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September 14th, 2008    Author: Michael Bradley    Filed Under: News

A major road construction project in Batavia Township is currently underway.

The estimated $632,000 project, which is a joint collaboration between the Clermont County Engineer’s Office and Batavia Township, will replace a century-old bridge on Old State Route 32, improve the intersection at state Route 32 and Bauer Road, and straighten out that quarter mile portion of Old State Route 32 up to Brunk Road.

Known as the Old State Route 32 and Bauer Road Roadway Project, the portion of the road being worked on closed to traffic on Aug. 18; work is expected to be completed and the road reopened by the end of October.

Contractors work on a waterline grade realignment to allow for the new bridge on Old SR 32. The old bridge was constructed in 1905. It had a 40 ton limit. The new structure will not have a weight restriction.
County engineer Pat Manger said that the project has been a long-time priority due to the geometric constraints and the extremely limited sight distance at the intersection of Bauer and Old 32.

"This intersection from a sight distance was a pretty bad one," Manger said. "We have been discussing it and have been concerned about improving this roadway for years and years."

Upon the Clermont County Engineer's Office securing of an Ohio Public Works Commission grant of $308,907, which was applied for two years ago, the county partnered with Batavia Township, which in turn provided matching local funds to commence with the start of this major construction project.

The project, which was contracted out by Silver Hawke Construction, is being completed at a total cost of $630,424.09. The OPWC grant is paying for $308,907.80 of the project, the Clermont County Engineer's Office is paying $256,516.29, and Batavia Township is providing $65,000.

The bridge, which was constructed in 1905 and had a 40-ton weight limit, is being replaced (the new bridge will not have a weight restriction), the roadway will be straightened out and raised about 15 feet, and the intersection at Bauer Road will also be raised about 3 feet to provide a more leveled out and safer increased sight distance control when turning left or right onto Old State Route 32.

"This is a great project which is all about safety," said project manager Alex Cunningham. "The safety impact will be most important to all involved because the whole intersection has been a bad one in the township, with countless near-miss accidents and even, in some cases, a few actual accidents."

When the work is completed, Cunningham said, it will be a much safer intersection and stretch of roadway.

Batavia Township Administrator Rex Parsons said that the township is very energized about the construction project for many different reasons.

"We are all excited about finally getting this done," he said at the construction site Sept. 3. "I know that the trustees are thrilled about completing this project and making it safer for everybody, which is really what this, and all construction projects of this magnitude, are all about."

The work is expected to be completed by Oct. 31; traffic has temporarily been rerouted across Bauer Road, Hospital Drive, and Herold Road.

While this portion of the road is closed, the intersections of Old State Route 32 and Brunk Road will remain open.
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