Trustees discuss land lease for a new homeless shelter

March 16th, 2007    Author: Rodney Beckwith    Filed Under: News

The discussion of plans to provide a long-term land lease to Clermont County Community Services to construct a new homeless shelter continued at the March 7 Batavia Township Trustees meeting with a presentation on the engineering involved in the project.

Angelo Santoro filled the township in on some of the engineering issues involved the property in question, lending his engineering expertise to the project.

“One of my missions in my career and life is to do as much as possible to help people in our community,” said Santoro. “I want to commend the trustees for considering the possibility of situating the homeless shelter on your site. I want to discuss that a little. I’m working with Clermont Community Services to get an idea of the requirements of the facility.”

The township is currently exploring leasing a plot of land near the former township hall, but the physical limitations of the property had yet to be determined. The new shelter would effectively double the size of the current facility.

"We've looked at the possibility of two sites," said Santoro. "Both are about 1.6 acres, roughly. This is a sufficient amount of land to properly serve their needs. If we consider those sites, it's adjacent to the existing road. One site can be served by a gravity sewer line with no pumping. The other site behind it would require pumping, and would be subject to outage when the electric goes off."

"We're doing this to help community services and you," added Santoro. "The utilities could be all underground. The building itself requires 4,900 to 6,900 square feet, and that is to be determined. It takes some degree of study to figure that out."

Santoro said that the grant itself would help determine more of the structure's specifics, including some required or suggested features to the building. Santoro said that he would help in the grant process as well.

"I'm going to help in any way we can with the grant application," said Santoro. "There are certain things that are important that can be addressed, and we have lots of experience with that."

The township did have another plot of land available near the current site, but Santoro said that it would be better served for development usage in the future.

"We did not look at the other side of the property except to say that the same would apply if you went to that half," said Santoro. "We felt that that side, especially the frontage, would be more important to the township as the township grows."

Trustee Lee Cornett agreed that the township needed to use its land wisely, and the board said it would set a time in the near future to discuss the issue more in depth.

"This is an appropriate thing to do," said Cornett. "At the last meeting we made a motion to approve it, but we did not know if the land laid properly and could be used. Archie said we should contact you and see what you thought. This is a valuable resource we have, and we very much appreciate what you have done in this regard."
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