Rep. Bubp to deploy to Iraq in January

November 15th, 2007    Author: Rodney Beckwith    Filed Under: News

Ohio 88th House District Representative Danny Bubp will see his public service move into a far more intense theater of action than Columbus next year. Bubp, a Marine reservist, has been called to active duty in Al Anbar province, an area near the insurgent hotspot of Fallujah.

“I’ve done a lot of things over the last 29 years, but the job I’ve been assigned is the military liaison officer to the provincial governor of Al-Anbar Province,” said Bubp. “They’re calling on my judicial and legislative experience to give advice to the governor. They have this new government, and they’ve been writing their constitution. This is something that’s never been done there before. Saddam Hussein ran that country with an iron fist, and now it’s a democracy. This is neat to be able to be on the ground floor to give advice on how to best make it work.”

Bubp will be leaving soon to undergo training for the role, which will take him overseas in January and keep him busy for about six months. Reservists, said Bubp, offer the military an asset most often not present in career soldiers. While career soldiers are highly trained in traditional military functions such as combat, reservists come onboard with training from their careers, giving them a leg up in certain situations, such as Bubp’s judicial and legislative experience.

Rep. Danny Bubp
Although Bubp is a state representative, when the military calls for his service, he is required to answer, which he said in this case he is entirely willing to do.

"When you're called, you go," said Bubp. "That's what I'm going to do. I have a responsibility to the people of the 88th district, but I have a responsibility to this nation. I'm a marine. The commander in chief has issued me orders, and I will carry them out to the best of my abilities."

Bubp said that he should only be gone half a year, as the Marines favor shorter deployments designed to be easier on the soldiers and their families. While gone, Bubp said that he will be unable to serve in his capacities as a representative, but said that his office will still be active in aiding his constituents. Also, the normal cycle of the house will mean there will be little official business to attend to this year.

"If you're not in the chamber in the House of Representatives when the vote is called for, you're not allowed to vote," said Bubp. "I will not be voting. Historically though, the second year doesn't have a lot of heavy lifting. Each term is two years. Every representative is up for reelection next year. The summer is spent campaigning. I don't anticipate missing all that much legislation. The work for this general assembly is done."

While gone, Bubp said that he will be well served by friends and family who are offering to campaign for him in his absence. Even then, Bubp said that he will most likely return well before the election, which will give him some time on the campaign trail. In the meantime, however, he said that he is excited to serve in a capacity such as this in a budding democracy.

"It's an honor to be able to continue to serve," said Bubp. "It's the best military the world has ever seen. We've got the smartest people ever and the best equipment. Nobody wants to be away from home though. However, this is something that has got to be done. We do not, we cannot risk the enemies of America coming here and visiting terror on us like they did Sept. 11. If we can continue this democracy in Iraq, it will spread to other countries. That's what Iran is so worried about. They're people see that women are voting and working in Iraq. They are being treated equally, and that has never happened in a Muslim country before."
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