Lions and Warriors set pace at Polar Bear Relays

April 13th, 2007    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

New Richmond was the champion of the boys division and McNicholas took the girls division in the annual Bethel-Tate Polar Bear Relays. This year’s event went unattended by any polar bears probably due to the unusually warm weather that appeared for the first time on the day of the event. This was the opening track and field event for all of the participating teams.

New Richmond scored 90 points among the guys, Goshen had 88, Glen Este 48, Norwood 48, Amelia 46, Williamsburg 44, McNicholas 36, Bethel-Tate 31, North Adams 30, Peebles 25, Reading 21, Clermont Northeastern 10, Eastern Brown 10, Ripley 8, Mariemont 6, Felicity 3 and Lynchburg-Clay 1.

Following are the placers in each event beginning with the victor and the winning distance or time.

Boys results

Discus relay: North Adams 232-feet, 5-inches, Goshen, New Richmond, Reading, Peebles, Williamsburg, Norwood, and Lynchburg-Clay. Shot put relay: Amelia (Cameron Cooley, Jordan Merchant, and Ryan Danehy) 88-7.75, Glen Este, Goshen, New Richmond, Norwood, Williamsburg, Reading, and North Adams.

Pole vault relay: New Richmond (Rick Schafer and Josh Daniels ) 23-6, Williamsburg, Reading, Goshen, Norwood, Bethel-Tate, Mariemont, and McNicholas. High jump relay: Williamsburg (Dusean Shelton, Jacob Morgan, and Cody Watson) 11-4, Peebles, North Adams, New Richmond, Goshen, Norwood, Felicity, and McNicholas. Long jump relay: Clermont Northeastern (Danny Loch and Cody Green) 36-9.5, New Richmond, Amelia, Peebles, Norwood, Goshen, McNicholas, and Reading.

1,600-meters medley relay: New Richmond (Zach Branam, Mike Maupin, Drew Nealan, and Eric Finan) 3-minutes, 52-seconds, Williamsburg, Goshen, Glen Este, Amelia, McNicholas, Ripley and Felicity. 1,600 relay: Bethel-Tate (Cody Sauer, Kyle Roberts, Louie Schaljo, and Corey Roberts) 3:34.80, Norwood, Goshen, Glen Este, North Adams, Reading, Williamsburg, and Mariemont. 3,200 relay: Goshen (Josh Greer, Josh Shouse, Jordan Poff, and Robert Romeo) 9:02.90, New Richmond, Amelia, Norwood, McNicholas, Mariemont, North Adams, and Glen Este.

400 relay: Norwood 46.00, New Richmond, Glen Este, Goshen, Bethel-Tate, North Adams, Peebles, and Williamsburg. 6,400 relay: New Richmond (Ben Werle, Pete Werle, Tony Goodrich, and Finan) 21:25.88, McNicholas, Eastern Brown, Ripley, North Adams, Reading, Glen Este, and Williamsburg. 800 relay: McNicholas 1:36.40, Goshen, Glen Este, New Richmond, Williamsburg, Peebles, Amelia, and Reading.

Distance medley relay : New Richmond (David Sheldon, Josh Ward, Ben Werle, and Finan) 11:56.50, Goshen, Amelia, Glen Este, Eastern Brown, Bethel-Tate, Norwood, and McNicholas. Hurdles relay: New Richmond (Schafer, Daniels, Maupin, and Tyler Hughes) 1:10.20, Bethel-Tate, Norwood, Goshen, Amelia, Peebles, Williamsburg, and Ripley. Sprint medley relay: Glen Este (Tyler Duncanson, Tyler Shade, Keiran Rodgers, and Chris Gorman) 1:40.40, Amelia, McNicholas, New Richmond, Goshen, Bethel-Tate, Williamsburg, and Norwood.

Girls results

McNicholas' 101 points was best among the gals followed by Goshen 73, Mariemont 71, Bethel-Tate 54, Norwood 42, New Richmond 37, Reading 32, Amelia 31, Glen Este 26, Felicity 16, Clermont Northeastern 15, Peebles 11, Ripley 11, Williamsburg 10, Lynchburg-Clay 3, North Adams 2, and Eastern Brown 1.

Discus relay: McNicholas 157-2, Goshen, Glen Este, Bethel-Tate, Reading, Mariemont, Norwood, and New Richmond. Shot put relay: McNicholas 59-9.25, Goshen, Mariemont, Norwood, Glen Este, Ripley, New Richmond, and Lynchburg-Clay.

Pole vault relay: Mariemont 15-6, Clermont Northeastern, Reading, New Richmond, Amelia, Bethel-Tate, Goshen, and McNicholas. High jump relay: Mariemont 10-2, McNicholas, Amelia, New Richmond, Bethel-Tate, Felicity, Norwood, and Peebles. Long jump relay: McNicholas 30-4.5, Williamsburg, Reading, Clermont Northeastern, Felicity, Peebles, Norwood, and Mariemont.

1,600 medley relay: Goshen (Jordan Buchanan, Aja Petts, Kim Steele, and Staci Hicks), 4:29.10, Glen Este, Amelia, Bethel-Tate, Norwood, New Richmond, McNicholas, and Mariemont. 1,600 relay: McNicholas 4:25.40, Mariemont, Amelia, Norwood, Ripley, Reading, Bethel-Tate, and Eastern Brown. 3,200 relay: Goshen (Steele, Kelsey Gaffney, Savannah Sullivan, and Hicks) 10:55.50, McNicholas, Mariemont, Norwood, New Richmond, Peebles, Reading, and Bethel-Tate.

400 relay: McNicholas 51.70, Bethel-Tate, Goshen, Mariemont, Norwood, Felicity, North Adams, and Amelia. 6,400 relay: McNicholas 24:26.81, New Richmond, Norwood, and Reading. 800 relay: Mariemont 1:57.90, Goshen, Felicity, Reading, Norwood, Peebles, Clermont Northeastern, and McNicholas.

Distance medley relay: Goshen (Gaffney, Steele, Sullivan, and Hicks) 14:38.20, Bethel-Tate, New Richmond, Glen Este, Amelia, McNicholas, Lynchburg-Clay, and Reading. Hurdles relay: Bethel-Tate (Emily Tyler, Brittany Brannock, Erinn Ballein, and Autumn Schellenbarger) 1:11.40, McNicholas, Mariemont, Goshen, Ripley, New Richmond, Norwood, and Peebles. Sprint medley relay: McNicholas 2:01.50, Bethel-Tate, Goshen, Mariemont, Amelia, Glen Este, Williamsburg, and Norwood.
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