E-Gals, Barons top Clermonters at Milford Invite

May 11th, 2007    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

Milford’s girls were runners-up in their respective division at the annual Milford Track and Field Invitational. The best finish for a Clermont County boys team was Amelia.

Ken Stewart of Batavia was the head official. He served as a track official in two Olympics (Atlanta-1988 and Seoul, Korea-1992) and is a member of the Clermont County and Amelia High Sports Halls of Fame. As head coach at Amelia he led the Barons to numerous titles in cross county, track and tennis and was the assistant coach of the first Amelia varsity wrestling team (1966) and was the coordinator of the Blue and White’s defense when it was the best in county football. He was one of the advisors for the Amelia class of 1968.


Loveland (Lov) was the girls champ with 103.5 points, Milford (Mil) had 82, Notre Dame (Ky.) (ND) 76.5, Wilmington (Wil) 75.5, Middletown (Mid) 61.5, McNicholas (McN) 60, Princeton (Pri) 41.5, Anderson (And) 40.5, Turpin (Tur) 39.5, Lloyd (Ky.) Memorial (LM) 36, Cincinnati Hills Christian (CH) 20, Amelia (Ame) 16.5, Glen Este (GE) 16, Western Hills (WH) 12, Madison (Mad) 12, Norwood (Nor) 5, and Mount Notre Dame (MND) 2.

Following are the best eight finishers in each event, and the winning distance or time.

Discus: Howard (Wil) 149-feet, 2-inches, Crowe (Wil), Pohl (Lov), Kim Strunk (Mil), Sanker (McN), McGee (McN), Clark (Mad), and Gerwe (Nor). Shot put: Howard (Wil) 35-10.5, McGee (McN), Holcomb (Wil), Marlatt (Lov), Pohl (Lov), Strunk (Mil), Clark (Mad), and Walker (Mid).

Pole vault: Hope (Wil) 10-3, Frooman (Tur), Bowman (Wil), Grant (LM), Bethany Robinson (Ame), Thomas (Pri), Gibson (Mad), Fening (Mid), and Deven Deans (Tur). High jump: Lundy (And) 5-2, Robinson (Ame), Vargo (Lov), Nocero (LM), Mudd (And), Reed (Tur), Swartz (Mad), and Prop (CH). Long jump: Hollingsworth (WH) 16-5, Benzinger (ND), Kirk (CH), Harris (Wil), Hughes (LM), Kristis (Nor), Robinson (Mid), and Tipton (Mad).

6,400-meters relay: Milford 22:27.70, Turpin, Loveland, Notre Dame, Anderson, McNick, Lloyd, and Norwood. 3,200 relay: Milford 9:57.50, Notre Dame, Anderson, Turpin, Wilmington, McNick, Lloyd, and Mt. Notre Dame.

100 high hurdles: Jackie Necamp (Lov) 15.80, McDonald (Mid), Naber (ND), Luesson (CH), Swartz (Mad), Corbett (McN), Bowman (Wil), and Nocero (LM). 100 dash: Dierra Riley (Mid) 12.00, Humphries (McN), Roberts (Pri), O'Brien (McN), Ajunwa (Lov), Bramlage (ND), Kirk (CH), and Pringle (Pri). 800 relay: Notre Dame 1:49.10, Middletown, Milford, Glen Este, McNick, Loveland, Princeton, and Wilmington.

1,600 run: Sarah Fisher (Lov) 5:17.20, Lacee Kurtz (Mil), Bauer (Lov), Courtney Krummert (Mil), Stephanie Stoffel (GE), Jaworek (Tur), Kerns (Mid), and Kresser (ND). 400 relay: Middletown 50.30, McNicholas, Princeton, Notre Dame, Milford, Wilmington, Lloyd, and Anderson. 400 dash: Fleming (ND) 1:02.60, Molitor (LM), Bayer (ND), Asdalis (Wil), Bayer (ND), Martin (And), and Sullen (Pri).

300 low hurdles: Necamp (Lov) 46.40, McDonald (Mid), Kratzer (Tur), Wood (LM), Naber (MD), and Nocero (LM). 800 run: Fisher (Lov) 2:23.20, Price (Tur), Krummert (Mil) Kayla Wakefield (Ame), Lehky (CH), Kennedy (ND), McKenney (McN), and Rebekkah Randall (Mil). 200 dash: Roberts (Pri) 25.30, Ajunwa (Lov), Kimbrough (Mid), Brittaney Rupert (GE) 28.20, Robinson (Mid), Craycraft (Wil), Henderson (WH), and Hope (MND).

