Varsity bowling moves into tournament play

February 10th, 2008    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

It’s post-season tournament time for Clermont County’s high school varsity boys and girls bowling teams.

For some of the county’s squads the year has not been as good as were the pre-season expectations.

Glen Este’s girls won the championship of the Fort Ancient Valley Conference Tournament. A total of 15 teams competed. The Trojan Women amassed 3741 pins, Amelia was sixth with 3352, and Milford was eighth with 3049.

Amelia’s Amber Kellerman paced the Clermont countians, individually, with a 604 (third in the tourney), and GE’s Michelle O’doll was seventh overall with a 576.

Among the boys, Glen Este was the county's pacesetter with 4209 pins earning runner-up only behind Northwest's Knights with 4309. Amelia was fourth with 4008 and Milford was 12th with 3496.

The Barons' Wes Lukemire spearheaded the Clermonters, individually (third place), with a 662.

Amelia boys

The Barons have been in second place in the Fort Ancient Valley Conference Cardinal (FAVC-C) Division with Wilmington's Hurricanes going unbeaten.

"I am absolutely pleased with how we've been doing," said Tony Kellerman, head coach of the FAVC-C defending champions who were questionable about how tough they would be losing so much talent from the year before.

Junior Wes Lukemire owns the best average among the Blue and White at 197. Senior Evan Risley is averaging 185 and senior B. J. Broyles 182. Lukemire was an all-star performer in this season's FAVC Tournament.

"Our goal is to get ready for the sectional tournament. I'd like to see some of the team advance to the district and state tournaments," Kellerman concluded.

Recent results: Amelia 2398 Turpin 2341 (Risley rolled a 362 for the best for the Blue and White). Amelia 2416 Little Miami 2127 (Risley 400). Amelia 2804 Milford 2082 (Risley 446 and Vestring 443). Amelia 2640 Turpin 2409 (Chris Andler 411 and Zac Vestring 409). Northwest 2684 Amelia 2600 (Andler 404). Amelia 2654 Walnut Hills 2486 (Vestring 401). Loveland 2744 Amelia 2443 (Broyles 406).

Amelia girls

The Barons are a much-improved team from last year.

"The girls have been a total surprise. They have exceeded all of my expectations for them," said Kellerman.

His daughter, Amber, a junior, owns the best average among the Blue and White at 180 which makes the FAVC and Big Blue tournaments all-star third-best in the conference overall. Junior Ashley Durel has an average of 144 and junior Abby Smith is averaging 142.

Kellerman is hoping for and expects some of his charges to advance beyond the sectional tournament.

Recent results: Amelia 1741 Little Miami 1732 (Smith 311). Amelia 1892 Turpin 1502 (Kellerman 301). Amelia 2247 Turpin 1439 (Kellerman 372). Northwest 2228 Amelia 2123 (Kellerman 406). Amelia 2176 Walnut Hills 1331 (Kellerman 359). Amelia 1798 Walnut Hills 1728 (Kellerman 335). Amelia 2070 Loveland 1660 (Sarah Flory 333).

Glen Este boys

The Trojans have experienced some difficulty this year.

"The season has not gone great, but we do have more wins that losses," coach Kathy DeMarko said. "I think a lot of what has to do with our record it that we have a very tough schedule."

The Purple and White was runner-up in the FAVC Tournament.

Junior Dustin Brinson has paced GE with his very impressive 211 average. Freshman Jake Pesnichak is averaging 193, junior Mike Jones 193,freshman Zac Hayes 187, senior co-captain Kyle Barrett 186, senior co-captain Ryan Leinburger 180, and freshman Nathan Franz 171.

"The boys have a very bright future. We have only two seniors. We have seven freshmen," DeMarko said. We should do real well in the (sectional) tournament. The boys are clicking."

Recent results: Anderson 2821 Glen Este 2806 (Pesnichak 454). Glen Este 3072 Winton Woods 2668 (Brinson 514). Winton Woods 2714 Glen Este 2668 (Barrett 468). LaSalle 2799 Glen Este 2398 (Hayes 375). Glen Este 2767 Harrison 2657 (Brinson 455). Glen Este 2608 Goshen 2418 (Pesnichak 379).

Glen Este girls

The Trojans are champions of the FAVC Tournament and the Hamilton Big Blue Tournament.

