Batavia wins SBC-National golf tourney crown; Bethel-Tate and Milford runners-up in leagues

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Buckeye Conference

National Division

Batavia successfully defended its Southern Buckeye Conference National (SBC-N) Division golf crown after four nine-hole rounds and one 18-hole round were completed to determine the 2007 team and individual champions.

Eric Brown, a Batavia ninth grader, earned the medalist title.

The final team totals were Batavia’s Bulldogs 976 strokes, Georgetown’s G-Men 1002, Blanchester’s Wildcats 1051, Felicity’s Cardinals 1144, and East Clinton’s Astros 1250.

The best individual 54-hole total score belonged to Brown who took 228 shots, Jared Wahl of Georgetown 232, Brent Braselton of Batavia 237, Derek Boggs of Batavia (the 2006 medalist) 244, Jordan Jones of Georgetown 250, Collin McElroy of Georgetown 254, Brian Keith of Blanchester 255, Tim Benson of Blanchester 261, Tyler Carter of Felicity 262, Tyler Jackson of Blanchester 263, Devon Royalty of Georgetown 266, Caleb Santel of Batavia 271, Kaitie Long of Blanchester 278, Nathan Moore of Blanchester 282, Eric Simmons of Batavia 283, and Korey Eads of Batavia 286.

A total of 32 linksman competed.

The fifth round was played on the par-71 Deer Track Golf Club course in Modest.

As a team, Georgetown shot 327, Batavia 329, Blanchester 340, Felicity 377, and East Clinton 413.

Individually, the best scores were turned in by Brown (medalist) 73, Wahl 75, Braselton 77, Jones 80, Keith 81, Benson 82, McElroy 82, Carter 84, Grant Woods of East Clinton 86, Boggs 87, Jackson 87, Royalty 90, and Moore 90.

After round four, the total team scores were Batavia 647, Georgetown 675, Blanchester 711, Felicity 767, and East Clinton 837. The scores for the fourth round were Batavia 161, Georgetown 168, Blanchester 173, Felicity 377, and East Clinton 213.

The best individual scores on the par-35 front nine at Lakewood Golf Course, Georgetown, were achieved by Boggs 34 (medalist), Wahl 37, Carter 39, Jones 40, Benson 41, Braselton 42, Brown 42, Santel 43, Long 43, Moore 44, Jackson 45, Keith 45, Royalty 45, Eads 46, and McElroy 46.

After round three the team scores were Batavia 486, Georgetown 507, Blanchester 538, Felicity 577, and East Clinton 624. The third round took place on the par-36 front nine at Friendly Meadows Golf Course, Bethel.

The best individual scores recorded were Brown 37 (medalist), Boggs 40, Braselton 40, McElroy 40, Carter 41, Keith 41, Jackson 42, Royalty 42, Wahl 42, Eads 43, Santel 45, Jones 45, Benson 46, Long 46, Brad Shinkle of Felicity 46, Moore 46, Brandon Manz of Felicity 47, Simmons 48, and Woods 48.

Said Batavia coach Mike Hatfield of his charges' tournament performance, "We didn't play as well as I thought we could, but then the players I thought would do better did do better and we had a strong finish."

American Division

Western Brown earned the championship of the Southern Buckeye Conference American (SBC-A) Division Golf Tournament. This division, too, played 54 holes with the finale taking place at Deer Track Golf Course.

The final team scores were Western Brown's Broncos 960, Bethel-Tate's Tigers (defending SBC-A tourney champion) 1048, New Richmond's Lions 1065, Goshen's Warriors 1080, and Clermont Northeastern's Rockets 1304.

The medalist was the Broncos' Kaeleb Schweiger who shot a 238. He was followed by, in order, Corey Schneider of Western Brown 244, Taylor Garrett of Western Brown 247, Tyler Hutson of Western Brown 248, Kevin Hornsby of Goshen (the 2006 medalist) 249, Zach Kirkpatrick of Western Brown 249, Zach Smith of Western Brown 253, Louie Schaljo of Bethel-Tate 254, Daniel Heflin of New Richmond 261, Tommy Galea of Bethel-Tate 264, Travis Tolin of Bethel-Tate 265, Denver Young of New Richmond 265, Matt Kelley of New Richmond 270, Mike Ziggas of Bethel-Tate 274, Cody McClanahan of Goshen 275, Mike Keller of Goshen 277, Jeff Poff of Goshen 278, Luke Parker of Bethel-Tate 279, Chris Chesney of New Richmond 283, and Mitchell Werner of Clermont Northeastern 286.

A total of 32 golfers competed.

