Building Safety Week observed in Clermont County

May 11th, 2007    Author: Rodney Beckwith    Filed Under: News

Some Clermont County Building Inspectors took an opportunity to speak with the public this week. Celebrated internationally as Building Safety Week, May 6-12 was an opportunity for building inspectors to speak with people about codes, inspections and other regulations without the necessity of delivering bad news on the job site. The observance, said Clermont Chief Building Official Ray Sebastian, is designed to raise awareness and safety.

“It was a national, and is now an international week that code agencies have declared for awareness of building safety,” said Sebastian. “It targets the public, contractors and developers to raise awareness, in terms of safety measures and promoting inspections.”

Building inspectors provide a range of services, from ensuring that a structure is sound to making sure that handicap access is correctly installed. This week, the inspectors will be setting up shop in local home improvement stores in order to provide a more accessible and public reminder that safety inspections are both important and required by law.

"We do a myriad of inspections, anything concerning the construction of a project," said Sebastian. "We inspect the building itself, the electrical installation, the heating and air conditioning, ventilation, fire protection systems like sprinklers, we're concerned with things relative to air quality and also now deal with some pretty stringent regulations involving energy conservation. We also deal with accessibility issues like handicap access. We inspect everything that has to do with that building you're in."

This year, building inspectors set up shop at the Beechmont Home Depot and Milford Lowes, where they spoke with customers, provided material and promoted the importance of safety inspections. Sebastian said that it is always important to check with Clermont Permit Central before you build, and keep a path of communication open during the building process to ensure a safe result.

"Call us, and we'll give you direction on things," said Sebastian. "On simple things, we can help you without you going out to get a design professional involved. If there is design work involved, then you have to get an architect involved, and they submit plans and we inspect them to make sure they're up to code."

For more information on building inspections, safety, and code enforcement, contact permit central at (513) 732-7213.
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