Hall, Erdman win Scott McDowell Memorial Run

August 29th, 2008    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

The annual Scott McDowell Memorial River Run and Walk took place as part of the annual New Richmond River Days Celebration.

The event honors the memory of an outstanding three-sport athlete who graduated New Richmond High School.

The overall winners were New Richmond area residents Timmy Hall who crossed the finish line in 18-minutes and 55-seconds and Emily Erdman who clocked in at 22:30.

Emily Erdman of New Richmond was the overall female winner of the annual Scott McDowell Memorial Run and Walk that took place in New Richmond.
Following are the results of each respective age division of the race including runner's name, home town (if known) and time.

Males 60-69

Dick Bruder (Cincinnati) 27:10, David Harness (Cincinnati) 28:45, and Jim Ball (New Richmond) 42:49.

Females 60-69

Janice Kreuz (Cincinnati) 23:38, Connie Taggert (Felicity) 43:47, and Pam Jenner (New Richmond) 50:03.

Males 55-59

Wally John Hahn (Lawrenceburg, Ind.) 23:49, Larry Fitzgerald (Cincinnati), and Dave Eichhold (Loveland) 27:28.

Females 55-59

No one competed

Males 50-54

Mark Ettel (Cincinnati), John Gillespie (Amelia), and Mike Walter (New Richmond).

Females 50-54

Julie Mendenhall (Spring Hill), Deborah Dall (New Richmond), and Teresa Warren (New Richmond).

Males 45-49

Kerry Clements (Cincinnati) 23:19, Chuck Schmalz (Cincinnati) 23:19, and Ed Bunn (Winchester) 25:12.

Females 45-49

Dotie Disbennett (Bethel) 34:56, Lee Ann Lefler (New Richmond) 37:34, Lori O'Connell (Amelia) 43:33.

Males 40-44

Robert Jones (Cincinnati) 19:40, David Kegg (Batavia) 21:06, and Joel Pieper (Cincinnati) 21:13.

Females 40-44

Becki Haas (Ft. Thomas, Ky.) 27:27, Julie Hawkins (unknown) 29:34, and Suzanne Scheu (New Richmond) 31:11.

Males 35-39

Derek Jones (Batavia) 20:06, Doug Heidozn (New Richmond) 20:55, and Toby Lewin (Felicity) 24:11.

Females 35-39

Staci Heiden (New Richmond) 26:33, Kim Majick (Cincinnati) 28:24, and Jenn Dolan (Cincinnati) 28:25.

Males 30-34

Steve Kirschner (New Richmond) 21:12, Glen Calhoun (Moscow) 23:20, and Jeremy Luck (Cincinnati) 26:41.

Females 30-34

Carrie Push (New Richmond), Sonya Fischesser (New Richmond) 31:12, and Sabrina Schnarrenberg (Moscow) 44:22.

Males 25-29

Aaron Morris (Cincinnati) 19:08, Eric Ball (New Richmond) 25:08, and Darius Uibze (New Richmond) 26:45.

Females 25-29

Amanda Ball (New Richmond), Jessica Nou (Georgetown) 43:20, Acacia Uible (New Richmond) 52:23.

Males 19-24

Drew Schmidt (Cincinnati) 23:32 and Andrew Carter (Milford) 27:36.

Females 19-24

Brittany Hall (New Richmond) 26:31 and Kourtney Keel (New Richmond) 34:20.

Males 15-18

Evan Dunn (Winchester) 19:39, Andrew Lefler (New Richmond) 20:10, and Cody Hollingshead (Batavia) 21:01.

Females 15-18

Veronica Burnam (Moscow) 23:27, Andrea Belmont (New Richmond) 24:20, and Brooke Stilwell (New Richmond) 24:39.

Males 11-14

Alex Ariapad (New Richmond) 19:55, Devin Trammell (Felicity) 20:19, and Ashton Hutchinson (Bethel) 20:44.

Females 11-14

Jaime Thomas (unknown) 24:09, Sarah Glenn (New Richmond) 24:41, and Hannah Smiddy (Batavia) 25:15.

Males 10-under

Peter Schmalz (Cincinnati) 26:42, Joe Maxwell (New Richmond) 26:54, and Luke Smiddy (Batavia) 28:41.

Females 10-under

Harper Calhoun (Moscow) 36:55, Melissa Lefler (New Richmond) 37:23, and Hannah McDowell (New Richmond) 42:19.
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