Finan, Hughes, Hicks, Tyler best at NR Invite

April 13th, 2007    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

New Richmond, Goshen, Bethel-Tate, and Williamsburg were in the forefront for Clermont County in the 37th Annual New Richmond Boys and Girls Track and Field Invitational.

New Richmond seniors Eric Finan and Tyler Hughes were three-event champions. Senior teammate Rickey Schafer and Goshen senior Josh Shouse were victors in one event apiece in the boys competition.

In the girls competition, Bethel-Tate junior Emily Tyler and Goshen junior Staci Hicks were twice triumphant. Bethel-Tate junior Jessica Kretzer. New Richmond junior Alana Kennedy, and ‘Burg frosh Darci Little were each winners of an event.


Bishop Brossart (BB) was the boys team champion. The Kentucky school tallied 138 points, New Richmond (NR) 128, Goshen (Gos) 90, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (CHCA) 54, Bethel-Tate (BT) 44, Williamsburg (Wms) 42.5, Western Brown (WB) 38, Batavia (Bat) 26, Eastern (East) 26, Blanchester (Blan) 25, Goergetown (Geo) 16, Clermont Northeastern (CNE) 11, North Adams (NA) 10.5, Ripley (Rip) 7, and Felicity (Fel) 6.

The following are the results of each event (first through eighth place) with the winning distance or time noted.

Discus: Troy Cooper (BB) 152-feet, 11-inches, Morgan (WB), Marshall (BB), Josh Ison (Bat), Nick Manning (NR), Fite (WB), Kyle Moore (Wms), and Ryan Giltz (Gos). Shot put: Cooper (BB) 58-5.5, Marshall (BB), Devin Ruck (NR), Ben Dulle (Gos), John Strong (Gos), Kody McCormick (NR), Diehl (WB), and Semple (NA).

Pole vault: Rickey Schafer (NR) 14-3, Greg Brusman (Gos), Jerrad Turner (Wms), Josh Daniels (NR), Ostendorf (BB), Cody Watson (Wms), Petersen (CHCA), and Clark (WB). High jump: Matt Hansman (BB) 6-2, William Tedrick (Gos), DuSean Shelton (Wms), Andry (NA), Tyler Hughes (NR), Andrew Smith (Fel), Schmidt (BB), and Cunningham (WB). Long jump: Tyler Hughes (NR) 19-11.75, Andrew Avery (Bat), Danny Loch (CNE), Ridder (BB), Cory Roberts (BT), Schmidt (BB), Cody Green (CNE), and Jesse Graham (Wms).

100-meter dash: Ryan Collado (CHCA) 11.00, Cory Roberts (BT), Henning (East), Kyle Roberts (BT), Avery (Bat), Woodruff (Rip), and Mike McAfee (Wms). 200-meter dash: Petersen (CHCA) 23.20, Henning (East), Jake Kools (NR), Kyle Roberts (BT), Waters (BB), McAfee (Wms), Josh Shouse (Gos), and Loch (CNE). 400-meter dash: Shouse (Gos) 52.10, Leonard (WB), Mann (Blan), Puckett (Blan), Baldridge (BB), Josh Greer (Gos), Andrew Nealan (NR), and Stump (BB).

800-meter run: Eric Finan (NR) 2:01.00, Curtin (CHCA), Jones (East), Robert Romeo (Gos), Stump (BB), Shelton (Wms), Neyer (CHCA), and Rumker (BB). 1,600-meter run: Finan (NR) 4:37.70, Cahall (Geo), Romeo (Gos), Haire (BB), Belcher (WB), Olson (WB), Lewis (Blan), and Ben Werle (NR). 3,200-meter run: Finan (NR) 9:51.50, Cahall (Geo), Haire (BB), Romeo (Gos), Kelley (Rip), Alex Jarman (Fel), Bunn (East), and Payne (NA).

110-meter high hurdles: Tyler Hughes (NR) 15.70, Schmidt (BB), Hansman (BB), Alex Jenkins (Wms), Cody Sauer (BT), Schafer (NR), Michael Moeller (CNE), and Tyler Byrge (Gos). 300-meter intermediate hurdles: Tyler Hughes (NR) 41.60, Cory Roberts (BT), Schmidt (BB), Byrge (Gos), Hansman (BB), Patton (CHCA), Jenkins (Wms), and Kameron (BT).

