Bethel-Amelia combo produces a winner in 17th annual Clermont County Mud Volleyball Tourney

July 12th, 2007    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

The 17th Annual Clermont County Mud Volleyball Tournament took place for the first time on the site of the Red Barn Flea Market in Batavia. The previous 16 years the event had taken place on the Tate Beach along the waters of Harsha Lake at East Fork State Park.

The proceeds from the tournament will be used to support the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Cincinnati. Barb Beckelhimer of the Epilepsy Foundation was the capable and very helpful chairwoman of the event.

In some ways, to a historian, the entire one-day fun and boisterous tournament appeared to be the red man’s revenge.

The event took place on ground that was once the home of several Eastern Woodland tribes, most probably the Shawnee, Wyandot, or Miami Indians. It is known there were several temporary villages established along the East Fork of the Little Miami River in the 18th century.

Prior to the area being inhabited by the Eastern Woodlands people, mounds were discovered by early scientists, explorers and settlers. They were not just burial mounds, but also observation mounds that also served as a type of lighthouse, and enormous effigy mounds built in the shape of animals common to the area.

Other even older villages have been discovered in this area that were once the homes of the Archaic people who were here more than 2,000 years ago. Within the last two years a village was uncovered when state route 222 was being straightened just east of Possum Hollow Road.

The Indians rightly claimed the Americans played dirty with their treaty-making and these current Americans were completely dirtied competing on this former Indian land.

The Goodfellas, composed of Clermont countians from the communities of Bethel and Amelia, were runners-up in the tournament that consisted of approximately 40 six-person teams.The members of the predominantly Clermont County team were Kevin Bowman, Mike Epps, Nate Guy, Andy Kemmeter, John Montgomery, Cody Sauer, Justin Wallace, Nate Wallace, and Chad Willhoff.

The winning team was the Stars and Stripes from Columbus, Ohio. The members of this team were Barry Hughes, Eric Hughes, Tim Hawes, Jered Stone, Brandon Stone, Clare Woods, Jim Garner, and Lori Keller.

The Goodfellas were the champions of the Court One Division and Schoenberger Tile and Marble of Greater Cincinnati was the second place team.

The Stars and Stripes were the champions of the Court Two Division. All Knocked Up, from Northern Kentucky, was the runner-up squad.

The Mud Eaters were the winners of the Court Three Division. Tabatha Riehle of Goshen was a member of this team. In second place was Skyline from Independence, Ky.

The Court Four Division victor was the Punjabi Jats from Warren County. The Upsetters from Greater Cincinnati was the second place squad.

The Mud Set Spikers were the winners in the Court Five Division. This team's roster was mostly from Greater Cincinnati. The Munda Punjab of Warren County garnered second spot.

In the Court Six Division, the Roxanna Sludgehounds took the gold. They were mostly from Butler County. The Cincinnati Yellow Pages gained the silver. The Greater Cincinnati area was the home of this contingent.
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