"This is a very young team that hasn't put it all together yet, but I thought things went about as well as they could in the tournament," said Bethel-Tate coach Harold Messer whose Tigers earned the best finish for a Clermont County team in the SBC-A.

The fifth round was played at Deer Track in conjunction with the SBC-N Tournament. The team scores were Western Brown 156, New Richmond 175, Bethel-Tate 181, Goshen 198, and Clermont Northeastern 228.

The best individual scores for round five were Hornsby, Schneider, and Schweiger (tri-medalists) 79, Young 82, Kirkpatrick 83, Kelley 85, Smith 85, Garrett 87, Ziggas 87, Galea 88, Hutson 88, McClanahan 89, Schaljo 89, Poff 90, Werner 91, Chesney 93, Tolin 93, Alex Dice of Bethel-Tate 94, and Keller 94.

Round four was played on White Oak Golf Course, Mount Orab.

The accumulated total team scores were Western Brown 632, Bethel-Tate 695, New Richmond 714, Goshen 728, and Clermont Northeastern 881.

The team scores for the round were Western Brown 156, New Richmond 175, Bethel-Tate 181, Goshen 198, and Clermont Northeastern 228.

The best individual scores at White Oak were Smith (medalist) 36, Schweiger 38, Garrett 41, Kirkpatrick 41, Schneider 41, Tolin 41, Chesney 43, Hudson 43, Kelley 43, Schaljo 43, Young 44, and Heflin 45.

Following three rounds of competition, the accumulated team scores were Western Brown 476, Bethel-Tate 514, Goshen 530, New Richmond 539, and Clermont Northeastern 653. The third round took place at Deer Track Golf Course.

The team scores for the round were Western Brown 160, Bethel-Tate 173, New Richmond 178, Goshen 187, and Clermont Northeastern 216.

The best individual scores in round three were Schweiger 39, Heflin 39, Hutson 40, Garrett 40, Hornsby 40, Parker 41, Smith 41, Schneider 42, Galea 42 , Kirkpatrick 43, Ford 43, Schaljo 44, Keller 45, Tolin 46, Ziggas 46, Young 46 , Poff 47, Werner 48, and Dice 49.

After two rounds the accumulated team scores were Western Brown 316, Bethel-Tate 341, Goshen 343, New Richmond 361, and Clermont Northeastern 437. The second round competition took place at Cedar Trace Golf Course, Newtonsville.

The team scores for the round were Western Brown 160, Goshen 174, Bethel-Tate 175, New Richmond 184, and Clermont Northeastern 226.

The best individual scores in round two were Garrett (medalist) 37, Hutson 39, Schaljo 41, Schneider 41, Hornsby 42, Heflin 43, Keller 43, McClanahan 43, Schweiger 44, Parker 45, Poff 45, Galea 46, Smith 46, Kelley 47, Chesney 48, Dice 48, and Ziggas 49.

Sincerest thanks from this writer to Blanchester head golf coach Jason Gray and Western Brown head golf coach Dave Bickett for sending the results after each round of their respective division's tournament.

Fort Ancient Valley Conference

Buckeye Division

Milford turned in the best Clermont County team effort in the Fort Ancient Valley Conference Buckeye Division with its second place finish. Loveland's Tigers were the winner with 332 strokes, the Eagles made 338, Harrison's Wildcats 338, Anderson's Redskins 341, Winton Woods' Warriors 361, and Glen Este's Trojans 395.

Jeremy Nichols and Matt Habermehl of Milford paced the Clermont countians with their 82 on the par 72 Weatherwax Golf Course. This earned them a tie for fourth place overall. Other county scores were Tyler Regueyra (11 tie) of Milford 87, Jacob Blosser (11 tie) of Milford 87, Connor Stookey (16) of Milford 89, Chris Sunderman (23) of Glen Este 94, Nick Regueyra (24) of Milford 95, Rylan Euton (28) of Glen Este 97, Tyler Godfrey (31) of Glen Este 101, Bobby Dixon (32) of Glen Este 103, Shawn Spener (34) of Glen Este 106, and Cody Baldwin (35) of Glen Este 113.

Cardinal Division

The final team totals in this division's tournament from the same par-72 course at Weatherwax were Wilmington's Hurricanes 316, Kings' Knights 323, Turpin's Spartans 334, Little Miami's Panthers 367, Walnut Hills' Eagles 374, and Amelia's Barons 376.

The individual scores for the Barons, and their personal finish among the league's linksmen, were Tommy Rowe (15) 87, Bill Rhinehart (23) 95, Tim Smith (25) 96, Benjamin Jackson (30) 98, Evan Risley (35) 104, and Matt Orlack (36) 108.
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