New Richmond and Bethel-Tate pace Clermont’s squads in Glen Este Track and Field Invitational

April 20th, 2007    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

New Richmond’s boys and Bethel-Tate’s girls paced Clermont County teams in the Glen Este Invitational.


New Richmond’s Eric Finan and Amelia’s Garrett Hart were triple winners and Glen Este’s Adam Chambers and Chris Gorman were double victors.

The Lion lads (NR) amassed 149 points, Glen Este (GE) 127, Amelia (Ame) 115, Western Brown (WB) 82, Bethel-Tate (BT) 33, and Felicity (Fel) 9.

Following are the six best placers in each event with the winning distance of time.

Of course, every winner of each individual event and each relay event will be establishing a record for this first-ever invitational.

Discus: Chambers (GE) 137-feet, 3-inches, Morgan (WB), Danehy (Ame), Briggs (GE), McManning (NR), and Fite (WB). Shot put: Chambers (GE) 54-3, Briggs (GE), Danehy (Ame), Ruck (NR), Hill (BT), and Miller (Fel).

Pole vault: Rickey Schafer (NR) 9-6, Maupin (NR), and Schneider (WB). High jump: Hart (Ame) 5-6, Duncanson (GE), Maupin (NR), Schaefer (NR), King (GE), and Smith (Fel). Long jump: Hart (Ame) 20-2, Hughes (NR), Naylor (WB), Demetri (Ame), Smith (Fel), and King (GE).

Andrew Avery, Batavia junior, has been one of the county
110-meter high hurdles: Tyler Hughes (NR) 15.5 seconds, Hart (Ame), Leaman (Ame), Cremer (WB), Wilson (BT), and Schafer (NR). 100 dash: Keiran Rodgers (GE) 11.3, Shade (GE), Gantzer (NR), Kappes (NR), Moore (WB), and Brock (Ame). 1,600 run: Finan (NR) 4:43.5, Sprague (Ame), Harrel (Ame), Olson (WB), Jarman (Fel), and Belcher (WB).

400 dash: Gorman (GE) 52.5, Brooks (Ame), Neal (GE), Ammouri (WB), Gantzer (NR), and Leonard (WB). 300 intermediate hurdles: Hart (Ame) 43.0, Hughes (NR), Saylor (WB), Leaman (Ame), Moore (WB), and Schafer (NR). 800 run: Finan (NR) 2:06.8, Werle (NR), Harrel (Ame), Belcher (WB), Hounshell (Ame), and Leonard (WB).

200 run: Gorman (GE) 23.8, Rodgers (GE), Kappes (NR), Jones (WB), Block (Ame), and Rose (BT).

3,200 run: Finan (NR) 9:52, Sprague (Ame), Fancher (WB), Scharf (GE), Patrick (WB), and Goodrich (NR). 3,200 relay: New Richmond (Ben Werle, David Sheldon, Andrew Nealan, and Finan) 9:08, Western Brown, Glen Este, and Bethel-Tate.

800 relay: Glen Este 1:37.3, Bethel-Tate, New Richmond, Western Brown, and Felicity.

400 relay: Glen Este (Mitch Neal, Duncanson, Rodgers, and Tyler Shade) 45.4, New Richmond, Bethel-Tate, Western Brown, Amelia, and Felicity. 1,600 relay: Bethel-Tate (Sean Adams, Louie Schaljo, Kyle Roberts, and Cory Roberts) 3:43, Amelia, New Richmond, Western Brown, and Glen Este.


Bethel-Tate's Emily Tyler paced the female division by winning two events.

Western Brown was the team victor with 144 points, Bethel-Tate had 133, Amelia 70, Glen Este 66, New Richmond 60, and Felicity 44.

Following are the placers in each event with the winning distance or time.

Discus: Samantha Heist (BT) 82-8, Simmons (GE), Stevenson (WB), Tometich (GE), Mullins (Fel), and Davis (WB). Shot put: Jessica Kretzer (BT) 31-5, Heist (BT), Simmons (GE), Davis (WB), Eckel (Ame), and Tometich (GE).

Pole vault: Yeardly (NR) 7-6, Robinson (Ame), Ballein (BT), Latham (WB), and Willis (NR). High jump: Bethany Robinson (Ame) 5-0, Schickling (NR), Davis (WB), Brannock (BT), Floyd (BT), and Theiss (NR). Long jump: Wakefield (Ame) 13-8.75, Taulbee (Fel), Stutz (Fel), Davis (WB), Gill (BT), and Liming (Ame).

100 high hurdles: Tyler (BT) 16.2, Schellenbarger (BT), Craycradt (WB), Cecil (WB), Theiss (NR), and Stutz (Fel). 100 dash: Orr (WB) 12.8, Davis (WB), Scheidler (Fel), Ballein (BT), Ramos (Ame), and Brannock (BT). 1,600 run: Wright (WB) 5:30, Cole (BT), Stoffel (GE), Wilson (Ame), Kennedy (NR), and Moon (WB).

400 dash: Gibbons (WB) 1:04, Rupert (GE), Miller (GE), Scheidler (Fel), Wilson (WB), and Gill (BT). 800 run: Wakefield (Ame) 2:27.2, Wright (WB), Cole (BT), Wilson (Ame), Sutherland (WB), and Sexton (GE). 200 dash: Orr (WB) 27.7, Rupert (GE), Wallace (BT), Ramos (Ame), Miller (GE), and Wessel (BT).

300 hurdles: Tyler (BT) 49.8, Stutz (Fel), Schellenbarger (BT), Cecil (WB), Craycraft (WB), and Liming (Ame). 3,200 run: Rhodes (WB) 12:42, Kennedy (NR), Moon (WB), Fisher (BT), and Lavely (NR). 3,200 relay: Western Brown 10:57, New Richmond, Bethel-Tate, and Glen Este.

800 relay: New Richmond 2:05, Glen Este, and Bethel-Tate. 400 relay: Bethel-Tate 53.8, Western Brown, Felicity, Amelia, Glen Este, and New Richmond. 1,600 relay: Amelia (Beth Wilson, Sofie Ramos, Kayla Wakefield, and Alex Wakefield) 4:33, Western Brown, New Richmond, Bethel-Tate, and Glen Este.
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