Science Day held at CNE Middle School

September 29th, 2007    Author: Michael Bradley    Filed Under: News

Students at the Clermont Northeastern Middle School participated in a Science Fair Sept. 20-21.

Presented by Crystal Clear Science, a science outreach program that travels to schools throughout the tri-state with do-it-yourself science days, assemblies, and teacher workshops, the biology and physics fair provides students with a unique opportunity to learn about science in a hands-on, fun, and entertaining way.

This is the third year that CNE Middle School has offered the science fair to its students, grades 5-8.

Michelle White, who is known during the assemblies only as Crystal Clear, taught middle school grade students for 10 years before becoming the face and instructor of the Crystal Clear Science program.

CNE Middle School students attend a science fair assembly led by Crystal Clear Science teacher Michelle White Sept 21.
"The response that we get from students is fantastic," she said. "The fair is correlated to Ohio state science standards and reinforces what they are studying and being tested on. It gives kids the opportunity to get a large overview of science and all of its many applications."

After a brief introduction by White, small groups of students visited five tables with more than 30 different themed hands-on science experiments.

"With five program themes to choose from, there is sure to be one just right for everyone in the school," White said.

The five themes of the Crystal Clear Program include Amazing Air, which teaches kids the properties of air and how it affects their daily lives, Sounds Like Fun, a program that explains basic concepts of sound and waves, such as pitch, volume, and frequency, Energy Excitement, which explores potential and kinetic energy, Awesome Animals, the classification and adaptation of vertebrates, and finally, R's For Life, a program focusing on empowering and encouraging kids to practice the 3 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) in their daily lives.

Parents and CNE High School honor society students were on hand at each themed table to provide detailed explanations for each experiment and to answer any questions that the middle school students posed.

"The program gives the students a chance to work with and learn from older students who have proven their science abilities," said CNE Middle School Principal Kathy Sabo. "So it also becomes a social reminder that learning is important."

The middle school students also completed a scavenger hunt to keep them on track while they were learning during the session.

Sabo said that the science fair is an exchange of learning that reinvigorates not only the students, but the teachers as well.

"The Crystal Clear Science program brings real life into science," the principal said. "It is a meaningful exchange of learning - not just a one-way approach type of learning. We are, of course, trying to improve our science test scores in a fun and lively way, but more than that, it promotes a love of science that we are trying to encourage."

White said that the program can provide an affordable, unforgettable and educational science program for children from grades P-8 in any school in the Tri-State. For more information, call (513) 553-2252.
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