Clermont County Knothole Tournament underway

July 20th, 2007    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

The 61st Annual Clermont County Knothole Tournament is underway. Clermont County Knothole Supervisor Gene Blom has reported the following results.

Class A Senior (played at Withamsville-Tobasco Park)

Winners bracket: Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Dragons burned Withamsville-Tobasco Blue Jays 9-7 and Batavia Bulldogs caged New Richmond Lions 8-5.

Class A Junior Gold Division (played at John Heisler Park, Goshen)

Winners bracket: Milford Bombers shelled Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Lightning 15-2 and Milford Longhorns gored Clermont Northeastern Sliders 8-5.

Class A Junior Silver Division (at Heisler Park)

Winners bracket: Milford Fury infuriated Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Spartans 6-3 and Clermont Northeastern Raiders morganed Amelia Cardinals 10-6.

Class B Senior Gold Division (at Withamsville-Tobasco Park)

Winners bracket: Bethel Rangers texased New Richmond Diamondbacks and Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Terrors terrorized Batavia Cobras.

Class B Senior Silver Division (at Withamsville-Tobasco Park)

Winners bracket: Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Knights darkened Amelia Gators, Withamsville-Tobasco Eagles detoxified Goshen Diamondbacks, and Amelia Astros filibustered Milford Senators.

Class B Junior Gold Division (at Batavia)

Winners bracket: Tealtown Panthers roosevelted Milford Rough Riders 14-6, Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Redhawks skinned Amelia Bearcats, Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Titans captured Milford Panthers 7-4, and Milford Red Sox covered over Batavia Bulldogs 21-7.

Class B Junior Silver Division (at Batavia)

Winners bracket: Bethel Reds outlasted Milford Cougars 13-11, Amelia Killer B's stung New Richmond Pirates 6-1, Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Gators broke Goshen Tomahawks 14-11, and Milford Tigers received a forfeit from Clermont Northeastern Chiefs.

Class C Senior Gold Division (at Ruben Willis Park, New Richmond)

Winners bracket: Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Tigers tamed Withamsville-Tobasco Bearcats, New Richmond Rangers walkered Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Eagles, and Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Scorpions stuck Goshen Warriors.

Class C Senior Silver Division (at New Richmond)

Winners bracket: Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Thunder brought down Clermont Northeastern Raptors, Amelia Dodgers losangelesized Bethel Tigers, and Amelia Redskins reddened Goshen Braves.

Class C Junior Gold Division (at Bachelier Park, Amelia)

Winners bracket: Milford Eagles taloned Felicity Indians 12-2, Williamsburg Wildcats reservationed Amelia Indians 12-2, and Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Pirates cleaned up Amelia Dusters 10-3.

Class C Junior Silver Division (at Amelia)

Winners bracket: Amelia Raiders pillaged Bethel Giants 10-2, Goshen Storm drenched Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Vipers 13-3, and Clermont Northeastern Blazers topped Withamsville-Tobasco Titans 18-9.

Class D Senior Gold Division (at Goshen)

Winners bracket: Bethel Powerhouse outmuscled Withamsville-Tobasco Bombers 8-6, Williamsburg Titans dried out Withamsville-Tobasco Storm 17-7, and Milford Sidewinders pulled down Bethel Red Sox 15-7.

Class D Senior Silver Division (at Goshen)

Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Cobalts metallicaed New Richmond Warriors 13-5, Amelia Dragons burned Goshen Black Sox 17-8, Tealtown Trojans helened Goshen Rebels 15-3, and New Richmond Mustangs received a forfeit from Amelia Tigers.

Class D Junior Gold Division (at Tealtown Field)

Winners bracket: Goshen Grizzlies detoothed Withamsville-Tobasco Sharks 3-1, Batavia Big Dawgs struck down Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Strykers 8-5, Milford Fire scorched Bethel Black Sox 21-0, and Milford Jayhawks received a forfeit from Withamsville-Tobasco Red.

Class D Junior Silver Division (at Tealtown)

Winners bracket: Tealtown (Mount Carmel-Glen Este) Panthers outran Goshen Bulldogs 4-2 and Williamsburg Rookies outexperienced Amelia Warriors 18-1.
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