are so many seats set aside for women. That's wonderful to try to get the women engaged in the government."

Congresswoman Jean Schmidt welcomed Bubp home and presented him with a Congressional certificate of honor thanking him for his outstanding service to his country.

"Colonel Bubp, you are a true hero," said Schmidt. "You have helped maintain the security of our nation during a critical time with selfless dedication and honor."

Bubp also received a challenge coin from the Veteran's Service Commission of Clermont County.

Bubp retired from the Marine Corps Reserves in January 2009 after serving for 30 years. During his 30 years, he served as an infantry officer, legal officer, military policeman, staff officer and administrative officer.

Bubp had been asked to go to Afghanistan for another tour of duty beginning in March, but declined the offer because of his duties as state representative.

"I couldn't go to Afghanistan, because the people in the 88th district have been good to me allowing me to be gone for a year," said Bubp. "I couldn't be gone for another year or I'd have to give up my seat and I don't want to do that.

Bubp says he is ready to get back to work as state representative and work for the residents of the 88th district in Ohio.

"My priority is trying to figure out how we can turn the economy around in Ohio," said Bubp. "I believe we should get rid of the capital gains tax and try to get people to start selling and buying again and to really get a spark in the engine of the economy. We need to try to create jobs and create an environment that businesses would want to come to Ohio and we're not going to do that if we remain a high-taxing state. We have one of the highest tax rates in America."

In addition to his duties as state representative, he will be working part-time in his law office in Adams County.
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