3,200 run: Erin Bauer (Lov) 11:42.10, Kurtz (Mil), Pangallo (MD), Rossa (And), Sammi Martin (Mil), Baker (And), Stoffel (GE), and Schmitt (McN). 1,600 relay: Princeton 4:14.10, Milford, Loveland, Anderson, McNick, Notre Dame, Wilmington, and Middletown.


Princeton was the boys winner with 115 points, Turpin had 74.5, Middletown 70, Anderson 53.5, Lloyd 47, Amelia 44, Wilmington 44, GE 43, Loveland 39, Milford 34, Cinicinnati Hills 31, McNick 27.5, Madison 22, Norwood 21, West Hi 20.5, and St. Xavier 13.

Following are the results.

Discus: Holcomb (Wil) 161-8, Chambers (GE), Ramsey (Mid), Marshall (Tur), Mackey (And), Jasper (McN), Kevin Briggs (GE), and Bryan Paugh (Mil). Shot put: Adam Chambers (GE) 57-10, Holcomb (Wil), Briggs (GE), Ryan Danehy (Ame), Marshall (Tur), Reed (Mad), Mackey (And), and Bray (Tur).

Pole vault: Johnson (Pri) 13-0, Caldwell (Mid), Greenlee (St. X), Martini (Mad), Sinclair (Mid), Brower (And), Edge (Pri), and Seyfried (Wil). High jump: Minnick (CH) 6-6, Leu (McN), Johnson (LM), Baker (Nor), Fischer (And), Willie King (GE), Garrett Hart (Ame), and Emery (Tur). Long jump: Johnson (Mid) 22-4.75, Hart (Ame), Baker (Nor), Lewis (Mad), Hopgood (Pri), Albright (Pri), Terrigno (Wil), and Parker (Nor).

6,400 relay: Turpin 18:56.30, Milford, Loveland, Anderson, McNick, Lloyd, Glen Este, and Madison. 110 high hurdles: West Hi 15.40, Polaneczky (Tur), Hart (Ame), Laynbe (Pri), Kong (Tur), Addington (LM), Carter (Wil), and Duquette (Wil). 100 dash: Hilson (Pri) 11.00, Triggs (Tur), Hall (LM), Polacek (And), Johnson (LM), and Duckworth (Pri).

800 relay: Lloyd 8:31.80, Middletown, Princeton, McNick, Turpin, Milford, Loveland, and Glen Este. 1,600 run: Pucillo (And) 4:32.70, Adam Sprague (Ame), Sullivan (Mid), Campbell (And), Kutylowski (Lov), Hodge (Wil), Josh Harrell (Ame), and Matt Bayman (Mil). 400 relay: Princeton 44.00, Norwood, Lloyd, Middletown, Wilmington, McNick, Anderson, and Turpin.

400 dash: Chris Gorman (GE) 50.90, Trent (Mad), Justin Brooks (Ame), Smith (Tur), Pitts (Pri), Pringle (Pri), Juschka (Wil), and Jasper (McN). 300 intermediate hurdles: West Hi 40.40, Layne (Pri), Polaneczky (Tur), Hart (Ame), Cumberland (Pri), Dawson (And), Addington (LM), and Patton (CH). 800 run: Seay (Pri) 20:10, Curtin (CH), Pucillo (And), Sullivan (Mid), Huey (Pri), Meisman (McN), Gellenbeck (Lov), and Wagner (Tur).

200 dash: Johnson (Mid) 21.60, Hilson (Pri), Hall (LM), Morrison (Lov), Polacek (And), Kenton Lewis (Mil), Allen (Nor), and Gorman (GE) 24.50. 3,200 run: Rewick (Tur) 9:50.30, Baker (Lov), Nathan Bullock (Mil), Matt Belliston (Mil), Bailey (Lov), Sprague (Ame), Glenn (St. X), and Landrum (LM). 1,600 relay: Princeton 3:27.30, Middletown, Cincinnati Hills, Loveland, Turpin, Milford, Wilmington, and Anderson.
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