Suspicious death under investigation

April 20th, 2007    Author: Michael Bradley    Filed Under: News

The New Richmond Police Department is investigating a suspected drug overdose.

The preliminary autopsy results for 19-year-old Clayton Brown, found dead in a New Richmond mobile home April 10, may have indicated a possible drug overdose.

Police Chief David Willoughby said that the body of the New Richmond teenager was found dead in the trailer at 803 Willow Street after a search warrant was executed.

The cause of death was initially suspicious because there were numerous discrepancies in the reports of the people that were questioned by the police.

Now, Chief Willoughby said that the autopsy results are consistent with a drug overdose and the police department are awaiting the results of a toxicology report, which could take four to six weeks.

"We believe the death was drug related," said Chief Willoughby. "We are waiting on toxicology results to come back to determine what actual drug's were in Mr. Brown's system and also results from the crime lab on items seized in the mobile home as well as items of evidentiary value seized in another search warrant that was issued and executed on 1015 Cobra Road #3 April 11."

The police department believes that residence is somehow involved in connection with this case, Willoughby said.

Clayton Brown was visiting a relative who lived in the Willow Street home where his body was found; he lived only one block away in the village.

According to the initial autopsy results, Brown is suspected to have overdosed on phetnol patches, with effects similar to morphine.

Phetnol patches are usually only prescribed to terminally ill patients suffering from chronic illnesses such as cancer. The police department is still investigating persons who may have illegally provided Brown with phetnol patches or any other illegal narcotics.

"We have interviewed numerous friends, relatives, and acquaintances of Clayton Brown," said the chief. "We have several more interviews to conduct and we are still investigating the case. We anticipate making several arrests in this case by the time the investigation is concluded."
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