Clermont County dominated regular-season invitationals

June 29th, 2007    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

Clermont County track and field teams fared well this season across our eastern and western borders in events that demand late, but necessary recognition, especially including the Western Brown and Anderson Invitationals.

Western Brown Invite


Clermont County teams dominated the boys division with Goshen (Gos) leading the way by earning 124 points, Amelia (Ame) had 109, Glen Este (GE) 104, Western Brown 63, North Adams 45, Eastern 28, East Clinton 26, Felicity (Fel) 12, Ripley 11, and Georgetown 3.

The Barons’ Garrett Hart won three events, teammate Adam Sprague won two, the Trojans’ Adam Chambers won two events as did two of the GE relay teams, teammates Keiran Rogers and Chris Gorman each won an event, and Goshen’s Greg Brusman and William Tedrick and a Warriors’ relay team won an event each.

Following are the Clermont County placers in each event.

Diccus: Chambers, GE, first, 153-feet, 3-inches, Ryan Danehy, Ame, third, and Kevin Briggs, GE, fourth. Shot put: Chambers, GE, first, 59-0, Danehy, Ame, second, Briggs, GE, third, and Ben Dulle, Gos, fourth.

Pole vault: Brusman, Gos, first, 12-6, Brian Faw, Gos, second, Miles Walker, Gos, fourth, and Demetri Litwin, Ame, fifth. High jump: Tedrick, Gos, first, 6-6, Andrew Smith, Fel, third tie, and Hart, Ame, third tie. Long jump: Hart, Ame, first, 20-11, Kyle Toles, Gos, second, Smith, Fel, third, and Mike Latchford, Gos, sixth.

400-meters relay: Goshen, second, and Glen Este, fourth. 100 high hurdles: Hart, Ame, first, 15.73 seconds, Tyler Byrge, Gos, second, Scott Leaman, Ame, third, and Tanner Schulte, Gos, fourth. 100 dash: Rogers, GE, first, 11.83, Tyler Shade, GE, fourth, and Casey Hadley, Gos, fifth.

800 relay: Glen Este, first, 1:36.30, Goshen, second, and Amelia, fifth. 1,600 run: Sprague, Ame, first, 4:38.78, Josh Harrell, Ame, second, and Robert Romeo, Gos, third. 400 relay: Glen Este, first, 46.36, and Goshen, second 46.79.

300 intermediate hurdles: Hart, Ame, first, 42.78, and Byrge, Gos, third. 400 dash: Gorman, GE, first, 51:10, Justin Brooks, Ame, second, and Shouse, Gos, third. 800 run: Romeo, Gos, second, Austin Hounshell, Ame, fourth, and Cody Hollingshead, GE, fifth.

200 dash: Gorman, GE, second, Rogers, GE, third, and Hadley, Gos, sixth. 3,200 run: Sprague, Ame, first, 10:24.86, Harrell, Ame, second, Romeo, Gos, third, C. J. Pickelheimer, GE, fourth, and Alex Jarman, Fel, sixth. 1,600 relay: Goshen, first, 3:41.18, Glen Este, third, and Amelia, fifth.


The team totals were: Western Brown 176, Goshen 92, Glen Este 84, Amelia 71, Eastern 36, Felicity 20.5, East Clinton 17, Ripley 15, North Adams 7.5, and Georgetown 6.

Goshen's Staci Hicks and Amelia's Bethany Robinson were double winners as was Glen Este in the relays. The Warriors' Kim Steele and the Trojans' Brittaney Rupert each won an event.

3,200 relay: Goshen, second, and Glen Este, third. 100 high hurdles: Sammie Gibbs, GE, third, Marissa Stutz, Fel, fourth, and Desiree Chandler, Gos, sixth. 100 dash: Jordan Buchanan, Gos, third, and Sashwell Fowler, GE, fourth.

