In Search of Frogs program to be held at Chilo Lock 34 Park

March 16th, 2007    Author: Rodney Beckwith    Filed Under: News

Nature lovers will be able to share in the romance of spring by spying out some hopping froggy love on March 30.

The annual “In Search of Frogs” event at the Chilo Lock 34 Park will give people a chance to get up close and personal with some of Ohio’s most amorous little amphibians as the little four legged casanovas trill out their love in search of a mate.

“We’ll take a hike that evening,” said Clermont County Park District Naturalist Keith Robinson. “During the springtime at night is when they start their breeding season. We’ll walk through the wetlands at Chilo Lock 34 Park to look for the frogs who are out mating and making the mating calls. It’s mostly Chorus Frogs and Spring Peepers.”

The hike will focus on identifying the small amphibians and learning more about how they live. Adventurous hikers can try their hand at catching the miniscule operatic croakers, but may find it harder than it seems.

"We'll have nets available for people who want to try and catch some frogs," said Robinson. "The ones we will be looking for are kind of small, so they are hard to find. They usually hide in the vegetation. Any we catch will be let go at the end of the hike."

Spring peeper frogs generally grow to only an inch in length and are brown, tan or gray with dark stripes on their back. The western chorus frog is about the same size with skin shaded gray or red. Three dark stripes run down their back.

"These are common frogs here, and they are starting to call right now," said Robinson. "They are actually starting to call now, and call louder when it rains, because the rain is what draws them to the ponds. You can hear them as you drive along."

The hike will begin with an orientation about the frogs, which are some of the smallest in the state.

"We start in the visitor's center with an introduction," said Robinson. "Then, we'll go to the wetlands with nets to give them a chance to find a few on their own."

For more information, contact the park district at (513) 876-9013.
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