New Richmond boys win Bethel-Tate Polar Bear Relay

April 12th, 2008    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

Clermont County athletes and teams dominated the Polar Bear Relays that took place in cold weather at Bethel-Tate High School.


New Richmond was the champion with 77 points, Goshen had 67, Williamsburg 64, Glen Este 59, Covington Holmes (Ky.) 39, Bethel-Tate 34, Eastern 26, Reading 25, Ripley 18, and Mariemont 17.

Following are the results of each event with Clermont County’s placers named.

800-meters relay: Goshen 1-minute, 41.28-seconds, Holmes, Ripley, Williamsburg, Eastern, and Mariemont. 400: Goshen 48.41, Bethel-Tate, New Richmond, Ripley, Williamsburg, and Reading. 6,400: Eastern 21:51.2, New Richmond, Glen Este, Holmes, Goshen, and Williamsburg.

Long jump: Goshen (K. Tolls and T. Coole) 35-feet, Reading, Williamsburg (Dusean Shelton and Jarred Turner), Ripley, Reading, Bethel-Tate (T. Stephens and A. Guenther), and New Richmond (Steve Gantzer and C. Ramey). Shuttle hurdles: Holmes 1:13.1, Bethel-Tate, Williamsburg, Glen Este, and Reading. 800: Glen Este 10:08.1, New Richmond, Goshen, Reading, Holmes, and Williamsburg.

Discus: New Richmond (Manning and McCormick) 213-5, Glen Este (Tomitich and Woll), Goshen (Murphy and Shouse), Williamsburg (D. Hickey and Ruthford), Bethel-Tate (Beyer and Lanigan), and Reading. Shot put: Goshen (Shouse and Murphy) 71-9.5, New Richmond (Manning and Clark), Glen Este (Tometich and Woll), Williamsburg (D. Hickey and Ilg), Bethel-Tate (Beyer and Lanigan), and Reading. Sprint medley: Glen Este 1:46.16, New Richmond, Williamsburg, Holmes, Bethel-Tate, and Goshen.

1,600 medley: Williamsburg 3:59.5, Mariemont, New Richmond, Reading, Eastern, and Glen Este. Distance medley: Eastern 12:52.50, Mariemont, New Richmond, Glen Este, Holmes, and Bethel-Tate. 1,600: Glen Este 3:53.9, Holmes, Bethel-Tate, Goshen, Williamsburg, and Reading.

Pole vault: New Richmond (Mike Maupin and Daniels) 18-0, Reading, Williamsburg (Jerrad Turner and Cody Watson), Bethel-Tate (Rose and Cody Sauer), Mariemont, and Glen Este (Leiburger). High jump: Williamsburg (Dusean Shelton and Cody Watson) 11-2, Mariemont, New Richmond (Mike Maupin and J. Berwanger), Bethel-Tate (K. Wilson and A. Courts), Ripley, and Holmes.


As in the boys final results, all five of the county teams placed among the top six. Mariemont was the winner with 81 points, Bethel-Tate earned 73, New Richmond 61, Goshen 60, Glen Este 57, Williamsburg 37, Ripley 26, Eastern 14, and Holmes 12.

Following are the results of each event with Clermont County's placers named.

Pole vault: New Richmond (Carrie Wallace and Jordan Yeardley) 13-6, Mariemont, Bethel-Tate (Autumn Schellenbarger and Shanna Runyan), Goshen (Megan Briggs), Ripley, and Williamsburg (Molly McCullough). Distance medley: Glen Este 14:14.50, Goshen, Mariemont, New Richmond, Ripley, and Holmes. 1,600: Goshen 4:29.1, New Richmond, Glen Este, Mariemont, Bethel-Tate, and Eastern.

Long jump: New Richmond (Jordan Yeardley and Morgan Byrd) 24-3, Mariemont, Bethel-Tate (Emily Tyler and Kenna Troxell), Williamsburg (Brooke Nooe), Ripley, and Goshen (K. Atwood and T. Johnson). Discus: Williamsburg (Darci Little and Amy Brown) 165-8, Bethel-Tate (Sam Heist and Nancy Regensburger), Ripley, Mariemont, Eastern, and New Richmond. 1,600 medley: Glen Este 4:39.5, Mariemont, New Richmond, Williamsburg, Ripley, and Goshen.

Sprint medley: Goshen 2:03.00, Glen Este, Bethel-Tate, New Richmond, Mariemont, and Williamsburg. Shot put: Williamsburg (Darci Little and Amy Brown) 55-10, Eastern, Bethel-Tate (Sam Heist and Nancy Regensberger), Ripley, Mariemont, and Holmes. 800: Goshen 1:59.47, Mariemont, Bethel-Tate, Ripley, Williamsburg, and Eastern.

Shuttle hurdles: Bethel-Tate 1:11.4, Mariemont, New Richmond, and Glen Este. High jump: Mariemont 9-8, Bethel-Tate (D. Floyd and B. Brannock), New Richmond (Theiss and Schickling), Williamsburg (C. Pringle and B. Nooe), Goshen (M. Keith and J. Wyatt), and Ripley.

6,400: Glen Este 24:58.6, Goshen, Mariemont, Bethel-Tate, and New Richmond. 400: Bethel-Tate 56.72, Ripley, Holmes, Glen Este, Eastern, and Goshen.

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