Veterans Day celebrated in Felicity

November 22nd, 2008    Author: Michael Bradley    Filed Under: News

The Felicity-Franklin School District held its annual Veteran’s Day Assembly Nov. 11.

The annual assembly is held as a chance for the for the student body and the local community veterans to get together and recognize Veteran’s Day.

“We have been giving our students the opportunity to honor our veteran’s for years now,” said Felicity-Franklin Elementary principal Jennifer Keller. “It is a very important day in the school district.”

While most local schools were closed on Veteran's Day last week, the student bodies of the Felicity-Franklin school district celebrated with the patriotic assembly, which included the high school marching band and the music choir.

"We are here to honor veterans of our country," said Felicity-Franklin curriculum director Glenn Moore, who hosted the event. "Since our nation's founding, right from the moment that we took up arms against our mother country, to defend the truths set forth in the Declaration of Independence, we have been honoring our veterans."

Moore said that the tradition of honoring veterans continues at the Felicity-Franklin School District.

"Time and again, ordinary people have served our nation in extraordinary ways," he said. "Veterans have protected our way of life for more than two centuries."

At this moment in time, there are more than 25 million military veterans living among us, Moore said.

During the emotional assembly, more than 60 students held up a photo and introduced a loved one or family member who have served, or are currently serving, in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Keller said that the school district is very proud of its past veterans, and all those who continue to fight so that the kids have the freedom to assemble.

"We honor our veterans by teaching our students, the younger generation, of the sacrifices that have been made by veterans over the years on our behalf," Keller said.

WWII veteran Ronald Spoonamore, of Felicity, said that he comes to the assembly every year to show his respect for all veterans, especially those who died in foreign wars.

"This is a time to celebrate their lives and their sacrifices," he said. "And to never forget."
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