Cabin at Burke Park to be used in film about Simon Kenton

June 14th, 2007    Author: Rodney Beckwith    Filed Under: News

Bethel’s Accord Cabin in Burke Park is once again the center of news in the village.

At the June 11 meeting of the Bethel Village Council, two separate conversations concerning the cabins were held in council chambers, one concerning the revival of a longtime festival and the other the possibility of a historical film being shot on the premises.

“I want to ask about the possibility of using the Accord cabin in Burke Park for something that’s really dear to me,” said Mike Rumping. “We’re getting ready to film a DVD on the life of Simon Kenton. I’m very tied in with Simon Kenton right now. I feel that teaching about Simon Kenton is very important, and that’s why we want to make a good DVD. We have one that was made in the past, but it wasn’t of good quality.”

Rumping, who grew up near the cabin before it was relocated to Burke Park, said that he has always had a soft spot for the structure, which he felt would combine quite well as a prop for his creation of the historical documentary.

"The old Accord Cabin stood near where we live now," said Rumping. "I grew up in Bethel, and it was dear to me. It about broke my heart when they moved it, but at least it's still in Bethel. We need a cabin similar to what Simon Kenton lived in in the last days of his life. He lived in a small, two-room cabin, and this would pass."

According to Rumping, Kenton actually traveled through the area where Bethel is now located, and has other ties to the region. Rumping said that the filming should be over with in a day's time, and that he would be willing to donate some of the DVDs to local libraries when they are completed. Council agreed to allow Rumping use of the cabins for filming purposes.

Following Rumping, Ron Shouse, of the Bethel Log Cabin Committee, filled in the village administration on how plans for Founder's Day are coming along. The festival, which is hoped to become an annual event around the cabin, will be held on June 29-July 1 in Burke Park, and will feature mainly historical activities.

"As you guys have heard, we are planning a founders day celebration this month," said Shouse. "As we said we were going to do, we want to be involved with the community more than just fixing the cabins. We want to use the cabins and history of Bethel to teach our citizens and give them a place to go and enjoy themselves."

The Founder's Day celebration will focus on Bethel history, as well as historically themed activities, such as frog jumping contests and a box lunch social, which will give residents the chance to buy themselves a local celebrity as a lunch guest. "We want to bring some fellowship back into the village," said Shouse. "We want people to come out, see friends and be together. We went into this to bring the community together and raise awareness of the cabins so people may volunteer who believe in what we're doing."

The Grassy Run Historical Arts Committee will also hold a historical encampment at the festival.

In other news:

• The Bethel Police Department recently completed a successful drug bust based on an anonymous tip.

• The council will hold a public hearing concerning the new village property maintenance code on July 23 at 6:30 p.m. The hearing will coincide with the third reading of the resolution to adopt the code.
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