Tealtown paces the Clermont tournament with the most losers bracket survivors

July 26th, 2007    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

Being sentenced to the loser’s bracket can be a long, long, weary road to finally emerge back up to take on a team from the winners bracket and the losers bracket is where most of the teams in the 61st Annual Clermont County Knothole Tournament have now been relegated.

Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) has the most survivors in the underground and Amelia, Bethel, Goshen, and Milford are tied with the next largest amount.

Those teams with a loss in the losers bracket means its the second defeat and elimination in this two-losses-and-out tournament.

Following are the results of action in the losers bracket.

Class A Senior (games played at Withamsville-Tobasco Community Park)

New Richmond Lions cooled off Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Dragons, Withamsville-Tobasco Blue Jays blew away Amelia Hurricanes, and Withamsville-Tobasco Blue Jays caged New Richmond Lions.

In the Class B Junior Gold Division competition of the Clermont County Knothole Tournament, arch-rivals the Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Redhawks (at bat) outlasted the Milford Red Sox (on defense) in a battle that was played at Batavia.
Class A Junior Gold Division (played at John Heisler Park, Goshen)

Clermont Northeastern Sliders white castled Bethel Heat, Withamsville-Tobasco Panthers darkened Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Lightning and Clermont Northeastern Sliders slid by Goshen Tigers.

Class A Junior Silver Division (played at Heisler Park)

Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Spartans three-hundreded Amelia Cardinals and Withamsville-Tobasco Cougars melloncamped New Richmond Rebels.

Class B Senior Gold Division (played at Withamsville-Tobasco Park)

New Richmond Diamond Backs rattled Williamsburg Bearcats, Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Tomahawks chopped Milford Cobras, New Richmond Diamond Backs snaked by Batavia Cobras, Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Terrors disarmed Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Tomahawks, and Amelia Bulldogs devoured New Richmond Diamond Backs.

Class B Senior Silver Division (played at Withamsville-Tobasco Park)

Milford Senators impeached Goshen Diamond Backs, Withamsville-Tobasco Eagles skinned Amelia Gators, Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Knights recalled Milford Senators, Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Knights shot down Withamsville-Tobasco Eagles, and Withamsville-Tobasco Vultures picked apart Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Knights.

Class B Junior Gold Division (played at Batavia)

Amelia Bearcats big o'd Milford Rough Riders, Milford Panthers outran Batavia Bulldogs, Amelia Bearcats juckered Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Titans, and Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Panthers eliminated Amelia Bearcats.

Class B Junior Silver Division (played at Batavia)

New Richmond Pirates caribbeaned Milford Cougars, Goshen Tomahawks received a forfeit from Clermont Northeastern Chiefs, Milford Tigers tamed New Richmond Pirates, Bethel Reds broke Goshen Tomahawks, and Bethel Reds freeled Milford Tigers.

Class C Senior Gold Division (played at Ruben Willis Field, New Richmond)

Withamsville-Tobasco Bearcats hugginsed Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Eagles, Goshen Warriors dunawayed with Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Tribe, Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Tigers out clawed Withamsville-Tobasco Bearcats, and Goshen Warriors feasted upon Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Tigers.

Class C Senior Silver Division (played at Willis Field)

Bethel Tigers reservationed Goshen Braves, Amelia Redskins wrapped up Clermont Northeastern Raptors, and Bethel Tigers quieted Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Thunder.

Class C Junior Gold Division (played at Bachelier Park, Amelia)

Amelia Dusters choked Amelia Indians, Felicity Indians conquered Williamsburg Wildcats, Amelia Duster dirtied Goshen Red Sox, Amelia Dusters cleaned up on Felicity Indians, and Milford Eagles taloned Amelia Dusters.

Class C Junior Silver Division (played at Bachelier Park)

Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Vipers toxined Withamsville-Tobasco Titans, Amelia Raiders detoxined Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Vipers, Bethel Giants towered over Clermont Northeastern Blazers, Amelia Raiders lowered Bethel Giants, and Goshen Storm drowned Amelia Raiders.

Class D Senior Gold Division (played at Heisler Park)

Withamsville-Tobasco Storm whitewashed Bethel Red Sox, Withamsville-Tobasco Bombers bombarded Milford Tigers, Withamsville-Tobasco Storm defused Clermont Northeastern Rockets, Williamsburg Titans gunned down Withamsville-Tobasco Bombers, Goshen Gators okeefeenokeed Withamsville-Tobasco Storm, and Milford Sidewinders sidestepped Williamsburg Titans.

Class D Senior Silver Division (played at Heisler Park)

New Richmond Warriors tecumsehed Goshen Rebels, Amelia Tigers captured Williamsburg Bandits, New Richmond Warriors blue jacketed Goshen Black Sox, Amelia Dragons cooked Amelia Tigers, and New Richmond Warriors cornstalked Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Trojans.

Class D Junior Gold Division (played at Tealtown Park)

Withamsville-Tobasco Reds struck out Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Strykers, Goshen Grizzlies bear hugged Bethel Black Sox, Withamsville-Tobasco Sharks quieted Amelia Thunder, Goshen Grizzlies bloodied Withamsville-Tobasco Reds, and Withamsville-Tobasco Sharks jawed Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Tigers.

Class D Junior Silver Division (played at Tealtown Park)

New Richmond Red Wings iced Amelia Warriors and Goshen Bulldogs detoothed Clermont Northeastern Sharks.
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