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August 19th, 2007    Author: Rodney Beckwith    Filed Under: News

Nobody knows what it is, or who it is, or very much else for that matter, but “Operation Blade” may well make an appearance in Clermont County, and bring a number of high-paying jobs with it. The mysterious project, part of some sort of space program, may be moved to the county sometime in the near future.

“There is an unnamed space company for the project, and they call it ‘project blade,’” said Batavia Township Administrator Rex Parsons. “They’re looking at a parcel of land near the intersection of Taylor and Clough. We met with them, and they’re looking at moving, but we don’t know where from.”

Parsons described what little he knew of the project to the trustees at a recent Batavia Township meeting. Before that, a group of people representing the unknown aerospace company had visited the township on a tour of the county to determine a possible site for relocation.

“They had a whole coalition here of six people,” said Parsons. “People from the state came down, the Cincinnati Chamber was out, and they said they were looking to use it as a manufacturing facility for whatever this project is.”

"I don't know a timeframe, but they're looking to move 40 people here, and jobs start at $60,000 and go up," added Parsons. "There would be a 10-12 acre manufacturing facility."

That information matches what the county was able to release through the office of public information. OPI Director Kathy Lehr said that the project has a chance of coming to the area, but little is known of when or what exactly that will mean.

"What I can tell you is an out of state company visited the county recently for site tours," said Lehr. "The purpose of the visit was to learn about the community and look at several potential sites to build on. It's an aerospace component manufacturer, which needs 10 acres to build the 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility."

What is concrete, however, would be the potential for new jobs and capital investment, which Lehr said could reach into the millions of dollars.

"Right now, they're saying it could react 45 new jobs and have a capital investment of $16 million," said Lehr. "The company is looking at several metro regions, and when they were here recently, they visited sites in Batavia Township, Miami Township and at least one other county in this area. They haven't picked exactly where they want to go yet."
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