Clermont County League all-stars of ’78-79 sseason

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Thirty years ago the fall sports all-star dream teams of the Clermont County League were filled with great talent.

Following are the all-star squads of the 1978-79 school year.


First team offense: Jamie Corrill of New Richmond and Ron Butts of Williamsburg (ends); Eugene Johnson of Batavia and Mike Holcomb of Goshen (tackles); Greg Davis of Amelia and Steve McGlone of Goshen (guards); Dan Good of Clermont Northeastern (center); Lynn Maloney of Amelia, Dick Ward of Batavia, Kevin Johnson of Clermont Northeastern, David Dale of Goshen, and Tim Carter of Williamsburg (backs); and Jeff Jackson of Clermont Northeastern (placekicker).

First team defense: Tim Hosler of Bethel-Tate and Chuck Phillips of Goshen (ends); Holcomb of Goshen, Carter of Williamsburg, and Frank Cherry of Bethel-Tate (linemen); McGlone of Goshen, Randy Siler of Amelia, Dave Bauer of Clermont Northeastern, and Richard Hardin of New Richmond (linebackers); Corrill of New Richmond, Butts of Williamsburg, and Greg Sweeney of Amelia (backs); and Greg Cole of Bethel-Tate (punter).

Second team offense: Dave Fortner of Amelia and Bill Tedrick of Goshen (ends); Cherry of Bethel-Tate and Ford Stubbe of New Richmond (tackles); Ron Davis of Clermont Northeastern and Kurt Wood of Williamsburg (guards); Wes Evers of Goshen (center); Hosler of Bethel-Tate, Rocky Thornberry of Clermont Northeastern, Greg Hawkins of New Richmond, and Chuck Cockrell of Williamsburg (backs).

Second team defense: Wood of Williamsburg, Phil Fishback of Clermont Northeastern, and Gary Salmons of Goshen (ends); Stubbe and Mike Burns of New Richmond and Terry Anderson of Clermont Northeastern (linemen); Randy Gladwell of Batavia, Mark Hadley of Goshen, Randy Whitacre of Westrn Brown, and Ron Healey and Chip Coon of Williamsburg (linebackers), and Brian Beach of Amelia and George Ballou of Clermont Northeastern (backs).

George Rise of Goshen was the coach of the year.

Cross Country

First team: Billy Wilson, Andy Matus, Bill Harkelroad, and Scott Ohl of Amelia; Kenny Craycraft of Bethel-Tate; and Tim West and Rob Bicknell of Goshen.

Second team: Jeff Parsons and Nelson Houchin of Bethel-Tate, Tim Wilson of Batavia, Chuck Schleyer, Jeff Ventura, and Todd Spaulding of Goshen, Gary Gosney of Amelia, and Kevin Blanton of Western Brown.

Ken Stewart of Amelia was the coach of the year.


First team: Jenny Hollabaugh and Peggy Hofmann of Amelia, Lisa Attinger of Clermont Northeastern, Linnett Orleman of Goshen, Stephanie Corwin of New Richmond, and Mary Madsen of Williamsburg.

Second team: Donna Friedman and Kim Paul of Batavia, Patty Donaworth of Bethel-Tate, Kim Kelley of Clermont Northeastern, Lori Raver of New Richmond, Joann Hoggatt of Western Brown, and Debbie Noeth and Peggy Dingus of Williamsburg.

Gillian Cover of Williamsburg was the coach of the year.


First team: Sam Holton and Doug Rickey of Amelia, Stewart Cox of Western Brown, Jeff Cahall of Batavia, and Greg Spiller of Bethel-Tate.

Second team: Rick Lafferty of Western Brown, Greg Langenbahn and Bill Nixon of Amelia, and Mark Thompson and Tim Pride of Bethel-Tate.

The following are the Clermont countians selected to the Eastern Hills League fall all-star teams of 1978-79.


First team: Mark David (offensive guard) and Jeff Wilson (placekicker) of Glen Este and Jamie Fox, Reid Landis, Colin O'Dell, Mark Weigel, and Joe Woodall of Milford.

Honorable mention: Ray Godfrey, Jay Hicks, Rod Huber, Ron Owens, Dave Perkins, Carl Shepherd, Dave Snider, and John Stultz of Glen Este.

Gary Deerwater of Glen Este was the coach of the year.


First team: Chris Meyer and Paula Shaw of Milford.

Boys soccer

First team: Tim Arbagy and Steve Fite of Milford.

Second team: John Longworth and Rob Parker of Milford.
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