Thomas, Pickelheimer, Belliston lead county harriers

September 21st, 2007    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

Glen Este is emerging to the forefront as the premier cross country program this season for Clermont County varsity teams. Most of the county squads have good leadership and talent.

Western Brown Invitational

Glen Este won the boys division with 50 points in a field of eight full teams and 13 teams total. New Richmond was fifth with 129 points and Goshen sixth with 132. Batavia, Bethel-Tate, Felicity, and Clermont Northeastern did not field full five-man squads.

Jeffrey Hodge of Wilmington finished first over the two-mile course with a time of 11-minutes, four-seconds. A total of 81 individuals competed.

C. J. Pickelheimer of Glen Este led the Clermont County harriers with his fourth place finish in a time of 11:22. Teammate Daniel Wulker was seventh (11:34), Louie Schaljo of Bethel-Tate was ninth (11:51), Mitch Neal of Glen Este was 13th (12:25), Nick Gabbard of New Richmond was 14th (12:26), Tony Scharf of Glen Este was 15th (12:32), Darren Garrett of Goshen was 21st (12:43), Zack Romohr of Glen Este was 22nd (12:45), Garth Whitaker of Goshen was 24th (12:49), and Thom Cowan of Batavia was 31st (13:11). Chris Shouse of Felicity and Tim Christie of Clermont Northeastern were the best finishers of their respective teams.

In the girls division, Glen Este was again the victor. The Trojans scored 31 points over the field of nine full teams and three partial teams. New Richmond was third with 86 points; Batavia, sixth, with 169; New Richmond "B", seventh, with 183; Goshen, eighth, with 197; and Glen Este "B", ninth, with 207. Bethel-Tate did not have a full team of five runners.

Trojan freshman Michelle Thomas was the overall champion over the two-mile course with a clocking of 12:52. She was followed by Tarah Cole of Bethel-Tate who was second (13:15), Stephanie Stoffel of Glen Este was fourth (13:43), Alana Kennedy of New Richmond was fifth (13:50), Jaimie Hamlet of Glen Este was seventh (14:31), Kara Atwell of Glen Este was 12th (15:00), Shelby Pickelheimer of Glen Este was 13th (15:00), Alyssa Sexton of Glen Este was 14th (15:02), Andrea Belmont of New Richmond was 17th (15:09), Veronica Burnam of New Richmond was 19th (15:14), Tayler Davis of Glen Este was 21st (15:15), Jessica Fischer of Bethel-Tate was 22nd (15:22), Crystin Sammmons of Batavia was 23rd (15:33), Rebekha Winterberger of Goshen was 24th (15:36), Liz Newman of Bethel-Tate was 25th (15:54), and Brittany Richie of Batavia was 28th (16:04). A total of 64 runners competed.

Finish Timing Invitational at Wilmington College

Loveland won over 18 teams with a a total of 39 points, Goshen was 11th with 334, Batavia, 13th, with 354, and New Richmond, 17th, with 435.

Individually, Josh Harrel of Amelia paced the Clermont countians with his 25th place finish in a time of 19:02.61 over the 3.1-mile course. Schaljo of Bethel-Tate was 32nd in 19:38.88, and Nathan Braswell of Batavia was 36th in 19:58.57. A total of 227 harriers took part.

In the girls division there were 12 teams with Loveland winning with 40 points, Goshen was fifth with 139, New Richmond, sixth, 210, and Batavia, 11th, 298.

Goshen's Staci Hicks paced the Clermonters with her seventh place finish in 21:19.98, Tarah Cole of Bethel Tate was 13th (21:54.79); Alana Kennedy of New Richmond, 20th, (22:34.38); Beth Wilson of Amelia, 25th, (23:35.32); Kelsey Gaffney of Goshen, 28th, (24:17.50); Rebekha Winterberger of Goshen, 30th, (24:26.92); Colleen Foote of Goshen, 32nd, (24:31.32); Shayna Runyan of Bethel-Tate, 33rd, (24:41.48); and Andrea Belmont of New Richmond, 36th (24:58.14).

Mason Invitational

Amelia competed in Section I. The Barons did not compete with a full team, but Josh Harrell was 26th among 127 runners with a time of 17:49.92.

In Section II, 15 teams and 127 harriers competed. Wyoming was the winner with 66 points and Goshen was 10th with 235. Bethel-Tate did not enter a complete team.

Among the 127 individual runners, Schaljo was 11th in 18:54.42 and Garrett was 24th in 19:40.12.

In the Girls Section II competition, 13 teams competed and Wyoming won with 41 points and Goshen was sixth with 189.

Among the 100 individual competitors, Goshen's Gaffney led all Clermonters with 14th place in 22:19.88; Foote was 21st in 23:05.16; Winterberger was 32nd in 24:18.86.

Centerville Night Lights Invitational

The Glen Este took part in in this annual night time run.

The boys were ninth among 12 teams with 219 points; the host Elks won with 50 points. Pickelheimer came in first among the Trojans and 14th overall among the 102 harriers. His time was 17:09. Daniel Wulker was 28th in 17:32.

The girls were seventh with 191 points among 12 teams; Colerain won with 68 points. Thomas of GE was second among the 109 distraff runners in a time of 19:29 and Stoffel was ninth in 20:02.

Lebanon Invitational

Milford turned in a superior effort. The boys just missed defeating the highly regarded St. Xavier team 58 to 60. A total of 21 teams competed.

Matt Belliston paced the Eagles with a second place finish in 16:28 over the 3.1-mile course. Matt Bayman was 10th (16:57), Robbie Dearhammer, 14th, (17:09), Austin Bever, 16th, (17:12), and Mark Bayman, 25th, (17:29). 143 harriers completed the course.

Mason was the girls victor with 60 points over 18 teams. Milford was sixth with 182.

Lacee Kurtz completed the 3.1-mile course first for the E-Gals in 20:26. She was followed by teammates Rebekkah Randall, 27th, (21:43), April Myers, 51st, (22:36), Laurin McClure, 52nd, (22:38), and Dana Kasselmann, 56th, (22:45). A total of 133 runners completed the course.
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