Chris Tieke wins Scott McDowell Memorial Run

September 3rd, 2007    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

The 11th Annual Scott McDowell Memorial River Run/Walk took place last Saturday as part of the River Days celebration in his hometown of New Richmond.

The distances of both the run and walk was five kilometers.

The overall winner in the run was Chris Tieke of Union Township and a graduate of Xavier University, the University of Cincinnati, and Glen Este High School. The 24-year old completed the course through the streets of New Richmond in 17-minutes and 10-seconds.

The female winner was Michelle Thomas of Cincinnati. The 14-year old finished in 19:20.

Said Tieke, “I hadn’t run this race in a couple of years and I like the new course. I surprised myself with my time and place. There were some good runners in this event.”

The various age division champions of the Scott McDowell Memorial were, left to right, row one, Stephanie Stoffel, Michelle Thomas, Shelby Gibbons, Pam Kincaid, Christy Calhoun, Trish Hiler, Melissa Lefler, and Miles Burnam; and row two Tommy Weber, Chris Tieke, Ken Roark, C. J. Pickelheiomer, Steven Stoffel, Christopher Olenick, Aaron Morris, Glen Calhoun, and Kevin Lefler.
Following are the top three finishers in each age division (with their time) if there was at least three competitors in the age division.

Female 10-under: Melissa Lefler of New Richmond 39:23 and Grace Coughlin of New Richmond 39:51.

Male 10-under: Miles Burnam of Moscow 26:31, Peter Schmals of Cincinnati 31:03, and Thomas Coughlin of New Richmond 46:47.

Female 11-14: Shelby Gibbons of Hamersville 21:31, Hannah Granger of Sardinia 22:58, and Shelby Pickelheimer of Union Township 23:52.

Male 11-14: Steven Stoffel of Union Township 19:20, Johnathan Piatt of Batavia 19:51, and Jake Velten of Glen Este 22:02.

Female 15-18: Stephanie Stoffel of Union Township 20:21, Alana Kennedy of New Richmond 21:51, and Jaimie Hamlet of Union Towsnhip 24:13.

Male 15-18: C. J. Pickelheimer of Union Township 17:32, Daniel Wulker of Union Township 17:54, and Nathan Braswell of Batavia 18:35.

Female 19-24: Valerie Mott of New Richmond 28:21, Katie Caskey of Amelia 29:03, and Stacy Knoechel of New Richmond 31:32.

Male 19-24: Tommy Weber of Cincinnati 17:39, John Graves of New Richmond 19:10, and Phillip Taylor of Cincinnati 25:16.

Female 25-29: Acacia Uible of New Richmond 54:51.

Male 25-29: Aaron Morris of Dry Ridge, Ky. 19:29 and Rylan Shebesta of Amelia 21:09.

Female 30-34: Christy Calhoun of Moscow 29:07, Tammy Weitzel of New Richmond 30:36, and Erin Keith of New Richmond 37:48.

Male 30-34: Glen Calhoun of Moscow 22:57 and Daren Donohoo of Batavia 33:24.

Female 35-39: Trish Hiler of Georgetown 22:24, Barb Wallace of New Richmond 26:05, and Traci Cafferky of Cincinnati 28:34.

Male 35-39: Todd Braswell of Batavia 23:00 and Christopher Olenick of New Richmond 25:55.

Female 40-44: Dianne Heckler Piepe of Cincinnati 26:24, Missy Deller of New Richmond 27:25, and Kim Knierim of New Richmond 30:21.

Male 40-44 Jamie Crombie of Milford 17:24, Robert Jones of New Richmond 19:00, and Joel Pieper of Cincinnati 21:15.

Female 45-49: Pattie Lucking of Cincinnati 20:45, Debbie Biddle of Cynthiana, Ky., 22:27, and Cynthia Cassell of New Richmond 26:07.

Male 45-49: M. Kewer of New Richmond 21:50, Doug Donohoo of Batavia 25:04, and Mike Walter of New Richmond 25:43.

Female 50-54: Lynn Graves of New Richmond 27:15, Julie Stinchcomb of New Richmond 33:42, and Penny Tieke of Union Township 49:00.

Male 50-54: Kevin Lefler of New Richmond 22:12, John Gillespie of New Richmond 23:52, and Mark Eitel of Cincinnati 24:09.

Female 55-59: Pam Kincaid of Versailles, Ky. 24:39, Holly Henkel of Cincinnati 22:53, and Larry Geiger of New Richmond 23:35.

Male 55-59: Ken Roark of Hillsboro 20:28, Bob Wahlke of Cincinnati 22:53, and Larry Geiger of New Richmond 23:35.

Female 60-69: Pat Enders of Cincinnati 35:44, Shelia Boothe of New Richmond 48:32, and Fran Behymer of New Richmond 57:49.

Male 60-69: Jim Sears of Cincinnati 20:48, Jim Ball of New Richmond 24:24, and David Harness of Cincinnati 31:25.

Female 70-over: Mollie Watkins (73-years old) of Moscow 56:51.

Male 70-over: Jack Felix (72-years old) of Ooltewatt 40:44.

In the 5K Walk, the following are the best five placers in the male and female divisions.

Male: Lee Derhodes (overall champion) of Cincinnati 38:48 (66-years old), Jack Felix of Ooltewalt (72-years old) 40:44, Mike Weber of Cincinnati 42:36, Tom Behymer of New Richmond 44:33, and Richard Hilliard of Maineville 45:16.

Female: Deborah Dall of New Richmond 40:11, Melinda Maxwell of New Richmond 40:43, Leeann Hermann of New Richmond 40:44, Laura Kretzer of Batavia 40:49, and Jane Kretzer of Bethel 41:55.

Mark McDowell, a younger brother of Scott, said, "I certainly enjoy being here for Scott and to remember him.

"He was a great person. He was a great friend and a great brother. He was a smart and good person and he was a good athlete."

Mark McDowell, who graduated from New Richmond High School in 1984, was a three-sport letterman.

This writer always associated Scott with his two closet friends in his high school graduating class, Rob Carmosino and Joey Hamm, also good people and friends and very talented athletes.
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