Bethel resident credited with stopping robbers

May 18th, 2007    Author: Rodney Beckwith    Filed Under: News

Bethel resident Branden Smith is being honored, said Bethel Police Chief John Wallace, for his help in stopping a group of store robbers from leaving town.

According to Chief Wallace, Smith’s quick thinking helped police catch the thieves who had tried to rob Gramma’s Pizza.

“I got word that a Bethel citizen which I nominated for an award from the Law Enforcement Committee of Clermont County was approved,” said Chief Wallace. “He is Branden Smith. He helped foil a robbery that occurred at Gramma’s Pizza last year. It’s my opinion that, without the solid, sane actions of Smith, the guys would have got out of town. As it was, they were arrested and have been convicted.”

According to a nomination penned by Chief Wallace, Smith, when confronted by the two men who were threatening the employees with a handgun, began memorizing their physical descriptions. He then realized that they didn't have a real gun, but a toy one.

At that time, he called 911, and then followed the two as they fled to a van so he could get a description of that vehicle.

Calling in that description and license plate, Smith was able to put authorities onto the chase quicker, resulting in a stop by police less than four blocks from the scene of the crime.
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