Ten projects listed on county’s water and sewer five-year plan

April 5th, 2007    Author: Rodney Beckwith    Filed Under: News

The new Clermont County Water and Sewer District five-year plan has 10 projects listed that should, if completed, benefit much of the county in terms of current and future system performance. According to Tom Yeager, water and sewer director, the plan will both allow for future demands to the system, as well as current usage requirements.

“This is a combination of things, but yes, it’s absolutely planned with the future in mind,” said Yeager. “We have pretty much resolved all of our current capacity issues and system functionality issues. We’re caught up, if you will, but we don’t want to allow ourselves to slip behind. The new growth opportunities that are coming to the county are basically funding these projects. We’re looking at past expansion to fuel economic development. We’re stockpiling funds to fuel the expansion and upgrade of the system.”

Yeager said the projects included on the five year capital improvement plan will help keep the system working smoothly. The improvements come as part of an overall system of upgrades and maintenance that keep things working in top form, and help keep the system in compliance with Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

"There is also routine maintenance, where you have to simply go into these facilities from time to time to upgrade pumps, motors and other electrical components," said Yeager. "You need to keep them in tip-top working order. You also have to deal with more stringent EPA regulations."

The plans include a project to increase processing of daily sewage from nine million gallons to 14 million gallons through an expansion to the Lower East Fork Wastewater Treatment Plant. A sewer line extension will serve the Black Horse Run subdivision in Miami Township, as well as an area south of Olive Branch-Stonelick Road and Old SR 74. Also included are renovations to the Middle East Fork Wastewater plant and improvements to the Edwilla Life Station in Summerside. Waterlines will be extended on Oakview Drive and Twin Oak Lane in Goshen Township, along with a possible rehabilitation to the Williams Corner booster tank. A water treatment plant, MGS, will also face rehabilitation to help improve service to Miami, Goshen and Stonelick townships.

"We're a relatively young system, and most of our facilities are up to date," said Yeager. "We don't want to let them get behind, but we are starting some pipe replacement projects. Some of our old subdivisions that were built back in the 1940s, '50s and 60s need some attention. There is some maintenance and repair that is necessary."

Yeager said that underground piping is designed to last for at least 50 years, with some instances showing a life of around 100. Other routine maintenance programs will help keep stations, as well as piping, in top order.

"The projects that we've listed are new to the plan," said Yeager. "We have a five-year rollover to the plan, so what was completed last year was dropped off and we add in the new projects. There is always five to six years of activity going on in the plan."

The Clermont County water and sewage system recently moved to large system status, said Yeager, meaning that more than 100,000 customers are served by the utility. Yeager said that there are more than 39,000 water connections alone to the system.

"We're very pleased with the status of our system," said Yeager. "We think we have an excellent infrastructure. The board is very intent on maintaining a high quality of infrastructure so we don't put ourselves in the position of having a large amount of expenditures that we maintain and gradually stay on top of. We want to deliver the best service to our customers."
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