400-meter relay: Brossart 46.30, Goshen, Cincinnati Hills Christian, New Richmond, Williamsburg, Batavia, Blanchester, and North Adams. 800-meter relay: Cincinnati Hills Christian 1:35.70, Brossart, Batavia, New Richmond, Blanchester, Goshen, Williamsburg, and Western Brown. 1,600 meter relay: Goshen 3:37.90, Bethel-Tate, Blanchester, Brossart, Williamsburg, New Richmond, Western Brown, and Cincinnati Hills Christian. 3,200-meter relay: New Richmond (Werle, David Shelton, Nealan, and Mike Gantzer) 8:34.60, Brossart, Goshen, Western Brown, Eastern, North Adams, Cincinnati Hills Christian, and Bethel-Tate.


Western Brown won the girls competition with 129 points, Brossart had 105, Bethel-Tate 101, Goshen 85, Cincinnati Hills Christian 64, Blanchester 56, New Richmond 39, Williamsburg 35, Felicity 12.5, Clermont Northeastern 10.5, Ripley 5, Eastern 4, North Adams 4, and Batavia 2.

Following are the results.

Discus: Darci Little (Wms) 85-9, Merkle (Blan), Davis (WB), Kelly Tucker (Gos), Putman (Blan), Bennett (BB), Sarah Theiss (NR), and Samantha Matthews (Wms). Shot put: Jessica Kretzer (BT) 32-1.5, Samantha Heist (BT), Sutton (CHCA), Howard (WB), Little (Wms), Plymesser (Rip), Bryan (BB), and Tucker (Gos).

Pole vault: Kara Martin (CHCA) 7-9, Erinn Ballein (BT), Katie Sullivan (CNE), Lindsey Schwartz (Gos), Malicote (WB), Chelsea Carter (CNE), Carrie Willis (NR), Davis (WB), and Potter (CHCA). High jump: Birttany Fey (Blan) 4-8, Brittany Brannock (BT), Noelle Schickling (NR), Davis (WB), O'Leary (BB), Brooks (Blan), Prop (CHCA), and Shelby Taulbee (Fel). Long jump: Alex Kirk (CHCA) 16-2.5, Snyder (BB), Kelley Lung (Wms), Forschler (BB), Cayla Stutz (Fel), Howard (WB), Spradling (Rip), and Taulbee (Fel).

100-meter dash: Katie Neiser (BB) 12.40, Kirk (CHCA), Davis (WB), Orr (WB), Jordan Buchanan (Gos), and Lung (Wms). 200-meter dash: Neiser (BB) 12.4, Morgan (WB), Lung (Wms), Desiree Chandler (Gos), and Purdin (WB). 400-meter dash: Emily Cooper (BB) 1:01.80, Kim Steele (Gos), Herin (BB), Gibbons (WB), Brooks (Blan), Kristin Mikula (NR), and Jaclyn Crouch (Bat).

800-meter run: Staci Hicks (Gos) 2:25.60, Rhodes (WB), Tarah Cole (BT), Lehky (CHCA), Sutherland (WB), Kelsey Gaffney (Gos), Osterhage (BB), and Courtney Pringle (Wms). 1,600-meter run: Staci Hicks (Gos) 5:24.90, Wright (WB), Cole (BT), Alana Kennedy (NR), Gaffney (Gos), Robinson (WB), Young (Blan), and Morgan (CHCA). 3,200 meter run: Alana Kennedy (NR) 12:26.00, Shanyna Runyan (BT), Moon (WB), Robinson (WB), Shilling (BB), Bunn (East), Stephanie Bourne (Wms), and Savannah Sullivan (Gos).

100-meter hurdles: Emily Tyler (BT) 16.90, Autumn Schellenbarger (BT), Fay (Blan), Luesson (CHCA), O'Leary (BB), Craycraft (WB), Cecil (WB), and Marissa Stutz (Fel). 300-meter hurdles: Emily Tyler (BT) 49.60, Fey (Blan), Cecil (WB), O'Leary (BB), Schellenbarger (BT), Craycraft (WB), Marissa Stutz (Fel), and Cesler (CHCA).

400-meter relay: Brossart 53.40, Western Brown, Bethel-Tate, Goshen, Felicity, Blanchester, North Adams, and Clermont Northeastern. 800-meter relay: Brossart 1:49.40, Goshen, Western Brown, Cincinnati Hills Christian, Blanchester, Bethel-Tate, Williamsburg, and New Richmond. 1,600-meter relay: Brossart 4:23.70, Goshen, Western Brown, New Richmond, Cincinnati Hills Christian, Bethel-Tate, and North Adams. 3,200-meter relay: Western Brown 10:23.90, Goshen, Cincinnati Hills Christian, New Richmond, Blanchester, Bethel-Tate, Brossart, and Eastern.
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