New Richmond is Division II district track titlist; Finan and Tyler each earn two individual titles

May 24th, 2007    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

New Richmond’s boys have captured the Division II district track and field championship. Lion senior Eric Finan won two events including breaking his own district mark he set last year in the 1,600-meters run (4:20.21). Emily Tyler, Bethel-Tate junior, was the county’s other double winner as she swept the Division II hurdles events.

Clermont County achieved 11 district titles including Glen Este senior Adam Chambers, Amelia junior Garrett Hart, Goshen junior Staci Hicks, New Richmond junior Jordan Yeardley, Goshen senior William Tedrick, New Richmond senior Rickey Schafer, and Batavia junior Andrew Avery.

Listed are the Clermont countians who scored points for their respective schools in each event. The best four finishers in each event qualified for the regional championships that will take place this week.



Princeton won with 108 points, Amelia was eighth with 39, Glen Este was 11th with 24, and Milford was 13th with 14. A total of 15 teams scored.

Discus: Adam Chambers, Glen Este, third, 145-feet, 1-inch.

Rickey Schafer, New Richmond senior and Southern Buckeye Conference record owner, clears the 13-foot mark in the pole vault.
Shot put: Adam Chambers, Glen Este, champion, 57-9; Ryan Danehy, Amelia, fourth, 47-2.75; Kevin Briggs, Glen Este, fifth, 46-9; and Zach Roe, Milford, eighth, 43-6.5.

High jump: Tyler Duncanson, Glen Este, seventh, 5-10.

Long jump: Garrett Hart, Amelia, champion, 21-3.25.

3,200 relay: Amelia, fifth, 8-minutes, 30.12-seconds, and Milford, eighth, 8:51.01.

110 high hurdles: Garrett Hart, Amelia, fifth, 15.64.

1,600 run: Adam Sprague, Amelia, fourth, 4:27.59.

400 dash: Justin Brooks, Amelia, third, 50.94; Ben Randall, Milford, fourth, 51.02; and Chris Gorman, Glen Este, seventh, 51.96.

300 intermediate hurdles: Garrett Hart, Amelia, fourth, 40.55.

200 dash: Kenton Lewis, Milford, sixth, 23.22.

3,200 run: Matt Belliston, Milford, seventh, 10:04.60.


Mason won with 167.3 points, Milford was ninth with 38, Amelia was 12th with 11.5, and Glen Este was 15th with 4. A total of 15 teams scored.

Discus: Kim Strunk, Milford, second, 111-9.

Shot put: Kim Strunk, Milford, third, 33-5.5.

Pole vault: Bethany Robinson, Amelia, fourth tie, 8-6.

High jump: Bethany Robinson, Amelia, sixth, 4-10.

3,200 relay: Milford, second, 9:54.13.

400 dash: Megan Smith, Milford, seventh, 1:02.35.

800 run: Kayla Wakefield, Amelia, fourth, 2:18.68.

3,200 run: Lacee Kurtz, Milford, second, 11:23.79.



New Richmond was the champion with 100.5 points, Goshen was seventh with 38, Bethel-Tate was 12th with 20, and Batavia was 10th with 10. A total of 18 teams scored.

Discus: Mike Hill, Bethel-Tate, fourth, 130-7, and Nick Manning, New Richmond, eighth, 121-1.

Shot put: Devin Ruck, New Richmond, third, 46-5.5; Ryan Giltz, Goshen, sixth, 42-2.75; and Mike Hill, Bethel-Tate, seventh, 42-0.5.

Pole vault: Rickey Schafer, New Richmond, champion, 14-0; Josh Daniels, New Richmond, second, 13-0; Greg Brusman, Goshen, third, 12-0; and Miles Walker, Goshen, sixth, 10-6.

High jump: William Tedrick, Goshen, champion, 6-4, and Mike Maupin, New Richmond, sixth tie, 5-10.

Long jump: Andrew Avery, Batavia, champion, 20-6.5; Tyler Hughes, New Richmond, fourth, 20-4.5; and Kyle Toles, Goshen, fifth, 20-3.5.

3,200 relay: New Richmond (Eric Finan, Ben Werle, David Sheldon, and Andrew Nealan), second, 8:31.70.

400 dash: Kyle Roberts, Bethel-Tate, second, 51.33 and David Sheldon, New Richmond, sixth, 53.34.

800 run: Eric Finan, New Richmond, third, 2:03.26 and Ben Werle, New Richmond, sixth, 2:07.50.

1,600 run: Eric Finan, New Richmond, champion, 4:19.46 (new record) and Robert Romeo, Goshen, fifth, 4:38.74.

3,200 run: Eric Finan, New Richmond, champion, 9:33.97.