The girls, too, have more victories than setbacks.

Several of the Trojan Women have been earning very respectable averages. Senior co-captain Noelle Beagle is averaging 177, senior Michelle O'doll 162, senior co-captain Katie Georg 157, junior Rachel Johnson 156, sophomore Lori Davis 144, junior Sarah Ziegler 141, senior Rachel Ruehlman 140, and junior Andrea Loch 120.

"We're definitely getting ready for the sectional tournament. We have an experienced team. Now that everybody is back we have five seniors in the line-up. We should do real well in the tournament," DeMarko concluded.

Recent results: Anderson 2192 Glen Este 2171 (Beagle 371). Mercy 2450 Glen Este 2122 (Beagle 368). Glen Este 2180 Goshen 1859 (Georg 353). Winton Woods 2481 Glen Este 2236 (O'doll 378). Winton Woods 2422 Glen Este 2199 (Beagle 396). Harrison 2063 Glen Este 2016 (Beagle 336).

Goshen boys

"It's been a great season as far as looking at our team scores," said coach Matt Smallwood of his Warriors. "I'm very happy with the way our guys are bowling. It's just that our opponents always seem to bowl a little bit better on that day no matter how well we bowl."

The Best average for the Red and Gray have been earned by senior Billy Whitacre 180, senior Shane Horne 170, senior Andrew Himes 168, senior Amos Lawson 162, senior Kyle Toles 161, and senior Tyler Williams 157.

"I hope to advance in the tournament as a team and I think we can do it," said Smallwood.

"We're all seniors so we're going to have to rebuild next year."

Recent results: Wilmington 2825, Northwest 2698, Goshen 2633 (Billy Whitacre 376). Goshen 2251 Milford 2061 (Whitacre 406). Glen Este 2608 Goshen 2418 (Whitacre 375). Loveland 2636 Goshen 2347 (Lawson 351). Western Hills 2320 Goshen 2156 (Whitacre 358).

Goshen girls

"The season's been a little rough," coach Sarah Hunt said. "We're inexperienced, young, not much bowling experience."

The Warriors best averages are owned by first year senior Tiffany Williams and junior Tiffany Meadors with identical 140.

"One of the things that has slowed us is we haven't had much time to practice." The Warriors share Eastgate Lanes with Milford and Little Miami.

"I'm hoping for a better season next year. We'll have five or six coming back. I want to recruit some more younger kids," Hunt concluded.

Recent results: Wilmington 2386, Northwest 2382, Goshen 1658 (Williams 271). Milford 1717 Goshen 1707 (Williams 267). Glen Este 2180 Goshen 1859 (Henderson 337). Loveland 1883 Goshen 1847 (Gunter 256). Western Hills 1815 Goshen 1703 (Sarah Barrial 295).

Milford boys

"It's been a rough season. We're very young," said coach Frank Ritzmann of his Eagles that have one junior, four sophomores, and two freshmen on the varsity squad.

Sophomore Andrew Wenzlaff sports the best average for the Red and White with a 171, freshman Adam Edwards and sophomore Jared Bussel both average 157.

"I think Andrew can go on and do well in the tournament," Ritzmann said..

Recent results: Milford 2098 Little Miami 1796 (Edwards 339). Goshen 2251 Milford 2061 (Scott 341). Amelia 2804 Milford 2082 (Edwards 302). Anderson 2355 Milford 2085 (Edwards 315). Mount Healthy 2431 Milford 2034 (Wenzlaff 322). Anderson 2662 Milford 2250 (Wenzlaff 379).

Milford girls

"The girls are improved this year. We have a winning record," said Ritzmann of his E-Gals.

The Milford mentor believes three of his Red and White can advance in tournament action. Senior Lauren Higgins is averaging 152, senior Angela Payne 149, and senior Brittany Jacobs 147.

"Hopefully the girls will at least bowl their averages and go on the tournament. They have the capability," Ritzmann concluded.

Recent results: Milford 1803 Little Miami 1795 (Klingshim 275). Milford 1717 Goshen 1707 (Higgins 287). Milford 2008 Anderson 1821 (Payne 313). Milford 1954 Mount Healthy 1729 (Jacobs 344). Milford 2148 Anderson 2012 (Higgins 365).
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