Township forms new body to deal with greenspace

March 22nd, 2007    Author: Michael Bradley    Filed Under: News

The Pierce Township Trustees have voted unanimously to create a greenspace committee.

The committee, which was established through a vote at the trustees’ regular meeting March 13, will consist of five township residents appointed by the trustees.

According to Pierce Township Administrator David Elmer, they are already receiving inquiries from the residents and the trustees are excited and thrilled at the response.

“It is a new program that the current board of trustees have been considering since January of 2006,” he said. “There are some wonderful, aesthetic qualities in Pierce Township and this program will only enhance them.”

The new program, and committee, will enable residents of the township to donate land or conservation easements (or money) to preserve undeveloped and natural green spaces. It will also help preserve historic and scenic areas, of which Pierce Township has in abundance.

"The committee has been designed to ensure that the character, history, and quality of the township is preserved for future generations," said Elmer. "While securing that, the new program will also look at various ways to set aside space to provide recreational opportunities for our residents as well."

Residents will be able to make financial contributions to the new program, which in most cases can be tax deductible, and these generous donors can restrict how the land can be used.

Pierce Township Trustee Christopher Knoop, in a media release, said that by establishing a greenspace committee, the Board of Trustees hopes to preserve the existing scenic, ecological, and historic areas throughout the Township.

"In addition to all of that, the greenspace committee will contribute to the high quality of life experienced by current residents and hope to attract, or give a reason for, future residents settling in the township."

The trustees are encouraging any resident with interest in joining the committee, or to learn additional information, to call the township administrator at (513) 752-6424 or contact trustee Christopher Knoop at
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