110 high hurdles: Tyler Hughes, New Richmond, third, 15.81; Rickey Schafer, New Richmond, fourth, 16.05; and Tyler Byrge, Goshen, sixth, 16.25.

300 intermediate hurdles: Tyler Hughes, New Richmond, second, 40.63 and Tyler Byrge, Goshen, fifth, 42.85.

400 relay: New Richmond, seventh, 46.62.

800 relay: New Richmond, fifth, 1:35.65.

1,600 relay: Bethel-Tate (Adam Dean, Kyle Roberts, Cody Sauer, and Cory Roberts), fourth, 3:30.31; New Richmond, sixth, 3:37.37; and Goshen, eighth, 3:42.80.


McNicholas won with 134 points, Bethel-Tate was third with 72, Goshen was seventh with 42, New Richmond was eighth with 32, and Clermont Northeastern was 15th with 5.5. A total of 17 teams scored.

Discus: Kelly Tucker, Goshen, fifth, 91-1; Samantha Heist, Bethel-Tate, sixth, 87-7; and Nancy Regensburger, Bethel-Tate, eighth, 83-2.

Shot put: Jessica Kretzer, Bethel-Tate, fifth, 30-8.5.

Pole vault: Jordan Yeardley, New Richmond, champion, 8-6; Lindsey Schwartz, Goshen, second 8-0; Erinn Ballein, Bethel-Tate, third, 7-6; Carrie Willis, New Richmond, fourth, 7-6; Katie Sullivan, Clermont Northeastern, fifth, 7-6; and Chelsea Carter, Clermont Northeastern, seventh tie, 6-6.

High jump: Noelle Schickling, New Richmond, fourth, 4-10; Brittany Brannock, Bethel-Tate, fifth, 4-8; Denise Floyd, Bethel-Tate, sixth, 4-8.

Long jump: Emily Tyler, Bethel-Tate, third, 16-6.75.

3,200 relay: New Richmond, sixth, 11:05.08.

800 run: Staci Hicks, Goshen, fourth, 2:26.40 and Tara Cole, Bethel-Tate, fifth, 2:26.78.

1,600 run: Staci Hicks, Goshen, champion, 5:15.77; Tarah Cole, Bethel-Tate, third, 5:21.96; and Kelsey Gaffney, Goshen, 5:53.09.

3,200 run: Alana Kennedy, New Richmond, fourth, 12:14.37.

100 high hurdles: Emily Tyler, Bethel-Tate, champion, 15.78 and Autumn Schellenberger, Bethel-Tate, second, 16:51.

300 low hurdles: Emily Tyler, Bethel-Tate, champion, 47.85; Kim Steele, Goshen, second, 49.45; and Jordan Yeardley, New Richmond, sixth, 52.40.

400 relay: Bethel-Tate (Autumn Schellenberger, Emily Tyler, Alissa Wallace, and Brittany Brannock), third, 53.04.

800 relay: Bethel-Tate, eighth, 1:56.06.

1,600 relay: Goshen (Kim Steele, Desiree Chandler, Kelsey Gaffney, and Staci Hicks), third, 4:18.11, and New Richmond, sixth, 4:33.06.

Division III


Cincinnati Hills Christian won with 144 points, Williamsburg was fifth with 52, and Felicity was 13th with 14. A total of 16 teams scored.

Discus: Kyle Moore, Williamsburg, second, 133-07, and Josh Miller, Felicity, third, 123-08.

Shot put: Kyle Moore, Williamsburg, second, 42-5.25.

Pole vault: Jerrad Turner, Williamsburg, second tie, 11-0, and Cody Watson, Williamsburg, second tie, 11-0.

High jump: DuSean Shelton, Williamsburg, second, 6-4, and Andrew Smith, Felicity, fifth tie, 5-8.

3,200 relay: Williamsburg, fifth, 9:06.89.

800 run: DuSean Shelton, Williamsburg, fourth, 2:06.71.

3,200 run: Alex Jarman, Felicity, fourth, 10:50.69.

400 relay: Williamsburg, fifth, 47.61.

1,600 relay: Williamsburg, eighth, 3:52.98.


Cincinnati Hills Christian won with 125.5 points, Williamsburg was 10th with 21, and Felicity was 15th with 3. A total of 15 teams scored.

Discus: Darci Little, Williamsburg, second, 98-7.

Shot put: Darci Little, Williamsburg, second, 28-8.75.

Pole vault: Sarah Smith, Williamsburg, eighth, 6-0.

400 dash: Lindsey Scheidler, Felicity, sixth, 1:06.51.

800 run: Courtney Pringle, Williamsburg, eighth, 2:43.22.

1,600 run: Stephanie Bourne, Williamsburg, sixth, 14:43.58.
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