Pi Day observed by students in Williamsburg

March 23rd, 2008    Author: Michael Bradley    Filed Under: News

Pi, that illustrious, irrational, and infinite mathematical constant, was celebrated at the Williamsburg local school district March 14.

Pi Day, as it has come to be known, has become a national math holiday and the Williamsburg middle and high school students have been participating in the event for the last eight years.

“We started eight years ago with the students bringing in homemade pies,” said math teacher Beth Kellerman. “It has just gotten bigger and bigger.”

One class of Williamsburg math achievement students, who celebrated Pi during the whole week with activities concentrating on circles and their formulas, were challenged by Kellerman to open up a business, sell Pi T-shirts, and give some of the proceeds to the leukemia/lymphoma society – but with a sweet twist.

Gleefully, Bianca Richards gets the privilege of throwing a pie in the face of her Williamsburg Middle School math teacher Beth Kellerman at the end of Pi week on March 14.
"I had an idea to pie Ms. Kellerman in the face," said seventh grade student project leader Bianca Richards. "I thought how cool that would be to pie her in the face if we sold 100 T-shirts? She agreed, not ever thinking that we could sell that many."

After opening the business, designing, producing, and advertising, the students ended up selling an impressive 187 T-shirts.

"I agreed, not for a moment imagining they would meet that goal," said an astounded Kellerman. "Now I get the pleasure of being pied in the face."

Kellerman received that delicious whipped-cream pleasure by Bianca Richards on March 14, 1:59 p.m., which is the number for Pi, 3.14159....

"This has been my favorite week of my whole entire life," said Richards. "We learned a lot and I cannot even explain how thrilling this is going to be for me to pie my teacher in the face. This is my one chance and I am not gonna miss."

In the end, Richards, who said that she and her fellow students learned a lot during Pi week, did not miss.

Williamsburg Middle School principal Barry Daulton, said that Pi week and Pi day is a fun way for the kids to learn.

"They (the students) work hard, they care about people, and they are just all-around good kids," the principal said, showing off his Pi T-shirt (the school staff and student body wore the purchased Pi T-shirts on Friday). "We are very fortunate and proud to be in a school with kids of this caliber who set examples of goodness every day."

During Pi day, goodness was the operative word.

Pi represents the relationship between the diameter of a circle, the width, and its circumference, the distance around the circle; Pi has been calculated to over 1 trillion digits past the decimal.
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