Help from the public helps nab car thieves

November 15th, 2007    Author: Rodney Beckwith    Filed Under: News

A little community involvement went a long way in diffusing a bit of excitement in Bethel last week. Police Chief John Wallace told the village council that the help of several citizens helped corner and capture three car thieves that were spotted at a local store.

“Earlier in the week, we had a stolen car seen at the Family Dollar,” said Chief Wallace. “She called dispatch, and by the time the officer could get there, the three people in the car had run away. We started looking for them. We just started walking and asking people of they saw two guys and a girl moving quick, and we kept getting pointed in the right direction. We eventually found them hiding in an apartment at the Horseshoe Apartments.”

Wallace said that the three were taken into custody and handed over to the sheriff’s department, along with the stolen vehicle, which was itself played a big role in the capture. According to Chief Wallace, the alleged thieves failed to properly mask that the car had been stolen.

"We called the deputies up to get their stolen car and the three miscreants who stole it," said Chief Wallace. "They weren't the smartest in the world, they didn't make the connection that when you have a screwdriver shoved into the ignition for a key, it's a hint that it's probably a stolen car."

The village also discussed plans for the new municipal building, particularly, the physical plans for the building itself. The project, which is now estimated to cost more than was budgeted, will likely be postponed until funding is available. However, that could pose a problem for using the plans that, although paid for, are still considered property of the designers.

"I am concerned, about 20 years back we had a situation similar to this in which we had a construction project, we had the plans, we put it on hold and resurrected it a few years later," said village solicitor George Leicht. "We were told we had to start from scratch again. After much frustration and some yelling and screaming, we did get the plans we had originally paid for. I don't want that to come up again."

The village also agreed to fix a flaw in the new village handbook that neglected to list the day after Thanksgiving as a village holiday.
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