Mercy Hospital Clermont ranked a ‘Top Hospital’

March 29th, 2007    Author: Rodney Beckwith    Filed Under: News

Mercy Hospital Clermont, along with the Anderson Mercy Hospital, have been ranked in the top 100 hospitals in the country by health care industry watchdog Solucient.

The two hospitals were both ranked in the medium hospital category, which contained 20 of the top hospitals nation wide.

“The rankings are based on a comprehensive study of each hospital’s performance,” said Mercy Clermont public relations manager Pete Gemmer. “It’s really broken down into four primary categories, involving quality of patient care, operational proficiency, financial performance and adaptation to the environment. This is the second time we’ve appeared in the 100 Top Hospitals list, with the previous time being in 2003. We’ve also been identified as a performance improvement leader by Solucient, which is a separate list.”

According to Gemmer, Solucient listed the top hospitals on the website, breaking down the top picks by area of achievement.

"What they do is break the 100 down into the different categories, so there are only 20 hospitals nationally that qualify in our hospital size category," said Gemmer. "They aren't ranked, they just list the top 20 medium sized hospitals in each category."

Gemmer said that Mercy Clermont has been a leader for years in an overall quality of care category that tracks hospitals based on how well they comply with national protocols for treatment of certain illnesses.

"Our claim to fame has been our quality of patient care," said Gemmer. "We are very consistent with meeting the established standards of care. Primarily, the health care industry is focusing on three conditions, pneumonia, heart attacks and congestive heart failure. There are nationally established standards of care for these conditions, which means that if a person comes into our emergency room and shows symptoms of pneumonia, there are protocols to be followed, like having antibiotics within four hours and treating the condition as good as possible. What we have done is establish ourselves as a national leader in providing that consistent treatment with every patient every time. Some of the other hospitals might slip here or there and not meet the protocols. That's what we do best, quality of care."

In all, 2,800 hospitals were involved in the study, which also showed that survival rates were higher at benchmark hospitals, sicker patients have better outcomes with lower costs and team approaches often define the way business is done.

"We've been very proud of the job our physicians and nurses do every day," said Gemmer. "I think that it's important to note that Mercy Hospital Anderson also made this list. We're sister hospitals, and I think it's a nice accomplishment to have two hospitals so close together to rank nationally. The most impressive thing about the Solucient list is it's a comprehensive look at the hospital's performance, and indicates that a hospital is doing things right in every aspect of operations."
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