800 relay: Glen Este, first, 1:54.67, Goshen, third, and Amelia, fourth. 1,600 run: Hicks, Gos, first, 5:17.16, Stephanie Stoffel, GE, third, Beth Wilson, Ame, fourth, Kelsey Gaffney, Gos, fifth, and Kayla Wakefield, Ame, sixth. 400 relay: Goshen, third, Felicity, fourth, and Amelia, sixth.

400 dash: Steele, Gos, 1:03.10, first, Sam Miller, GE, fourth, Lindsey Scheidler, Fel, fifth, and A. Wakefield, Ame, sixth. 800 run: Hicks, Gos, first, 2:24.93, Stoffel, GE, second, K. Wakefield, Ame, third, Wilson, Ame, fourth, and Gaffney, Gos, fifth. 200 dash: Rupert, GE, first, 27.94, Buchanan, Gos, fourth, and Fowler, GE, fifth.

3,200 run: Alyssa Sexton, GE, fourth, and Savannah Sullivan, Gos, sixth. 1,600 relay: Glen Este, first, 4:19.16, Amelia, second, and Goshen, fourth.

Anderson Invite


Adam Chambers, Glen Este senior, was selected by the head coaches of the invite as the Most Outstanding Male Field Event Athlete for his multiple victories. Teammate Tyler Duncanson and Amelia's Garrett Hart were single event winners.

Turpin won the 13-team meet with 138.5 points, Glen Este was sixth with 50, Amelia eighth, 48.5, and Milford (Mil), 11th, 31.

Following are the Clermont County placers.

Discus: Chambers, GE, first, 141-03, and Danehy, Ame, seventh. Shot put: Chambers, GE, first, 58-10.25, and Danehy, Ame, third.

Pole vault: Alec Offenberger, Mil, seventh. High jump: Duncanson, GE, first, 5-10. Long jump: Hart, Ame, first, 19-9.5.

800 relay: Amelia, fifth. 100 high hurdles: Hart, Ame, second. 100 dash: Lewis Kenton, Mil, fifth. 800 relay: Milford, third, and Glen Este, sixth.

1,600 run: Sprague, Ame, eighth. 400 relay: Glen Este, fifth, and Milford, sixth. 400 dash: Gorman, GE, second, Brooks, Ame, fourth, and Mitch Neal, GE, seventh. 300 intermediate hurdles: Hart, Ame, third.

800 run: no county placers. 200 dash: Lewis, Mil, fourth, and Gorman, GE, seventh. 3,200 run: Nathan Bullock, Mil, seventh. 1,600 relay: Milford, sixth.

Triple jump: Reggie Carson, Mil, fifth. 3,000-meters steeplechase: Sprague, Ame, fourth.

The oldest Clermont County high school boys or girls record in any track or field event still belongs to Kurt Franke of Amelia who triple jumped 45-10 at the 1968 Anderson Invitational, Franke's senior year.


Turpin copped the 14-team girls division, too. The Spartans tallied 85 points, Milford was eighth, 63, Amelia 11th, 18.5, and Glen Este, 12th, 4.

Amelia's Kayla Wakefield and a Milford relay team were the county winners in the distaff competition.

Discus: Kim Strunk, Mil, second. Shot put: Strunk, Mil, second. Pole vault: Robinson, Ame, third, and Sami Rupert, GE, eighth. High jump: no county placers. Long jump: Lacee Kurtz, Mil, eighth.

3,200 relay: Milford, first, 9:51.90. 100 high hurdles: no county placers: 100 dash: no county placers. 800 relay: Glen Este, eighth.

1,600 run: Lacee Kurtz, Mil, third, Courtney Krummert, Mil, fourth, and Stoffel, GE, sixth. 400 relay: no county placers. 400 dash: Megan Smith, Mil, sixth. 300 low hurdles: no county placers.

800 run: Wakefield, Ame, first, 2:22.99, Krummert, Mil, second, and Rabekkah Randall, Mil, sixth. 200 dash: no county placers. 3,200 run: Kurtz, Mil, fourth, and Sammi Martin, Mil, sixth. 1,600 relay: Milford, sixth.
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