Seven franchises add victories in 61st Annual Clermont County Knothole Tournament

August 9th, 2007    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

The 61st Annual Clermont County Knothole Tournament has come to a conclusion.

In the most recent championship game results, amazingly seven different franchises emerged with title-winning performances.

Speaking of franchises, how many of you remember the franchises of Clermont County Knothole that no longer exist? Those I can remember include Branch Hill, Day Heights, Loveland, Monroe, Moscow, Mulberry, Newtonsville, Owensville, Pierce, Saint Bernadette, and Willowville-Glen Este. Even Higginsport (Brown County) and Maineville (Warren County) competed in Clermont County Knothole in the past.

Following are the results of the remaining championships this year.

Goshen Sluggers are

Class A Senior champions

This tournament was played at Withamsville-Tobasco Community Park.

The Goshen Sluggers outslugged the Batavia Bulldogs in the championship game.

Winners bracket results: Goshen Sluggers outslugged Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Dragons, Batavia Bulldogs dewinded Amelia Hurricanes, and Goshen Sluggers detoothed Batavia Bulldogs.

Losers bracket result: Batavia Bulldogs quieted Withamsville-Tobasco Blue Jays.

Milford Bombers are

Class A Junior

Gold Division champions

This tournament was played at John Heisler Park, Goshen.

In the championship fray, the Milford Bombers strafed the Clermont Northeastern Sliders 13-5. The previous game the same day, the Sliders disarmed the Bombers 7-0.

Winners bracket results: Milford Bombers bombadeered Goshen Tigers and Milford Longhorns rawhided Withamsville-Tobasco Panthers.

Losers bracket results: Clermont Northeastern Sliders skinned Withamsville-Tobasco Panthers and Clermont Northeastern Sliders stampeded Milford Longhorns 15-0.

Batavia Bulldogs are Class A Junior Silver Division champions

This tournament was played at Heisler Park, Goshen.

The Batavia Bulldogs calmed down the Milford Fury in the championship showdown.

Winners bracket results: Milford Fury routed Clermont Northeastern Raiders, Batavia Bulldogs submarined Milford Mariners, and Batavia Bulldogs lassoed Milford Fury.

Losers bracket results: Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Spartans sunk Milford Mariners, Clermont Northeastern Raiders shot down Withamsville-Tobasco Cougars, and Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Spartans desTROYed Clermont Northeastern Raiders.

Tealtown Scorpions are

Class C Senior

Gold Division champions

This tournament was played at Ruben Willis Park, New Richmond.

In an all-Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) finale, the Scorpions poisoned the Tigers.

Winners bracket results: Milford Wingers reservationed Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Tribe, New Richmond Rangers arrested Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Tigers, Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Scorpions stung Milford Wingers, and Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Scorpions walked over Milford Rangers.

Losers bracket results: Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Tigers scarred Goshen Warriors and Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Tigers deranged the New Richmond Rangers.

Amelia Dodgers are

Class C Senior Silver

Division champions

This tournament was played at Willis Park, New Richmond.

Amelia Dodgers lasordaed Bethel Tigers in the championship contest.

Winners bracket results: Batavia Mud Dawgs quieted Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Thunder, Amelia Dodgers jackie robinsoned Amelia Redskins, and Amelia Dodgers brooklyned Batavia Mud Dawgs.

Losers bracket results: Bethel Tigers clawed Amelia Redskins and Bethel Tigers cleaned up on Batavia Mud Dawgs.

New Richmond Mustangs are Class D Senior Silver

Division champions

This tournament was played at Heisler Park, Goshen.

Winners bracket results: New Richmond Mustangs won two of three games at the close of the tournament over Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Cobalts to earn the championship laurels. Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Trojans jailed Williamsburg Bandits, Tealtown Cobalts magically puffed Amelia Dragons, New Richmond Mustangs stomped Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Trojans, and New Richmond Mustangs saddled Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Cobalts.

Losers bracket results: New Richmond Warriors staked down Amelia Dragons and Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Cobalts reservationed New Richmond Warriors.

Williamsburg Rookies are Class D Junior Silver Division champions

This tournament was played at Tealtown Park.

Williamsburg Rookies surprised Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Panthers in the championship finale.

Winners bracket results: Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Panthers plucked New Richmond Red Wings, Williamsburg Rookies discarded Clermont Northeastern Sharks, and Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Panthers outexperienced Williamsburg Rookies.

Losers bracket results: New Richmond Red Wings derabied Goshen Bulldogs, and Williamsburg Rookies outhockeyed New Richmond Red Wings.

The Williamsburg Rookies came out of the losers bracket to shock the Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Panthers to send the tourney into one final showdown.
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