United Way honors volunteers for efforts to help neighbors

April 27th, 2007    Author: Rodney Beckwith    Filed Under: News

The United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Eastern Area, recently honored a number of individuals for their volunteering spirit at an annual breakfast banquet. The event noted the efforts of several people who have given a lot of their time and energy to helping people.

“I’m pleased to have all of the people who are here today,” said action council chair Gibbs McVeigh. “We’re more pleased because we have some people who will get rewards today for the very good work they’ve done, and that’s the real reason for this meeting.”

Honored were volunteers in four categories. The Midland Company was chosen for the campaign leadership award, based on their work in helping the United Way to raise money to support social service efforts throughout the region.

Recognized for their work involunteering for the United Way fund raising campaign were, from left, O
Nathan Knipper of Total Quality Logistics was chosen for the 110 percent award, for his efforts in encouraging his coworkers to donate to the fund-raising campaign, which resulted in a 200 percent increase in giving.

Brianne Cornelison of Felicity was honored as the youth volunteer of the year for her work in volunteerism, from local efforts to aiding victims of hurricane Katrina.

O'Neal Johnston, of Miami Township, was honored with the Marty MacVeigh Leadership Award for his work in founding the Clermont County Habitat for Humanity and his continued work with Habitat.

Also recognized were nominees in each of the categories.

"I am so pleased to be here and be a part of all you are doing," said Carrie Hayden, incoming chair of the United Way of Greater Cincinnati board of directors. "Join me in recognition of our most valuable United Way team members, our volunteers. Without the work that you do, we wouldn't be able to do our work in the community. Thank you very much."

Hayden will be the second woman ever to hold the position, as well as the first from the Eastern area of the local United Way. She said that the United Way is successful in helping to promote change by brining people together.

"One of the most powerful attributes of the United Way is the ability to bring people together," said Hayden. "United Way brings people together to tackle issues and move forward. It will be critical to have you with us, and any friends you would like to bring."

Rob Reifsnyder, president of the United Way of Greater Cincinnati, said that the people being honored deserved to be celebrated, lauding their work as very important to the region.

"It's great to be here to celebrate," said Reifsnyder. "It was a great campaign last year. I want to thank the staff team in the eastern area, they are a great team. This is incredibly important work."
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